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Plus a successful track record almost 50 years, to be the number one global premium brand and best personal lubricant for vaginal dryness and menopause dryness. It is available at over 2,700 stores, medical facilities and clinics across Australia and online. We have water based personal lubricant, silicone based personal lubricant and organic oil based personal lubricants in our range.

Lube Basics


If you want to test a personal lubricant is a premium quality brand, rub one or two small drops between your thumb and forefinger. If it dries out, turns white or a string forms when you move your thumb and forefinger apart, you are not using a premium quality water based lubricant.

Try the test with Astroglide and you will see why we are the leading and best premium quality brand globally. We will even send you free samples of Astroglide, so you can do the test yourself. The second test is to check all ingredients are listed on the packaging and claims verified.“Astroglide is not any old personal lubricant, Astroglide Personal Lubricant is the first choice for millions of discerning users worldwide, who demand premium quality.

Naturally Derived


Astroglide Naturally Derived Personal Lubricant is water based personal lube, glycerin free, paraben free. alcohol free, petroleum free, sugar free, fragrance free, flavouring free, grapefruit (citris) seed extract (GSE) free, carbomer free, potassium sorbate free, sodium citrate free and hormone free.

It is made with natural derived / organic derived ingredients, water based, water soluble, latex safe, soft, silky smooth, a vaginal moisturiser, long lasting and has a natural feel with aloe vera. It lasts longer is never sticky and less needs be applied to compliment your bodies own natural lubrication. Australia's biggest selling Aloe Vera Personal Lubricant.

Hint: a little bit of water can reactivate the lube if it need be.

Astroglide Naturally Derived ingredients include Aloe Vera, Vitamin C & E and soothing Chamomile Flower Extracts.

Astroglide Naturally Derived lubricant combines these plant extracts to create the same long-lasting, never sticky, Second Only To Nature® feeling from ASTROGLIDE personal lubricant. Experience love with a little help from these soothing all naturally derived and organic ingredients in Astroglide Naturally Derived including:

Aloe Vera, Chamomile Flower Extracts, Vitamins C & E and Xylitol - Corn cob derived xylitol is a nature derived vaginal moisturiser, sugar-free humectant known for its ability to retain and absorb moisture.

Compare the ingredients, take a close look at our product labels and you will see the quality of Astroglide Naturally Derived personal lubricant which moisturisers, lasts longer and feels great - it is the natural lubricant for women with naturally derived ingredients that are gentle and suitable for vaginal dryness / menopause dryness. Its the biggest selling Aloe Vera based lubricant in Australia.

It has been specifically created based on gynaecological research to supplement your natural lubrication and give you that natural feel. Don't compromise, please put us to the test and try a FREE SAMPLE.

We sent out over 715,000 samples so far in 2023 and over 5.6 million across Australia since 2008! Astroglide a GST FREE medical device class 1 listed on the ARTG (Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods) Entry 151910. All Astroglide Personal Lubricants are Gluten Free and Vegan Friendly.

Astroglide the the World's biggest selling vaginal lubricant and vaginal moisturising brand.

Astroglide Natural Water Based Personal Lubricant & Vaginal Moisturiser



Medical Professionals / Clinics please contact us for product information and distribution