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Sex Tips

Correcting the Biggest Misconceptions About the " Big O": The Female Orgasm:

Posted By Josh,
There are few things as elusive in our communal understanding of sex than the female orgasm. I get patients coming into my office all the time asking questions about their orgasm or what qualifies as “normal.” Why, after all our advancements in sexual health, does the female orgasm remain such a...

What is Premature Ejaculation? Definitions, Causes and Treatments

Posted By Astroglide (Dr Josh),
Many of us take ejaculation for granted.  Think about it.  When we have sex, most of us assume ejaculation is a forgone conclusion.  We also assume that ejaculation is something we can control.  But that’s not always the case. One of the most challenging sexual problems in men’s ...

Taking the Shame Out of Female Masturbation

Posted By Astroglide (Dr Sonia),
In the following content, the terms “women” and “men” are used to refer to individuals based on traditional gender identities. While we acknowledge and respect the diversity of gender identities and expressions, we have opted to use these terms for clarity and accessibility. We understand that not...

How Sex Reduces Stress

Posted By Astroglide (Dr Jess),
Studies show that pleasurable experiences reduce the stress response in the brain – likewise, those who have sex regularly are at lower risk of cardiovascular disease. This is no surprise given that a healthy sex life is positively correlated with regular exercise, a boosted immune system, a...

Helicopter position is the challenge your sex life is craving

Posted By Jill Hamilton,
  If you’re looking for the kind of sex position that’ll lead to an intimate, passionate, relaxed experience for you and your partner, turn back now—the helicopter sex position is not that. But if you’re looking for an adventure that’ll bring you and your partner...

Shout Out To Erotica For Helping Me Get Pregnant

Posted By Rachel Varina ,
When I decided it was time to have a baby (thanks to the fact that I was in love with my husband and not at all because my Instagram was suddenly flooded with sono pics, TYVM), I did All Of The Things to make it happen. I tracked my cycle! I took ovulation tests! I ate different seeds at different...

Eight Positions for Clit Stimulation That’ll Make Sex *So* Much Better

Posted By Jill Hamilton,
Your clit is one of the most sensitive parts of your body—time to give it the attention it deserves! ot-so-fun fact: Most of the sex positions you see on TV or in movies are all about thrusting and penetration, and not at all designed to stimulate the thing that makes most p...

The Complete Guide to Hot Tub Sex

Posted By Astroglide team,
According to every cliché romance movie, having hot tub sex is the perfect way to bring your steamiest fantasies to life. In reality, getting it on in the jacuzzi can be a bit more of a slippery slope than the movies make it seem. Hot tub sex comes with its own set of awkward challenges including th...

How astronauts could get it on if they really wanted to

Posted By Elisha Sauers ,
Docking manoeuvres aren't just hard for spaceships. During his first morning on the space shuttle Discovery, astronaut Mike Mullane woke up with a massive hard-on. Scientists once questioned whether erections would be possible in space because blood and fluids shift and redistribute through the...

What’s In and Out for Valentine’s Day 2024

Posted By Jess,
Like every celebration, Valentine’s Day is very personal. While some lean into every aspect of the event, others are staunchly opposed to celebrating a so-called greeting card holiday. Whether you fall into the any-excuse-to-celebrate-love camp or the refuse-to-be-prescribed-romance resisters, if...

How to Use Moaning to Make Sex Even Better

Posted By Candice Jalili, Rachel Varina ,
Because getting a little loud really can make sex that much hotter.   When you think of moaning during sex, you might envision Meg Ryan’s iconic fake orgasm in When Harry Met Sally. Maybe your mind immediately starts replaying your favourite scenes from Bridgerton (you know exactly which ones...

How AI Can Improve Sex and Relationships

Posted By Dr Jess – Astroglide,
As technology continues to evolve at an exciting and alarming pace, the influence of artificial intelligence (AI) on the dynamics of sex and relationships emerges as a topic of fascination, thrill, and concern. From the personalised insights offered by AI-driven sexual wellness products to the...

Theory Behind the Mushroom Penis Head

Posted By Jake Hall,
The shape could be due to evolution or maybe chance, but at least those hard spines are gone! Many centuries ago, human pe...

Eleven Female Orgasm Techniques To Try Tonight (And Every Night)

Posted By Claire Lampen, Josey Murray et,
You get an orgasm! You get an orgasm! For far too long, the narrative surrounding sex centreed on how women and female-identifying people can best please their partner. With the emphasis on giving pleasure, the receiving side to sex was often overlooked. Thankfully, society is moving past that...

Better Sex in 10 Seconds—Guaranteed

Posted By Substack,
Even if your sex life is fine, who wouldn’t want it better?   Quite often, surprisingly small sexual and lifestyle changes can produce noticeable benefits quickly. Here are nine quick fixes that might make you sex life more enjoyable Use a lubricant. The myth is that only older women need...