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Four Helpful Tips for “Cheat-Proofing” Your Relationship

Posted By Justin,
Infidelity is one of the most distressing and traumatizing things that can happen in a romantic relationship. And, for many people, it’s a complete dealbreaker that ultimately leads to a breakup or divorce. Unfortunately, cheating is common. Survey studies reliably find that infidelity occurs in...

Better Sex Diet: Food & Supplements for Pleasure & Libido

Posted By Jes,
The pairing of food and sex is nothing new. Ancient civilizations classified a range of foods as aphrodisiacs – some for their shape, appearance, and texture, and others for their taste, color, and nutritional value. Food and sex have long been celebrated as indulgences with much in common. From...

Q&A: Burning Questions About Sex at University or TAFE

Posted By Jess,
For the first time in several years, many Universities and TAFE's are returning to in-person learning without restrictions. This makes it the perfect time for a sex Q&A focusing on queries from parents and students. Check out some of the most burning questions and answers below! Q: My twins (18)...

Does Sex Position Really Matter When You're Trying to Get Pregnant?

Posted By Brianne Hogan,
Here's what fertility doctors say is most important when you're trying to conceive. If you and your partner ready to start a family, you might be wondering what you can do to increase your chances of getting pregnant sooner rather than later. From taking care of your own health to the timing (and...

Four Keys to Making Friends with Benefits Work

Posted By Justin,
Media stereotype portrayals of ‘friends with benefits’ (or booty calls) often portray these relationships as, well, kind of messy. Someone inevitably starts to ‘catch feels,’ and then things get complicated. That’s sometimes (but certainly not always!) how they go in real life, too. I’ve conducted...

Tips for Watching Porn with Your Partner

Posted By Astroglide Team,
We’re here with a PSA (Porn Service Announcement) – did you know that watching porn with your partner can boost the quality of your relationship? Typically, porn usage is and has been thought of as something only done solo, but research suggests that watching porn as a couple can benefit...

Is it Always a Bad Idea to Fake Orgasms?

Posted By Justin,
Regardless of your gender, sexual orientation, or age, it’s perfectly normal to not experience an orgasm every single time you engage in sexual activity. This isn’t surprising when you consider that orgasm is contingent on so many different factors. For example, orgasm may not occur if...

Test How Well You Know Your Partner With This 55-Question Couples Quiz

Posted By Sarah Regan,
How well do you know your partner, and how well do they know you? The longer you're dating, the more you'll learn about each other—but let's be honest. How often do we really pause and ask our partners those deep, important questions? This 55-question quiz will put your knowledge of each...

Being Heteroflexible Is a Real Thing. Here's What It Means

Posted By Suzannah Weiss,
Like pretty much every sexual orientation, "heteroflexible" doesn't have one agreed-upon definition—but here are some of the reasons people love the label. FOR MOST of my life, I identified as straight and didn’t question it. Then, when I started going to sex parties in my late twenties, I played...

30 Sexy Gift Ideas You Can Get in Australia

Posted By Astroglide Team,
10 Sexy Gift Ideas for Your Wife or Girlfriend You Can get in Australia Looking for something that will impress the special lady in your life? Whether you’re short on time, cash, or both, here are 10 sexy gift ideas to keep in mind for her birthday, Valentine’s Day or a just-because day. 1....

Interactive Sex Tech is Taking Fantasies to The Next Level

Posted By Tim Costello,
Sex toys have come a long way over the years. Early sex toys use to require half a dozen batteries and need replacing every two minutes, they were also made from unpleasing materials and most were not even waterproof.  These days great thought and design is put into creating a sex toy with the...

Technoference: Is Your Phone Destroying Your Relationship?

Posted By Jess,
Technology has the power to connect us – and divide us. On the positive side, communication technologies (e.g., VOIP, video chat, texting) have generated new ways to create and maintain meaningful connections from afar, so you can stay in touch with loved ones anywhere in the world. This is...

What Is Relationship Anarchy? Modern Dating Approach Is All About Freedom

Posted By Rebecca Strong,
Over the last 40 years, the way people date has changed drastically. Rather than there being one model for your love life, there are several.  These days, some people are dating multiple people at the same time. Some are waiting longer to get married. Some are opting to never get married at...

Here's What Men & Women Find Sexually Attractive—And How It Changes With Age

Posted By Sarah Regan,
As people navigate the dating scene, one of the ever important questions asked is, what do men and women find sexually attractive? In a new study published in the journal PLOS ONE, researchers sought to figure out just that. And it turns out, there's some nuance between men and women's...

What Is Astral Sex & How Do You Have It? We Asked The Experts

Posted By Sarah Regan,
There's no shortage of ways to experiment in the bedroom, but one of the more outside-the-box options—or in this case, outside-the-body—is astral sex, which is basically sex for the soul. Here's what we know about it and how to try it for yourself. What is astral sex? ...