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November 2018

OK, What It Mean To Be Sexually Healthy – andHow To Enhance Your Sexual Health

Posted By Justin,
What does it mean to be sexually healthy? For many people, the first things that come to mind are being free of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and taking steps to prevent unwanted or unintended pregnancy. In many ways, this makes sense because it’s consistent with the messages given through...

Women: Here's How to Orgasm Faster

Posted By Jess O'Rielly ,
The female orgasm is a mysterious thing. While the male anatomy is pretty straightforward, the female anatomy is quite a bit more complicated. In general, women take longer to get aroused and have more trouble reaching climax than their male counterparts. As a result, many women with male partners c...

Vaginal vs. Clitoral Orgasms: Are They Really So Different? Jess Weighs In

Posted By Jess O'Rielly ,
AUTHOR: Jess O'Reilly, Sexologist Some researchers believe that all female orgasms are clitoral orgasms, because you can stimulate the clitoris both externally and internally. Others disagree, because different parts of the brain light up during vaginal orgasm. So what's the difference — and ...

A Comprehensive Guide to Personal Lubrication

Posted By Jess O'Rielly ,
What exactly is lube? Technically, a lubricant is any substance that helps reduce friction. Lubricants are often used for things like bicycle chains and machines to help cut down on the friction caused by moving parts. Personal lubricants contain different ingredients, but the idea is the same --...