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Astroglide Pty Ltd (Sponsor of Astroglide in Australia)

Village Road Saratoga NSW 2251 Australia

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PO Box 603 Mosman NSW 2088 Australia

Central Coast NSW Office

Phone: 02 4369 6526

Sydney NSW Office

Phone: 02 9968 2539

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ABN: 13 129 606 757

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Astroglide Pty Ltd (Distributor and Sponsor of Astroglide in Australia)

Village Road Saratoga NSW 2251

Postal Address

PO Box 603 Mosman NSW 2088


Central Coast NSW Office

Call us at 02 4369 6526

Sydney  NSW Office

Call us at 02 9968 2539

Consumer Advisory Assistance

Call us at 0011 1 760 727 9030      (+17607279030)

Open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday  12.30am - 10.30am Australian Eastern Standard Time

Open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday  11.30pm - 9.30am Australian Eastern Summer Time

Open Saturday 12am - 9.30am Australian Eastern Summer Time

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ABN  13 129 606 757

Astroglide is on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG), as a class 1 medical device.

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Astroglide Personal Lubricants are Vegan and always have been since we started over 45 years ago . #vegan #veganfriendly

Australian Border Force - Astroglide Approved Trusted Trader

December 2017 - Astroglide Pty Ltd  has Trusted Trader Status with Australian Border Force - for International Trade

Astroglide Pty Ltd  -   Acceptable Use Policy on Social Media

The social media pages controlled by Astroglide Pty Ltd need to comply with the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989  and the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code 2021.   The TGA recommends that businesses such as ours, adopt an 'acceptable use policy' on our  social media pages, warning third parties that non-compliant comments will be removed from the page.  Astroglide Pty Ltd, will remove non compliant comments immediately on detecting them.

(Copied verbatim from TGA website

Business owners are responsible for the content of any social media page created or managed by them, including websites, social media channels, blog posts, hashtags, or discussion forums. This responsibility extends to user-generated content, such as third-party comments posted on those social media platforms that are controlled by the business.

All advertising for therapeutic goods must promote the safe and responsible use of those products and must not take advantage of consumers, including through third party comments on social media.

Compliance with the advertising requirements under therapeutic goods legislation means that social media advertisements for therapeutic goods must meet the following requirements.

  • Requirements include: Advertisements must include the relevant mandatory statements, including health warnings where applicable.
    • Health warnings must be prominently displayed or communicated at the point of purchase, including purchases via social media.
    • In social media, the mandatory statements and health warnings must be visible at all times and not within collapsed information as that does not meet the requirement for prominently displayed or communicated.
  • Advertisements must not promote a therapeutic good for a purpose other than the purpose accepted by the TGA and entered in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods, or for exempt goods not required to be on the ARTG, a purpose other than those in the documentation provided with the good.
  • Advertisements must not contain prohibited or restricted representations without prior permission or approval from the TGA.
  • Advertisements must not promote goods with therapeutic use claims if those goods are not included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (unless the goods are exempt from being on the register).
    • Making therapeutic use claims about a product in an advertisement will generally make the advertisement subject to the legal requirements for advertising therapeutic goods, even if the product may not ordinarily be considered a therapeutic good.
    • An exception applies for foods for which there is a food standard. To find out if a food standard applies, go to the 'food medicine interface' guidance tool on the TGA website.
  • Advertisements must not contain testimonials or endorsements which breach the Code.
  • Advertisements using endorsements and testimonials must comply with Part 6 of the Code.
  • Advertisements cannot include testimonials made by a person who has received 'valuable consideration' for making the testimonial. Valuable consideration is payment of some value (such as monetary payment or free product).
  • Advertising cannot contain testimonials and endorsements made by health professionals and others mentioned in Part 6 of the Code.

The TGA recommends that businesses adopt an 'acceptable use policy' on its own social media pages, warning third parties that non-compliant comments will be removed from the page.

Although it is up to the party that is responsible for the advertising to ensure compliance with the requirements, we recommend that businesses also provide corrective information if they become aware of misinformation from third parties on social media channels for which they are not responsible. Advertisers should ensure any corrective information also complies with the advertising requirements if it is used within an advertisement or is an advertisement in its own right.


Astroglide Pty Ltd has never paid for testimonials nor endorsements, directly or indirectly and never will. We have never supplied any samples, free or otherwise to any person directly or indirectly, providing a testimonial or endorsement. If the testimonial or endorsement is not genuine, we are not interested and it is also illegal under the Therapeutic Goods Act 2021. This applies to any website or social media posting by Astroglide Pty Ltd since our inception.