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August 2022

9 Sex Positions That Are Way Better Than You'd Expect

Posted By Amanda Chatel,
Of all the sex positions out there, each one brings something different to the table, sexually speaking. From positions that are ideal for limber couples, to ones that provide hardcore G-spot stimulation, to everything in between, there is a sex position out there for everyone. Because there are so...

Four Keys to Making Friends with Benefits Work

Posted By Justin,
Media stereotype portrayals of ‘friends with benefits’ (or booty calls) often portray these relationships as, well, kind of messy. Someone inevitably starts to ‘catch feels,’ and then things get complicated. That’s sometimes (but certainly not always!) how they go in real life, too. I’ve conducted...

Couples who have sex once a week are happiest — having any more doesn't make a difference

Posted By Julia Naftulin,
  Sex therapist Ian Kerner said couples should have sex, with the goal of connecting with each other, once a week. Engaging in pressure-free sex that focuses on pleasure, not orgasms, can change how you view the act. Research suggests couples who have sex once per week are more likely...

Is Makeup Sex Actually Satisfying?

Posted By David W. Wahl ,
Research dispels some of the myths of make-up sex.   Key points Recent research has dispelled some media-driven myths about the splendor of makeup sex. Research participants reported less satisfaction with sex that occurred on days of relationship conflict. On the other hand,...

Tips for Watching Porn with Your Partner

Posted By Astroglide Team,
We’re here with a PSA (Porn Service Announcement) – did you know that watching porn with your partner can boost the quality of your relationship? Typically, porn usage is and has been thought of as something only done solo, but research suggests that watching porn as a couple can benefit...

Is it Always a Bad Idea to Fake Orgasms?

Posted By Justin,
Regardless of your gender, sexual orientation, or age, it’s perfectly normal to not experience an orgasm every single time you engage in sexual activity. This isn’t surprising when you consider that orgasm is contingent on so many different factors. For example, orgasm may not occur if...

Test How Well You Know Your Partner With This 55-Question Couples Quiz

Posted By Sarah Regan,
How well do you know your partner, and how well do they know you? The longer you're dating, the more you'll learn about each other—but let's be honest. How often do we really pause and ask our partners those deep, important questions? This 55-question quiz will put your knowledge of each...