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May 2023

How Sexual Behaviour Has Changed Over the 100 Years

Posted By Justin,
Every year, I take a group of students to Amsterdam for a course on sex and culture. As part of this class, we visit the Sex Museum, which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors annually. It provides an opportunity to explore how sexuality has evolved and changed throughout the ages. Each...

How to Overcome the Language Barrier in Bed

Posted By Suzannah Weiss,
“Communicate, communicate, communicate.” We’ve all heard sex experts stress the importance of speaking up in bed with a new partner, and for great reasons: Conversations are often necessary to determine whether everyone is enthusiastically consenting, which safer sex precautions need to...

DILF Phenomenon: Celebrating Dads in All Their Glory

Posted By Astroglide Team,
Why did the DILF become an electrician? Because he knows how to turn everyone on. 😏 Now that we got the obligatory Dad joke out of the way, we can explore the sexier side of Fathers. In the realm of attractive men, there’s a term that’s gained popularity: DILF. It’s a playful...

Eleven Ways Men Can Mix Things Up in Bed: Let’s Talk About Foreplay

Posted By Kelly Gonsalves,
The first step is to rethink the definition of "foreplay" altogether. Contrary to popular belief, more “foreplay” isn’t quite the answer to better sex for women. In fact, the very concept may even be contributing to why so many women have such unsatisfying sexual experiences in the first place. And...

How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex

Posted By Justin,
Since becoming a sex educator, I’ve received countless sex questions spanning every topic imaginable. However, some questions seem to pop up more often than others, and one of the more common ones is: How should you talk to your kids about sex? A heck of a lot of parents don’t even know where to...

How to Absolutely Nail the Leapfrog Sex Position

Posted By Gigi Engle,
  Another day, another sex position to explore. Of course, mastering every sex position under the sun isn’t necessary to be Good At Sex™, but trying new things in the bedroom can make things more exciting and fun. In that vein, allow us to introduce you to a sex position you might not...

How does Masturbation Impacts Relationships, Sexual Function, Testosterone, and Athletic Performance

Posted By Josh,
Despite what you may have learned in Sunday school or on your favourite No Fap website, masturbation is a natural and healthy expression of sexuality.  It’s a form of sexual activity that can (and should) be enjoyed by people of all ages and genders.  Masturbation is a way to explore your...

Leva Bonaparte Has a Totally Unexpected Use for Lubricant: See Her Surprising “Hack”

Posted By Jenny Berg,
The Southern Charm-er dropped a major beauty tip in a recent video.    Leva Bonaparte is happy to share how she uses lubricant on a very public forum— but it’s probably not what you’re thinking. In a recent TikTok post, the Southern Charm restaurateur shared an unexpected beauty hack...

The Who, Why and How of MILFs:

Posted By Astroglide team,
MILF.  Mum I’d Like to…we’ll let you fill in the blank. We know them, we love them, we want to be with one (or be one). For anyone unfamiliar with the slang term, it typically refers to older women with a sexual aura around them. This doesn’t mean that they are necessarily sexual (think Lois...

Ultimate Guide to Mutual Masturbation

Posted By Adrienne Santos-Longhurst i,
Yeah, masturbation is basically the act of self-lovin’. But who says you can’t share the love and play solo, together? What is mutual masturbation? Mutual masturbation actually has two definitions: masturbating yourselves together or having hand sex with one another. Here, we’re...

Psychology of “Cuffing Season”

Posted By Justin,
During the coldest and darkest months of the year, there’s a predictable rise in dating and mating behaviour. For example, Google search trends reveal a winter bump in terms related to sex and relationships. Online dating apps tend to see increased sign-ups and downloads. People change their...