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Sex Tips

Better Sex Diet: Food & Supplements for Pleasure & Libido

Posted By Jes,
The pairing of food and sex is nothing new. Ancient civilizations classified a range of foods as aphrodisiacs – some for their shape, appearance, and texture, and others for their taste, color, and nutritional value. Food and sex have long been celebrated as indulgences with much in common. From...

Five Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Personal Lubricant

Posted By Jessica Migala,
Good for you for using personal lubricant — aka lube — or thinking about it for your romps between the sheets (or on the kitchen table, the floor…wherever). Applying lube can make your sexual experience with your partner even better. "Lube makes everything slippery and wet and increases...

How to Tell If You Don't Know If You Had an Orgasm?

Posted By Carina Hsieh Rachel Varin,
It's not always as intense and explosive as movies make it seem. While sex is one of those things we all love to talk about, it's a completely different experience for everyone. Some people prefer oral sex, some people lean toward anal, some people like no sex, and some people like all...

Sleep Orgasms - Everything You Need To Know

Posted By Bec Oakes,
On more than one occasion in my life, I’ve woken up from an erotic dream in a state of tingling ecstasy. My legs are jittery, and there’s a great warmth rushing through my body—just like an orgasm. I’ve often wondered if what I’m feeling in those brief moments after awaking is the aftermath of...

Here's How to Undertake the Helicopter Sex Position

Posted By Jill Hamilton,
Try it if you dare. So you need a little more than the thousands of results you get if you search “sex positions” on Fine, here's one more position that we've been keeping here in the back room just for you. It's called the helicopter position. What is it? How do you do it? Should ...

Why Men Should Consider Using Sex Toys

Posted By Astroglide,
Did you know that 46.5% of men have never experimented with sex toys? Well, in ASTROGLIDE’s recent sex & relationship report that surveyed 2,000 respondents, we found that men are way less likely to pick up a sex toy than their female counterparts. Not only that, but men are also almost 25%...

Touching Your Clit - Your Go-To Guide

Posted By Emily Anne,
The clitoris has been a point of sexual attention for years, but only recently did scientists discover the actual size of the clit (many times larger than originally thought). It is one of the most sensitive body parts, having around 8,000 nerve endings (twice as much as a penis) and affecting anoth...

Ten Top Sex Education Tips for Those Fifty and Older

Posted By Robin Westen,
Making love is about more than intimacy. It is good for your health, too! How sexy are your 50s? If you think sex is the province of the young, you’re wrong. People in their 20s are having less sex now than ever before, studies show, so it’s possible that you’re as active, or more...

Does Sex Position Really Matter When You're Trying to Get Pregnant?

Posted By Brianne Hogan,
Here's what fertility doctors say is most important when you're trying to conceive. If you and your partner ready to start a family, you might be wondering what you can do to increase your chances of getting pregnant sooner rather than later. From taking care of your own health to the timing (and...

Couples who have sex once a week are happiest — having any more doesn't make a difference

Posted By Julia Naftulin,
  Sex therapist Ian Kerner said couples should have sex, with the goal of connecting with each other, once a week. Engaging in pressure-free sex that focuses on pleasure, not orgasms, can change how you view the act. Research suggests couples who have sex once per week are more likely...

Is Makeup Sex Actually Satisfying?

Posted By David W. Wahl ,
Research dispels some of the myths of make-up sex.   Key points Recent research has dispelled some media-driven myths about the splendor of makeup sex. Research participants reported less satisfaction with sex that occurred on days of relationship conflict. On the other hand,...

Tips for Watching Porn with Your Partner

Posted By Astroglide Team,
We’re here with a PSA (Porn Service Announcement) – did you know that watching porn with your partner can boost the quality of your relationship? Typically, porn usage is and has been thought of as something only done solo, but research suggests that watching porn as a couple can benefit...

Is it Always a Bad Idea to Fake Orgasms?

Posted By Justin,
Regardless of your gender, sexual orientation, or age, it’s perfectly normal to not experience an orgasm every single time you engage in sexual activity. This isn’t surprising when you consider that orgasm is contingent on so many different factors. For example, orgasm may not occur if...

11 Expert-Approved Sex Positions For Couples With High Sex Drives

Posted By Sarah Regan,
No two sex drives are exactly the same, but if you or your partner—or both of you—have a high sex drive, you're probably always looking for ways to spice things up in the sheets. Luckily, there's no shortage of positions out there to try, so we asked the experts which ones are best to satisfy the ho...

Does Masturbation Affect Immunity? What Research & Experts Say

Posted By Abby Moore,
Ever since the pandemic, many of us became more attentive to our health. It started out by increasing the frequency of hand-washing and sanitising. Then, we began looking up what foods best support immunity. And along the way, you may have even heard about things that seemed wildly unrelated...