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July 2022

11 Expert-Approved Sex Positions For Couples With High Sex Drives

Posted By Sarah Regan,
No two sex drives are exactly the same, but if you or your partner—or both of you—have a high sex drive, you're probably always looking for ways to spice things up in the sheets. Luckily, there's no shortage of positions out there to try, so we asked the experts which ones are best to satisfy the ho...

What Is a Menstrual Cup—How Do You Even Use One?

Posted By Macaela Mackenzie,
Menstrual cups can seem intimidating, but they’re a serious game-changer. Buying tampons or pads doesn’t exactly inspire a lot of excitement. Making the monthly drugstore run to pick up whatever brand is on sale is more of a necessary annoyance than anything else. But menstrual cups—which have been ...

Being Heteroflexible Is a Real Thing. Here's What It Means

Posted By Suzannah Weiss,
Like pretty much every sexual orientation, "heteroflexible" doesn't have one agreed-upon definition—but here are some of the reasons people love the label. FOR MOST of my life, I identified as straight and didn’t question it. Then, when I started going to sex parties in my late twenties, I played...

Does Masturbation Affect Immunity? What Research & Experts Say

Posted By Abby Moore,
Ever since the pandemic, many of us became more attentive to our health. It started out by increasing the frequency of hand-washing and sanitising. Then, we began looking up what foods best support immunity. And along the way, you may have even heard about things that seemed wildly unrelated...

What is Pegging and Why Should You Try It?

Posted By Lucas Fielding,
Pegging has been growing in popularity and is an excellent complement to male chastity. In this post we’ll discuss what pegging is and why you should add it to your repertoire. What Is Pegging? Pegging sex involves using a strap-on dildo to penetrate your partner anally. Pegging is growing in...

21 Women Explain What Sex & Orgasms Feel Like For Them

Posted By Kesiena Boom,
Have you ever wondered about how sex feels for other people? We spoke with 20 women (including some nonbinary folks) about how sex feels for them. Their experiences show there really is no "normal," and everyone has their own approach to and experience of sex and orgasms. And while everyone...

15 Ways to Get Horny & Turn Yourself On, From Experts

Posted By Alex Shea,
For many people, it takes a little longer to get in the mood, and that's OK. Humans process sensual and sexual experiences through a series of interactions between their sexual response system's so-called accelerator and brakes, also known as the dual control model of sexual response. The...

Five Mind Blowing Hand Jobs That You Can Only Do With Lube

Posted By Jess,
5 Mind Blowing Hand Jobs That You Can Only Do With Lube The Claudia is the ultimate manual technique that many consider to be the hand job to end all blow jobs. Believe me — it’s that good!   How to perform The Claudia hand job: Slather both hands in lube. I recommend ASTROGLIDE’s...

30 Sexy Gift Ideas You Can Get in Australia

Posted By Astroglide Team,
10 Sexy Gift Ideas for Your Wife or Girlfriend You Can get in Australia Looking for something that will impress the special lady in your life? Whether you’re short on time, cash, or both, here are 10 sexy gift ideas to keep in mind for her birthday, Valentine’s Day or a just-because day. 1....

Interactive Sex Tech is Taking Fantasies to The Next Level

Posted By Tim Costello,
Sex toys have come a long way over the years. Early sex toys use to require half a dozen batteries and need replacing every two minutes, they were also made from unpleasing materials and most were not even waterproof.  These days great thought and design is put into creating a sex toy with the...

The Beauty Benefits Of Sex: 9 Ways Sex Can Nourish Your Skin, Hair & More

Posted By Abby Moore,
Most people probably think of their sex life and their beauty regimen as two completely separate self-care practices. But as it turns out, the two actually go hand-in-hand. The increase in the hormone estrogen through orgasm, as well as the physical activity involved in sex, can promote...