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Fifteen Things to Know before Having Lesbian Sex for the First Time

Posted By Gabrielle Smith Rachel Varina,
Including some v important fingernail advice! Branching out and trying a different type of sex can be pretty exciting, but it can also be a lil daunting as well. Odds are you have a lot of questions going into your first lesbian sex experience: What goes where? Who does what? Is there any special...

Amazon Sex Position: Everything You Need to Know

Posted By Julia Pugachevsky and Jill,
Is it intense? Yes. It it worth it? Also yes. Want to feel like a badass warrior goddess? Then you need to try the Amazon sex position. This position, so named because it’s a woman-on-top, dominant position (think: the warrior women of Themyscira in Wonder Woman), is a hybrid position where the...

Eight Foursome Sex Positions That Are Too Good Not to Try

Posted By Jill Hamilon,
If you and your partner are planning on hooking up with another couple or are looking at a more general four-person group sex situation, you’re going to need some really great foursome sex positions that are a) super hot for everyone involved, b) actually doable, and c) don’t leave anyone sitting...

Is Your Kink Actually a Fetish? Let's Break It Down.

Posted By Suzannah Weiss,
People often use the terms “kink” and “fetish” interchangeably—but there's a key difference. ANDREW DESCRIBES HIMSELF AS having a boot fetish. “I wear boots while having sex, and if my partner is open to it, they will wear boots, too,” says the 40-something living in Melbourne, Australia. “I caress ...

Six Lesbian Sex Positions That Will Maximise Your Pleasure

Posted By Gabrielle Kassel,
From fisting to strap-on sex, experts explain everything you need to know about lesbian sex Maybe you want to make Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl" your personal reality. Maybe you've started watching the recent The L Word: Generation Q and are feeling inspired. Or maybe you and your boo are ready...

Beginner’s Guide to Topping During Sex

Posted By Zachary Zane,
Only some of us were lucky enough to get medically accurate sex education in school, and even if we did, odds are, it didn't cover how queer men have sex. It's normal to have lots of questions around the mechanics of queer sex, such as what it means to be a top and bottom—and how to do each. "Top" a...

Being Heteroflexible Is a Real Thing. Here's What It Means

Posted By Suzannah Weiss,
Like pretty much every sexual orientation, "heteroflexible" doesn't have one agreed-upon definition—but here are some of the reasons people love the label. FOR MOST of my life, I identified as straight and didn’t question it. Then, when I started going to sex parties in my late twenties, I played...

In Their Fantasies - What Women Want

Posted By Justin,
What people actually do in bed is one thing. What they fantasise about is often another entirely. In my own research on sexual fantasies, I’ve found that there’s a pretty sizable gap between fantasy and reality. Although most people say they have some fantasies they’d like to act out, few report hav...

How to Be an Ally and an Accomplice to LGBTQIA+ Folks

Posted By Jess,
As we celebrate Pride this month (and 365 days a year!), let us be reminded that Pride started as a riot. It wasn’t about fanciful floats, beautiful costumes, branded installations, or a month of celebrations. And though many of us now have the privilege to revel in the beauty of parades and...

Are You Polysexual? Here's What It Means, and How to Tell.

Posted By Suzannah Weiss,
Zoe, a 45-year-old woman in the U.K., has been with her wife for 22 years. Five years ago, they opened up their relationship, and Zoe also dated and slept with cis men, gender queer people, and trans people. Realising she was attracted to a number of genders, Zoe—who had previously identified as...

Asexual, Graysexual, Demisexual: What’s the Difference?

Posted By Justin,
Dr. Alfred Kinsey was the first to describe sexual orientation as existing on a continuum in his famous Kinsey Scale. He characterised human sexuality as running on a spectrum from “completely heterosexual” to “completely homosexual” based on people’s level of sexual attraction and behavior...

Your Guide to Pride Flags and What They Mean

Posted By Astroglide Team,
With our Pride flags flying high this pride month, it’s important to acknowledge the different types of flags that symbolise the diversity within the LGBTQIA+ community. From the first-ever pride flag introduced in 1978 to the transgender flag flown in 2000 and the gender nonbinary flag created in...

Ten Sex-Positive Leaders You Ought To Know

Posted By Jess,
February is Women’s History Month and March 8th is International Women’s Day. To celebrate, check out these ten superstars who have been (and continue to be) vital to the sex-positive movement. We’ve included a number of present-day sexuality professionals and activists because history unfolds in...

How To Have Prostate Orgasms: A Guide To The Male G-Spot

Posted By Kesiena Boom,
Most people have heard of the famed G-spot found on the anterior wall of the vagina. But did you know that people with penises also have something akin to a G-spot? The so-called male G-spot is none other than the prostate, and it can be extremely pleasurable to play around with. What is the...

What Are Kinks? A Guide To Edgy Bedroom Play

Posted By Celeste Hirschman,
Bend. Fold. Twist. Curl. Impact. Group. Sense. Bond. Watch. Harder. Harder. Softer. Exhale.  Have you ever wondered what are kinks? And how to tell if someone is kinky – or if you are? Kink – with its consensual, ethical framework and edgy culture – has become an incredible way for...