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The 3 Most Commonly Asked Questions, According to a Sexologist

Posted By Jess,
Every day, I receive questions about sex and relationships from curious folks. While I cannot answer all of them, I’ve selected the most common themes to give you a glimpse into the minds of your inquiring friends and neighbors. How often should we be having sex? Quality may matter more than...

Scheduling Sex Is a Good Idea, Actually

Posted By Danielle Sinay,
Most things in life require planning. Why should sex be any different? The first time I tried scheduling sex, I typed “SEX” in all caps into my husband's calendar, not realizing his coworkers and boss could see it too. Things have come a long way since then. We’ve been happily...

What To Do When You Want More Sex Than Your Partner

Posted By Justin,
If you’ve ever been in a long-term romantic relationship, odds are you’ve found that you and your partner weren’t always on the same page about sex. There were probably times when you were in the mood, but your partner wasn’t, as well as times when your partner was in the mood, but you weren’t. That...

Eleven Foursome Sex Positions That Everyone Will Enjoy, According to Sex Experts

Posted By Rebecca Strong,
THREESOMES MAY GET all the mainstream glory when it comes to group sex, but why not add one more person to the mix? Yes, we’re talking about foursomes—a double-the-fun configuration traditionally reserved for porn, but becoming increasingly common in your average bedroom. The beauty of the...

Do You Want More Sex? Doing Your Share of the Chores Can Help

Posted By Kate Daniel,
A recent research study suggests relationship equity may increase women's sexual desire. If the thought of your partner taking out the trash unprompted gets you hot under the collar, you're not alone. Recent research suggests women tend to experience more sexual desire in relationships they...

What Is a Safe Word, and How Do You Use One During Sex?

Posted By Suzannah Weiss,
Here's why -    A simple "stop" might not cut it. Sex is hotter for everyone when all parties can relax knowing they'll stay inside their comfort zones. One way to ensure in advance that everyone will say comfy is to establish a safe word: a word that, when said, signals for the sexy...

Threesomes, Outdoor Sex, Domination, Oh My! Popular Fantasies, According to a Sexologist.

Posted By Jess,
In my work with couples around the world, three fantasies top the charts in terms of popularity from Adelaide to Zurich and beyond: Threesomes Sex Outdoors (e.g., on the beach) Kinky Sex (BDSM – bondage, discipline, submission, Dominance, sadism, masochism) Threesomes may be desirable for...

Surprising Ways That Orgasms Can Benefit Your Relationship

Posted By Shellie Reneé/,
If you were to get a group of people together and ask them to describe an orgasm, you would probably get a variety of answers. However, if you're looking for a more scientific definition, it's "the fourth stage [climax] of a sexual encounter," according to Healthline. The previous three stages are "...

How to End a Casual Relationship Kindly

Posted By Anouare Abdou ,
Here's How to End a Casual Relationship Like a Genuinely Good Guy   Casual relationships are not meant to last forever. Yet few people know how to end one gracefully. When a fling has run its course, it can be tempting to let things fade out and reduce contact until the other person gets the...

Six Tips for Ending a "Sex Drought," According to Therapists

Posted By Juliana LaBianca,
Hint: It starts with a romantic date night. Throughout any relationship, sex ebbs and flows. Some months (or maybe even years), you get freaky on a near-daily basis, while others, you hit a rut. Many factors, including illness, distance, and childcare needs can cause those ruts. But occasionally, a...

Penis Size Really Matter, Does it Really Matter?

Posted By Astroglide team,
Why are we so obsessed with penis size? Penis size has been a topic of interest and focus in pop culture for decades. This can relate back to things like inaccurate portrayals of sex in porn, references in movies or TV, and more. Did you know that the average penis size is actually increasing over...

How to Make Pleasure a Priority: Strategies to Invite More Pleasure into Your Life Beyond the Bedroom

Posted By Jess,
Pleasure is Your Birthright; It’s Multidimensional. Unfortunately, our definitions of pleasure are often narrowly defined or shrouded in shame. We think of pleasure as merely erotic or sexual. We deem pleasure superfluous as opposed to essential. We consider pleasure naughty and self-indulgent. We...

Tips for Making Friends as an Adult

Posted By Jess,
The quality of your relationships determines the quality of your life. But when we consider putting effort into our relationships, we tend to focus on intimate partnerships as opposed to platonic friendships, which is a shame, as all types of connections have the potential to be just as rich...

How Sexual Behaviour Has Changed Over the 100 Years

Posted By Justin,
Every year, I take a group of students to Amsterdam for a course on sex and culture. As part of this class, we visit the Sex Museum, which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors annually. It provides an opportunity to explore how sexuality has evolved and changed throughout the ages. Each...

DILF Phenomenon: Celebrating Dads in All Their Glory

Posted By Astroglide Team,
Why did the DILF become an electrician? Because he knows how to turn everyone on. 😏 Now that we got the obligatory Dad joke out of the way, we can explore the sexier side of Fathers. In the realm of attractive men, there’s a term that’s gained popularity: DILF. It’s a playful...