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August 2021

Tips for Lifelong Sexual Vitality

Posted By Justin,
Humans can have sex for pretty much their entire adult lives. There’s no definitive endpoint when it comes to our desire for sex, or our ability to have it.  Of course, age can have an effect on how much sex we want, what positions or activities are practical and comfortable, and what feels...

Masturbation Advice For An Improved Sex Life

Posted By Jess O'Rielly,
Masturbation is good for your sex life whether you’re single or coupled. It’s the prime opportunity to learn about your own body without the pressure to perform or meet another person’s needs. And once you know what you like in bed, you can train a partner (or two or three!) to be a part of the...

How to Prepare for your First-Time Having Sex

Posted By Astroglide,
*Record scratch, record scratch*  Like a virgin touched for the very first time  Like a virgin when your heart beats next to mine  Look back at any high school movie and there is a sex scene, most likely a “losing your virginity” sex scene. The characters move throughout the screen...

10 Sex Positions For Small Spaces

Posted By Aly Walansky Caroline Steber,
If you live in a tiny apartment that can only fit a twin-sized bed, then you're already well aware of how tricky it can be to have sex in small spaces. The same is true when hooking up while camping in a tiny tent in the woods, doing it in a shower stall, or when trying to contort yourselves into...

The Truth About Why Women Cheat

Posted By Nadia Bokody,
Your wife is probably sleeping with someone else.  If you’re a married guy, there’s about a 15 percent chance your wife is having sex with someone else while you’re reading this.  At least, that’s according to the latest research, which relied on...

Do children ruin your sex life?

Posted By Nadia Bokody,
I have a very unpopular opinion about parenthood, and why it rarely coexists with good sex.  I’m going to come out and say something super controversial.   Kids ruin your sex life.   This is not to suggest anyone shouldn’t have kids, or even to infer...

How Do You Handle Mismatched Libidos

Posted By Nadia Bokody,
New research shows it’s the woman with the higher libido more often than we think, but that there is a way to turn down sex without harming your union. “I’m horny” I playfully text my boyfriend. After about a minute, a wink face emerges on my screen. I get bolder, and send...

Everything You Know About Sex Is Wrong

Posted By Nadia Bokody,
True equality begins in the bedroom. If you’ve landed on this site, hopefully it’s because, like me, you’ve noticed there’s something fundamentally wrong with the way we treat sex as a culture. That ‘something’ starts as soon as we’re old enough to communicate, when girls are taught to...

The Psychology of Attraction & Flirting

Posted By Justin,
Why are we attracted to certain people, but not to others? What determines who’s hot and who’s not in our own eyes? In this article, I will help you to better understand the science of attraction. We will explore what research can teach us about the psychology of love and attraction, as well as how...

What We Could Have Learned in Sex Education

Posted By Heather,
If you went to a Catholic all-girls high school as I did, you probably didn’t learn anything about sex in school. If you had conservative parents as I did, you also likely didn’t learn anything about sex and reproductive health at home aside from, “don’t have sex and don’t get pregnant.” According...