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Dating Tips

How To Recognise and Manage Burnout in Relationships

Posted By Astroglide (Dr Jess),
Burnout, which generally refers to the state of emotional, mental, and/or physical exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress, has traditionally been associated with the workplace. But burnout can appear in every arena — from the boardroom to the living room to the bedroom. Burnout is consi...

In Their Fantasies - What Women Want

Posted By Justin,
What people actually do in bed is one thing. What they fantasise about is often another entirely. In my own research on sexual fantasies, I’ve found that there’s a pretty sizable gap between fantasy and reality. Although most people say they have some fantasies they’d like to act out, few report hav...

Did you know: Managing Sexual Health Also Means Managing Mental Health

Posted By Justin,
Physical health, mental health and sexual health are often treated as entirely separate things; however, they’re intimately interconnected and you can’t necessarily talk about one without touching on the other.  For example, one’s overall physical health can impact sexual...

Why One Partner's Sexual Experience Is So Much More Important

Posted By Madeleine A. Fugère ,
Diverse research on sexual experience suggests women's experiences matter more. EMAIL Source: Henri Meilhac/Unsplash In sexual relationships, it is natural to assume that both...

Signs He Loves You When Making Love

Posted By Couples candy,
When your relationship takes a turn towards the more intimate, how can you tell if your man is just using you for sex or if he is genuinely committed to a real partnership? Here are some easy to spot signs he loves you when making love: Foreplay There is plenty of foreplay. If a man is just...

15 Body Parts You Should Never Ignore During Foreplay

Posted By Mina Azodi Carina Hsieh et al,
Trust, hitting these spots can be better than sex. Foreplay is like an appetizer to the main course. Sure, your medium-rare filet mignon will taste okay alone. But wouldn’t it be even better if you started off your taste buds with a bread basket, Caesar salad, and some prosciutto? That’s an...

Sex Myths We Know You Don’t Believe

Posted By Jess O'Rielly,
Sex Myths We Know You Don’t Believe Sex is complicated and both its definition and meaning varies from person to person. But that doesn’t stop us from making generalisations and buying into sex myths that ultimately wreak havoc on our relationship and experiences of pleasure. It’s no surprise, of...

7 Early Signs You've Met "The One," Because It Was Love At First Sight

Posted By Rebecca Strong,
“The One” — an elusive person who, for some inexplicable reason, you’re certain that you’re supposed to spend the rest of your life with. Some people say you'll “just know” when you’ve met them, but the reality is, there isn’t always a lightning bolt moment. Luckily, there are early signs...

If Sex With A Friend Made Things Awkward Between You, Here's How To Talk About It

Posted By Christie Pina,
It feels like a scene right out of a movie: You and that friend you've always been kind of attracted to (but never wanted to pursue out of fear of ruining your friendship) finally hooked up. Now, they're being awkward and you have no idea where their head's at. All you know is that things feel...

9 Ways To Actually Make A Rebound Relationship Work

Posted By Suzannah Weiss,
For starters, don’t use someone just to get over a breakup. After my first love broke up with me, I asked my roommate for advice on when to date again. “When you’re not going home from the date and crying because he’s not your ex,” she said. Another friend had a different philosophy: “If you...

If You Don’t Like Cuddling With Your Partner, You’re Probably One Of These 4 Zodiac Signs

Posted By Jordon Bissell,
For some people, snuggling on the couch beside your partner and holding each other is a sweet act of affection. But other folks don't like cuddling with their partner. You might not love the fact that your arm can fall asleep if someone else is laying on it. Maybe having someone else's body...

7 Places To Look When You Want To Try New Things In Bed With Your Partner

Posted By Suzannah Weiss,
Sexperts are always talking about the importance of expanding your sexual horizons. But where do you find all these new things to try in bed? Porn? You could, but it's not always the best source of information. Your friends? That's a great option if you talk to your friends about sex, but not...

7 Old-Fashioned Flirting Techniques That Your Partner Will Love

Posted By Jordan Bissell,
You might imagine that old-fashioned flirting techniques are much less effective than today's habits. After all, what can making eyes over a handheld fan or softly touching someone else's hand really accomplish? According to experts, a lot. If you've been with your partner for a while, you...

5 Ways To Celebrate Your Partnership If Marriage Isn't Your Style

Posted By Rebecca Strong,
Simply put, marriage isn’t for everyone. Some don’t believe in the institution. Others merely don’t feel like dealing with the expensive, exhausting process of planning a wedding. Regardless of your reasoning for skipping the nuptials, however, rest assured that there are...

7 Small Ways To Immediately Turn An Awkward Date Around

Posted By Kristine Fellizar,
First dates are always really exciting, especially if you're already really into the person you're going out with. Unfortunately, first dates can also be really awkward. When you're trying to make a good impression on someone, there may not be a lot of room for you to relax and just be...