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June 2021

Oral Sex is Sex: Over 20 Oral Sex Tips to Make It the Ultimate Main Event

Posted By Jess,
Oral sex is sex. It’s not an alternative. It’s not “sex-lite.” It need not be relegated to foreplay. For many of us, oral sex is the main event and ultimate indulgence. If you’re looking to up your oral game, check out these tips including some very specific techniques below.   Use your hands...

6 Different Oral Sex Positions Every Vulva-Owner Should Experience, According to a Sexologist

Posted By Jess O'Rielly,
For some vulva-owners, oral sex functions mostly as an A+ sexual appetizer. For others, it’s the dessert you treat yourself to because you didn’t really enjoy the dinner enough to begin with. And for many, it’s the main, delicious course. But if you’re ordering the same thing again and again when...

Normalise Using Lube: Why Your GYN Wants You to Talk About Lube Every Chance You Get!

Posted By Heather,
I have to be honest – I’m not sure how or why using lube became taboo or difficult to talk about. But it is something that comes up time and time again with my patients, and they’re always concerned. “Doc, I think there’s something wrong with me?” “My partner thinks there’s something wrong with...

What Percentage of the Population is LGBTIQ?

Posted By Justin,
If you were asked to estimate the percentage of people who are LGBTIQ, what would you say? Over the last few decades, I’ve included this question on surveys and have found that people’s responses are all over the map; however, the single most common number I hear is 10%. How did so many people...

Mindful Masturbation: What is it – and how do I do it?

Posted By Georgia Grace,
I hear you!! Those three words in one sentence can be perplexing. So, let’s break it down. Mindful Masturbation is the practice of being present in the physical, emotional, psychological and erotic processes in your body. It is a process that allows you to feel your...

How We’re Celebrating Pride 2021 with Our Community

Posted By Astroglide,
Pride (n.):  A feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired. Consciousness of one’s own dignity. The LGBTIQ+ community has been an...

How Do I Stop a Sexting Relationship?

Posted By Pearl Arousr,
Ending things is never an easy thing to do. There are lots of reasons that it has to end, though. Sometimes you just need to move on. Other times circumstances dictate that things need to change. No matter what the cause happens to be, you’ll come to a point when you have to end a sexting...

The 8 Types of Orgasms You Can Experience, According to Experts

Posted By Maressa Brown ,
What better use than all of this extra time at home than to explore all the different ways you can climax? If you find yourself more frequently wanting to wind down after a rough work day with your favorite vibrator, or spend whole weekends pantsless with your partner, it makes perfect...

Fisting 101: Everything You’ve Wanted To Know, However Were Too Scared To Ask

Posted By Sa'iyda Shabazz,
At first glance, the sexual act of fisting sounds like … a lot. And it is a lot. If you Google it, there’s nothing but pages of hardcore porn videos, which can be incredibly off-putting. Because most male/female porn is made for the male gaze, fisting seems kind of terrifying. It’s hard, it’s...

Science Says These Are the Best Songs To Have Sex To

Posted By Mary Grace Garis,
One of the upsides of sleeping with men who flip their records in the middle of sex (one of the only upsides) is that I know plenty of good songs to have sex to. They’ve just been rebranded as songs to masturbate to thanks to the exquisite torture of a global pandemic. The...