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21 Sexy Winter Date Ideas for Guys on Any Budget

Posted By Astroglide Team  

Fortunately for you sir, we’ve compiled a list of classy winter date ideas at a variety of price points to help keep your passion burning bright into the cold, bleak weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day (or, as your wacky aunt refers to it, the premiere of Fifty Shades of Grey).

Free Winter Date Ideas That Won’t Make You Look Cheap

1. Movie Night at the Crib – Let’s start with an obvious fun winter date idea. . If you read our 4 Sexiest Holiday Movies article, you know that chilling at home with your partner doesn’t have to mean cheesy sitcom reruns or bad reality TV. The key is to let your lover pick their favourite sexy flick then cuddle up with some hot cocoa and snuggle under the covers for an evening of no-cost romantic cinema.

2. Sledding at the Park – Got cabin fever? Along with the winter comes the snow and all sorts of fun outdoor activities like making snow angels and snowball fights. Sledding is also a fun way to unleash your inner child and go for a snowy slide down the hill at your neighbourhood sledding spot. It encourages lots of “hold on tight” moments, releases endorphins on the way down, laughter on the way up, and some romantic, well-deserved hot chocolate back at your place to warm up afterwards.

3. Good for One Free ___ Voucher – Here’s where you get to express your romantic, giving side without dropping a dime! Design and slip your significant other a cleverly worded coupon that they can cash in for the type of spoils you normally only offer as foreplay. Make it all about them—without expressing any expectation for a return—and you may just be rewarded with the hottest thank you imaginable.

4. Throwback Party for Two – Whether your idea of retro night includes Pac-Man and Prince albums or Nintendo and N’Sync, nothing warms the heart like a walk down memory lane. Download your favourite iPad arcade app, bust out the mixtape that you rocked when you were trying so hard to express your feelings with Robert Smith lyrics and top it off with a YouTube marathon of your favourite nostalgic flicks from when you [thought you] were cooler.

Pro-tip: Keep your competitive nature in check and let your partner win a few games if they’re not as Mario-savvy. The silly bonding that ensues will bring you closer to your beau than you ever were to that high school crush and, unlike those awkward years, you might actually get lucky tonight.

5. An Old-Fashioned Bonfire – It’s BYOS and the S is for S’mores. If you live in or near a rural area, building a fire on a chilly winter night can be one of the most romantic, timeless excuses to snuggle up next to the object of your affection. Stealing a kiss under the stars while you stoke the fires (literally and figuratively) will build a lasting memory.

Sexy Dates for Under $50

6. Dinner at a Chic Ethnic Restaurant – The beauty of taking a date to eat Ethiopian or Indian food is three-fold. For one thing, the fact that it’s a step out of the ordinary adds to the exotic excitement. It also implies that you’re an open-minded fella and appreciate other cultures. Last but not least, in smaller towns, places that serve Thai or Mediterranean grub may be the best options if you or your date are trying to stick to a vegetarian or vegan diet, and the spices that most of these chefs cook with will take the chill off of the coldest winter nights.

Sexy winter date ideas

7. Catching a Film (Not a “Movie”) at the Local Art House Cinema – Leave the popcorn blockbusters for the classless masses and treat your date to an evening with the intelligentsia. Even if neither of you gravitates toward indie films by nature, when the lights dim at the local single screen, you’ll enjoy the sensation of your largest sex organ being massaged — we’re talking about your brain, of course.

8. A Group Date with Your Lover’s BFFs – If your goal is to clock some alone time with your sweetie, this might not be the way to go, but never underestimate the sexiness of letting your boo show you off to their inner circle of friends. This is a rare chance for you to display your charms (little things like opening the car or restaurant door, taking their coat, or pulling out their chair before they sit down). The group date can earn you a certified thumbs up in new relationships or allow your significant other to reconnect with friends that they may have blown off recently to be with you.

9. Blue Collar Bowling – When’s the last time you saw your baby handle balls this heavy? While it may not sound sexy in the traditional sense, there’s something about the timeless thrill of watching your date bowl their first strike that’ll make you both forget you’re wearing bad, borrowed shoes on a cold winter night.

10. A Night at the Museum – No, we’re not suggesting that you try to impress your date by treating them to a Ben Stiller movie. Instead, why not get your culture on and hit up that new art exhibit your weekly alternative paper is raving about? It will give the two of you an excuse to ditch the sweatpants, drive to the other side of town and use some of that fancy vocabulary you learned in Art History.

Sexy Winter Date Night Ideas for $100 or Less

11. Paint Night at the Pub – Show off your inner Picasso if you’ve got hidden art skills, or show your vulnerable side with some self-effacing humour if your masterpiece wouldn’t even make it to your mom’s fridge. Either way, these trendy events are popping up in every city and usually involve libations, and laughter and may even show your date what a renaissance man you secretly are.

12. Salsa Dancing Class – Ay Caramba! We know, you could probably go your entire life without a single dance lesson and feel fine about it. Your partner, however, might get a real thrill out of the experience the two of you will enjoy by learning a few snazzy steps and taking the dance floor by storm when Mambo Number 5 spins at the next wedding reception you’re forced to attend.

13. A Concert of Your Date’s Favorite Band – Live music is another great date idea that can be an affordable way to enjoy the winter season. Get frisky in the cheap seats because this date’s getting cranked to 11! Nothing gets the blood moving like a killer band nailing your jams but make this night about your partner’s favorite rockers. For an encore, try a little hanky panky in the parking lot for the full groupie sex fantasy.

Heat up your winter with these date ideas

14. Bikram Yoga for Two – What better way to thaw those cold, achy bones than by spending the next hour and a half of your life in a 104° studio watching your lover do downward dog in tight black pants? Who knows, you might even learn some new poses that you can kama sutra into some sexy bedroom moves. Namaste, all night!

15. The Mall: It’s Not Just for Awkward Teens Anymore – Chances are, your partner doesn’t have the same group of friends that they used to go to the local shopping mall with to try on outfits. What hasn’t changed is their desire to try on sexy clothes that might not normally fit into their budget. Take them to the stores that they want to visit, be a champ, man up and hold the purse while they try on some new threads. Offer to buy that killer ensemble that may only get seen once or twice when you splurge for an evening out in the next level of date night ideas.

Sexy Dates for Ballers with No Budget

16. Four-Star Staycation – A steamy evening out at the ritziest hotel in your hometown can do wonders for your relationship without the stress or expense of long-distance travelling. Find a friend to watch the kids (or let your dog out) and treat your romance to the luxury it deserves. Leave the TV off, the phones on silent and make the night about rekindling your passion.

17. Rock Out with Your Bach Out – dinner and a movie is a cliche for a reason. Show your significant other how significant they really are by breaking out your blazer and classing it up at the symphony. During the holiday season, you’re sure to find some winter wonderland performances available. The humble brag Facebook post practically writes itself.

18. The A-list Comedy Club Experience  Science will back up the fact that making your significant other laugh can often lead to heightened romance. While you may get off a clever one-liner now and then, why not leave the heavy lifting to the humour pros and take your date to the best comedy club in town. We’re not talking open mic night at Uncle Chuckle’s Laugh-O-Rama here, we’re saying go all in on tickets for the comedians who have HBO specials. You know, the places that have a two-drink minimum that would break your budget on most nights. Live a little, laugh a lot, and love longer, later!

19. Couples Massage – You’ve heard the term bandied about, so why not give it a try? For just over a cool hundred at most spas, the two of you can lay side by side and let the professionals take care of the foreplay. You’ll be so relaxed and refreshed after an hour of Enya and incense that the next logical step will be a sensual continuation of the caressing in the privacy of your boudoir.

20. A Weekend at the Nearest Ski Resort Chalet – When you’re ready to go for broke and indulge in the ultimate winter season fantasy, whisk your date away for an all-expenses-paid mini-trip to the slopes. Even if your skills are more inclined toward tipsy tubing than winter sports like carving a half pipe on the snowboard, it’s all about warming your bones by the lodge fire before retiring to your cabin for a nightcap and a romp on the rented king-size bed.

Affordable winter date ideas

Bonus Winter Date Idea:

We’d be remiss to not mention the sexiest and least expensive of all winter date ideas – sex itself!

21. Hot Sex on a Cold Night – We’re not talking about rollover and assume the position of coitus. We’re talking about stepping outside of your comfort zone a bit and adding some class to your act. Warm up the ambience with scented candles and maybe some, cue up a sexy Spotify mix, uncork that bottle of holiday wine that your cool aunt bought you and try rolling in the deep for more than the 7.5-minute national average.

If you really want to introduce some heat to your lovemaking, add a bit of ASTROGLIDE Warming Liquid to each other’s sensitive spots and feel the winter chill (and your inhibitions) melt away like snow in the spring!

If you’ve got any sexy cheap winter date ideas that rocked one of your winter nights, please enlighten us in the comment section below. We’re always up for trying new ways to spice up our dating playbook.