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September 2021

Why So Many Women Aren't Enjoying Sex as Much as They Could, According to Science Why So Many Women Aren't Enjoying Sex as Much as They Could, According to Science

Posted By Claire Gillespie,
The messages you hear about sex while growing up have consequences in adulthood, a study suggests. For many of us, sex ed doesn’t end in high school. It’s not unusual to have to do some serious work decades after the first mention of the birds and the bees––often to try to repair the harm...

5 Reasons You’re Not Reaching Orgasm — and What to Do About It

Posted By D’Ara Nazaryan,
Experts weigh in on why some women are having difficulty doing it First things first: You are not alone, and you’re not broken. If you’re one of the many women who aren’t able to reach an orgasm through masturbation or sexual intercourse, it can feel like you must be doing something wrong or,...

Should you get back with your ex partner?

Posted By Jess,
With regard to your relationships, on again off-again relationships may be more common than you think and rosy retrospection may be to blame. As time elapses, we have the tendency to recall and judge the past more favourably than we assess the present. This distortion not only negatively affects...

Best Beach Sex Tips and Positions: The Ultimate Guide that Avoids Sand!!

Posted By Megan Harrison,
Having sex on the beach sex is one of the most romantic and exciting ways to make love with your partner. However, it can be a little challenging to execute without the proper knowledge. How can you have great sex on the beach? For the best beach sex, try sex positions that are inconspicuous but...

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About 'Nipplegasms'

Posted By Rachel Hills, Carina Hsieh ,
I know what you’re thinking, and the answer is yes: It is absolutely possible to experience a nipple orgasm. (And while I’m dropping info that you most certainly didn’t learn in sex ed, tons of other orgasms exist too—see: vaginal, blended, anal, and more). The thing is that orgasms come in all...