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Vaginal vs. Clitoral Orgasms: Are They Really So Different? Jess Weighs In

Posted By Astroglide,
AUTHOR: Jess O'Reilly, Sexologist Some researchers believe that all female orgasms are clitoral orgasms, because you can stimulate the clitoris both externally and internally. Others disagree, becaus...

A Comprehensive Guide to Personal Lubrication

Posted By Astroglide,
What exactly is lube? Technically, a lubricant is any substance that helps reduce friction. Lubricants are often used for things like bicycle chains and machines to help cut down on the friction cau...

Guide to Oil Based Lubes

Posted By Astroglide,
When it comes to personal lubricants, the sheer variety of choices can make you feel like grabbing your little dog, clicking your heels together and running right back to Kansas. There’s liqu...

6 Weird and Interesting Sex Facts to Blow Your Mind (And 3 Myths You Should Stop Believing)

Posted By Astroglide,
Let’s talk about sex, baby. And not just the usual stuff. From the weird and mythical to the interesting and educational, here are some sex facts you need to know. Think you know everything the...

How to Introduce Lube into the Bedroom

Posted By Astroglide,
Thinking about inviting ASTROGLIDE into your bedroom? Here's how to have the "lube talk." Settling into a routine has its perks. You get your own designated side of the bed, your own extra comfy recl...

Male Multiple Orgasms: The Science & Technique!

Posted By Astroglide,
Multiple orgasms can make hot sex even hotter as you learn to prolong the orgasmic experience and people of all genders are capable of enjoying more than one orgasm in a single sex session. Most cis m...

6 Super Sexy Foreplay Tips You'll Want to Try Tonight

Posted By Astroglide,
Life is a journey — not a destination. The same can be said of sex. While the big “O” may be supremely satisfying, the buildup to sexual climax has the potential to be equally erotic...

8 Things You Might Not Know About the Clitoris

Posted By Astroglide,
You’ve probably heard a great deal about the clitoris and you likely already know that it exists solely for the purpose of pleasure. But have you heard of the clitoral legs? And do you know how ...

Everything You Need to Know About Outdoor Sex

Posted By Astroglide,
The summer season is in full swing and just about everyone is heading outdoors. From sangria on a rooftop patio to late-night bonfires on the beach, our favorite experiences are further enhanced by th...

5 Male Sex Myths You Probably Still Believe

Posted By Astroglide,
Myth: Men* Think About Sex Every 7 Seconds If men really thought about sex every 7 seconds, this would amount to approximately 8160 sexual thoughts per day (assuming they’re awake for 16 hours)...