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Sex Tips

This Master Sex Positions Guide Is The Only One You Absolutely *Really* Need

Posted By Carina Hsieh, Julia Pugachevsk,
Featuring the hottest sex positions in the Cosmo arsenal, you'll ~come~ back to this page again and again   Contrary to popular belief: Yes, there are more than just, like, five basic sex positions. (Trust us, we’re kinda the authority.) In fact, there are so many, we put together this sex...

Everything You Need to Know About Outdoor Sex, Including our Top Tips

Posted By Jess,
Try the standing doggy position. Whether you’re on the beach, in the National Park, visiting a secluded spot, or way out in Central Australia, this versatile sex position helps to keep the sand, dirt, and dust farther away from your most sensitive body parts. The person in front can lean up against...

Five Tight Sex Positions For You and Your Main Squeeze

Posted By Jill Hamilton,
Emphasis on ~ squeeze ~. Before diving into the glory that is tight sex positions, let’s get one thing straight: Your vagina is perfect the way it is, and it already feels great for your partner. The whole concept of vaginas being “loose” or “tight” is a myth. They’re magical, elastic body parts...

Lube Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Personal Lubricants (But Were Too Afraid to Ask)

Posted By Astroglide Team,
Of course, one of the easiest ways to learn about lubricant is to try it out for yourself, which is why we’re happy to offer a variety of free samples of ASTROGLIDE (get yours here!). But we also think it’s important to debunk myths about personal lubricants and provide a reliable source of...

The Best Ways to Take the Pause Out of Menopause

Posted By Astroglide Team,
Menopause can cause a host of physical changes that can be a nuisance at best to downright painful at worst. If you’re going through menopause, here are the best ways to offset unpleasant side effects. 1. Mood swings While hormonal changes during menopause can cause some women to experience abrupt...

Three Sex Tips for People with Sensitive Skin

Posted By Astroglide team,
A little sensitivity is a good thing — it helps us relate to each other, enjoy a gentle touch, and share a good cry at the end of a Nicholas Sparks movie (even if we deny it later). However, extra sensitive skin is another story, especially when it comes to sex. Burning, itching, irritation, and...

Eight Foursome Sex Positions That Are Too Good Not to Try

Posted By Jill Hamilon,
If you and your partner are planning on hooking up with another couple or are looking at a more general four-person group sex situation, you’re going to need some really great foursome sex positions that are a) super hot for everyone involved, b) actually doable, and c) don’t leave anyone sitting...

Twenty Life Hacks for Menopause Dryness Relief

Posted By Astroglide,
Menopause is a natural part of life for women, but its daily gauntlet of symptoms can make it hard to feel like yourself. Fatigue, mood swings, insomnia, hot flashes — they’re just a few of the challenges and unpleasant symptoms women face in midlife. Luckily, smart women everywhere have found...

How To Tell If You Are Going Through Perimenopause?

Posted By Carolyn Kay,
Maybe your periods have gotten a little unpredictable or you’ve found yourself waking up weirdly sweaty in the middle of the night. Have you stepped into premenopause? Well, no — but that’s only because premenopause isn’t really a thing. But you might be dealing with perimenopause, which is the...

How to have sex on your period

Posted By Anna Iovine ,
Having sex on your period has some great benefits. Period sex can be messy, but it actually has its benefits — like reduced stress and period cramps due to endorphins. If you're new to period sex or just want to brush up on the basics, we've asked sex and health experts for their top tips.  As...

Five Simple Techniques to Intensify Orgasms

Posted By Jess,
Do you love the big ohhh? Would you like to play with oohs that are even bigger and better?  Well, we’ve got you covered with techniques and strategies that will have you loving the process, whatever the outcome: “Blend” the orgasm A blended orgasm generally refers to an orgasm that results fro...

How to Know If Your Sex Drive Is Too High or Too Low

Posted By Justin,
How do you feel about your own sex drive? Do you think it’s too high, too low, or just about right?  I recently posed this question to my Instagram followers, and they were split on the answer. Just over half (56%) said they think it’s about right, while 20% said they think it’s too high and...

Ben Wa Balls - Everything You Could Ever Want to Know

Posted By Carina Hsieh & Rachel Varina,
Including what they are, what you should do with them, and which ones to try for your needs. Ben Wa balls are these little insertable spheres make appearances in erotic books, sexy shows, and steamy movies and are basically a sex shop staple. But while Ben Wa balls might seem simple, there’s much...

Eight Tips for a Harmonious & Hot Summer Holiday

Posted By Jess,
Are you heading out for a long-awaited summer holiday? Ready to relax, recharge and reconnect – with yourself, with friends, or with a lover? Whether you’re traveling by plane, train, or car or EV car!, check out our suggestions for a more harmonious and hotter vacation because it has likely been a...

Nineteen Christmas Sex Positions That'll Secure Your Spot on the Naughty List

Posted By Jill Hamilton,
Because the best present is you...naked.   Even if you’re not Christmas’ number one fan, it’s easy to get swept up in Christmas-adjacent shenanigans during the holiday season. There’s loads of present-buying and cookie-eating and dinner-party-attending to be had, and yeah, it can all feel...