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Sex Tips

How to Overcome the Language Barrier in Bed

Posted By Suzannah Weiss,
“Communicate, communicate, communicate.” We’ve all heard sex experts stress the importance of speaking up in bed with a new partner, and for great reasons: Conversations are often necessary to determine whether everyone is enthusiastically consenting, which safer sex precautions need to...

Eleven Ways Men Can Mix Things Up in Bed: Let’s Talk About Foreplay

Posted By Kelly Gonsalves,
The first step is to rethink the definition of "foreplay" altogether. Contrary to popular belief, more “foreplay” isn’t quite the answer to better sex for women. In fact, the very concept may even be contributing to why so many women have such unsatisfying sexual experiences in the first place. And...

How to Absolutely Nail the Leapfrog Sex Position

Posted By Gigi Engle,
  Another day, another sex position to explore. Of course, mastering every sex position under the sun isn’t necessary to be Good At Sex™, but trying new things in the bedroom can make things more exciting and fun. In that vein, allow us to introduce you to a sex position you might not...

How does Masturbation Impacts Relationships, Sexual Function, Testosterone, and Athletic Performance

Posted By Josh,
Despite what you may have learned in Sunday school or on your favourite No Fap website, masturbation is a natural and healthy expression of sexuality.  It’s a form of sexual activity that can (and should) be enjoyed by people of all ages and genders.  Masturbation is a way to explore your...

The Who, Why and How of MILFs:

Posted By Astroglide team,
MILF.  Mum I’d Like to…we’ll let you fill in the blank. We know them, we love them, we want to be with one (or be one). For anyone unfamiliar with the slang term, it typically refers to older women with a sexual aura around them. This doesn’t mean that they are necessarily sexual (think Lois...

Ultimate Guide to Mutual Masturbation

Posted By Adrienne Santos-Longhurst i,
Yeah, masturbation is basically the act of self-lovin’. But who says you can’t share the love and play solo, together? What is mutual masturbation? Mutual masturbation actually has two definitions: masturbating yourselves together or having hand sex with one another. Here, we’re...

Twenty Five Tips to Last Longer in Bed

Posted By Editors,
Because every time doesn't have to be a quickie. Whether you saw it in a steamy movie or on an (ethical!) porn site, marathon sex sessions are often viewed as the crème de la crème of the erotic world. And while minutes-only trysts like shower sex and quickies have their time and place, sometimes...

More Sex Can Lead to Better Sleep and Vice Versa

Posted By Justin,
The average person spends nearly one-third of their life sleeping. At first glance, that might sound like a huge waste of time, especially in our modern and extraordinarily busy lives. Why spend so much time sleeping when you could be productive or have fun instead? This kind of thinking makes it...

This is How to Have the Best Threesome With 2 Tops and 1 Bottom

Posted By Suzannah Weiss,
A guide for everyone, according to sex experts and real people, with pointers about positions, what to ask in advance, and more. The threesome with two tops has always held a revered, heart-racing position among the great pantheon of sex acts. When you’re the bottom—the passive/receiving...

Introducing Food into the Bedroom: Seven Ways to Combine Food & Sex

Posted By Jess,
Food and sex share many commonalities, from the sensual experience of pleasure to the chemical reactions in response to both indulgences. Food and sex both elicit a sensory response, and our experiences of these pleasures are affected by what we see, hear, feel, taste, and smell. Just as we can be...

Yes Yes!, You Can Still Indulge In Self-Pleasure While Pregnant: Here’s is How

Posted By Women Health,
How to remove friction from pleasure and intimacy during and after pregnancy. Pregnant sex. It’s one of of those things we’re starting to talk about a little bit more (finally). Chances are, as a result, (whether you’re expecting or not) you’ve...

What’s Your Sexual Initiation Style? There Are At Least Six Different Types

Posted By Justin,
In the early stages of a relationship, when the sparks are really flying, sex usually comes easy. Those intense feelings of passion can make it hard to keep your hands off one another, which can prompt mutual arousal and create sexual opportunities aplenty.  However, as the intensity of that...

Ten Ways to Make Missionary Sex Anything But 'Vanilla'

Posted By Maressa Brown,
It's easy to dismiss missionary-style sex as utterly uninspired and snooze-worthy. The sex position — in which the receiving partner lies on their back and the giving partner is on top — is often considered the most vanilla, basic, and conventional way to get it on. But it...

How to Use Lube for Better Sex With and Without a Partner

Posted By Rebecca Strong,
Find out how to choose—and use—your personal lubricant for mind-blowing sex. FACT: YOU CAN never have too much lube during sex. But for some reason, there’s long been a stigma around using lube—the major misconception being that it somehow means you failed to turn your partner on. There’s no shame...

Six Types of Orgasms and How to Have One (or More!)

Posted By Hannah Rimm and Gabrielle Kass,
There’s a lot of talk about Big Os. And for good reason: They can enable you to experience Big Pleasure. But what is an orgasm, exactly? Are all orgasms the same? And how can you tell where an orgasm is happening in the body? Below, sex educators answer these questions and more. Trust. With t...