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Correcting the Biggest Misconceptions About the " Big O": The Female Orgasm:

Posted By Josh,
There are few things as elusive in our communal understanding of sex than the female orgasm. I get patients coming into my office all the time asking questions about their orgasm or what qualifies as “normal.” Why, after all our advancements in sexual health, does the female orgasm remain such a...

How To Recognise and Manage Burnout in Relationships

Posted By Astroglide (Dr Jess),
Burnout, which generally refers to the state of emotional, mental, and/or physical exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress, has traditionally been associated with the workplace. But burnout can appear in every arena — from the boardroom to the living room to the bedroom. Burnout is consi...

How Sex Reduces Stress

Posted By Astroglide (Dr Jess),
Studies show that pleasurable experiences reduce the stress response in the brain – likewise, those who have sex regularly are at lower risk of cardiovascular disease. This is no surprise given that a healthy sex life is positively correlated with regular exercise, a boosted immune system, a...

Shout Out To Erotica For Helping Me Get Pregnant

Posted By Rachel Varina ,
When I decided it was time to have a baby (thanks to the fact that I was in love with my husband and not at all because my Instagram was suddenly flooded with sono pics, TYVM), I did All Of The Things to make it happen. I tracked my cycle! I took ovulation tests! I ate different seeds at different...

10 Cowgirl sex positions

Posted By Carina Hsieh & Rachel Varina,
Giddy 👏 up 👏. Getting on top during sex when you’re the receiving partner—aka cowgirl position—can be a little daunting if you’ve never done it before. To be fair, it does come with a whole new set of questions: What do you do with your hands? What do you do when your legs get...

How to get in the mood, tips straight from the sex experts

Posted By Chantelle Pattemore ,
Sex drive feeling low? Our expert tips will show you how to get in the mood and ramp things up in the bedroom So you want to enjoy some quality skin-on-skin time with your partner or simply get down and dirty to achieve a big O—but you’re just not in the mood. Panic not: many approaches can...

Understanding the Kama Sutra: Origins, Purpose, and Relevance Today

Posted By Astroglide,
A handful of texts stand out in history, but there’s only one that offers insights into the art of pleasure: the Kama Sutra. The Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian text that has transcended centuries to inspire connection and exploration. It’s also one of the most misunderstood and...

Ten Science-Backed Benefits of Sex

Posted By Jess,
Sex is more than a physical act. It has the potential to be a powerful experience that can provide benefits ranging from the physical to the emotional to the relational and beyond. And though it’s often touted as an act of pleasure, its benefits extend far beyond momentary gratification. Sex,...

People are having more sex around the holidays — here's why

Posted By Rachel Grumman Bender,
The holidays are all about spending quality time with family, eating good food, taking some much-needed time off … and having sex? As it turns out, research shows that online interest in sex “peaks sharply” during major, family-oriented cultural and religious celebrations all over the world. In the...

Why Holiday Sex is So Hot

Posted By Justin,
Have you ever noticed that you feel hornier than usual when you’re on holidays? If so, you’re not alone! Travel has a way of opening the door to more feelings of sexual arousal and desire, which is why many of us have had the experience of having more—and often more exciting—sex while holidaying....

When to Have Sex

Posted By Danielle Page ,
Consider this hypothetical: You're on a promising first date with someone you're really into. The chemistry is off the charts, and she hasn't done anything mortifying or game-breaking, like cry about her ex, or subject you to a photo presentation of cute things her cat has done. In fact, things are...

How AI Can Improve Sex & Relationships

Posted By Jess,
As technology continues to evolve at an exciting and alarming pace, the influence of artificial intelligence (AI) on the dynamics of sex and relationships emerges as a topic of fascination, thrill, and concern. From the personalized insights offered by AI-driven sexual wellness products to the...

Researchers uncovered 3 techniques for female anal pleasure after interviewing thousands of women

Posted By Julia Naftulin ,
It could be time to rethink your anal-sex strategy, according to a first-of-its-kind study published June 29 , 2022 in the journal Plos One. Researchers at Indiana University and For Goodness Sake, a sex-research company, pinpointed three techniques — one of which doesn't include pene...

Perimenopause Treatment and Self-Care Ideas

Posted By Brandi Jones,
Supporting Your Body and Mind During Menopausal Transitions   Perimenopause is the time leading up to menopause when a person assigned female at birth stops having a menstrual period for 12 consecutive months.1 While perimenopause is natural, it can cause disruptive physical and...

Female orgasm really nothing to moan about

Posted By Tom Whipple,
The Earth might not always move, but you can reliably expect “throbbing sensations” and “shuddering”. Sometimes, there is “trembling” and even – if it’s very good – “quivering”. What you should not rely on though, when it comes to the female orgasm, is “moaning”. Scientists have called for a...