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April 2021

Why Do Women Suffer More With Insomnia?

Posted By Alice Broster,
It’s recommended that a healthy adult gets seven to nine hours of sleep every night. However, for some people, that's a distant dream rather than a frequent reality. Many things can contribute to you losing sleep. You may have had to adapt under the stressful circumstances of Covid-19 which has...

Sexual healing: Six ways to increase your libido

Posted By Australian Womens Weekly,
Has your desire for sex gone south? Try these six simple solutions. Has your desire for sex gone south? Low libido is very common, and often triggered by hormonal or emotional problems. Try these natural solutions to rev up your sex drive. Look to the East: According to...

6 Ways To Make Masturbation Feel Exciting & New

Posted By Rachel Shatto,
Self love is a beautiful thing, whether that means taking the time to really care for, be gentle with, and celebrate what makes you wonderful, or, you know, literal self love. While you can never practice enough of the former, the latter can get a little routine, especially when you know what works...

Understanding These 2 Types of Sexual Desire Will Help You Feel In Control of Your Libido

Posted By Gabrielle Kassel ,
By now, you've probably heard a sexual health pro say—punctuated by 👏👏👏, of course—that porn is entertainment, not education. And that's true. But there's another type of media that shoves lies about what sex "should" (eye...

How Stress Affects Sexual Health

Posted By Josh,
Unfortunately, stress and anxiety are an unavoidable part of life, something we are constantly inundated with on a daily basis.  Stress has been especially pervasive in recent months, perhaps because many of us have been isolated from our loved ones during the coronavirus pandemic or caught up...

Seven Sizzling Digital Sex Tips

Posted By Jess,
Physical separation ,border closures and travel restrictions have changed the way we date and for some people, this has included an expansion of sexual options. We have been lucky in Australia, probably the lest affected country in the World.  One of the areas that has seen increasing interest...

Do’s and Don’ts of Shower & Spa Sex

Posted By Astroglide,
Shower sex is kind of like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Sometimes it gets a little too hot (passion + soap and water can slip up even the best of us). Sometimes it’s just a little too cold (like literally, you have to share one stream of water). And sometimes, it’s exactly the type of steamy...

No Time for Sex? 7 Ways to Make Time for Sex After Kids

Posted By We all know having kids is str,
We all know having kids is stressful. However, studies have shown that sex alleviates stress and tension, and enhances your intimacy. We think you know where we’re going with this… Yes, have sex! We get it, it’s hard to find the time and get in the mood with kids around. Still, know that making...

Why You Don’t Feel Like Having Sex (and What to Do About It)

Posted By Astroglide,
Seven Reasons for Low Sex Drive in Women There are several possible reasons why women experience dips in their sex drive. Here are seven of the most common, along with tips for boosting the female libido. Hormonal Shifts Being a lady definitely has its privileges, but the hormonal roller coaster...

Silver Sex: The Top 5 Positions for Sex When You are Older

Posted By O Diaries,
When it comes to getting intimate, it’s important to be flexible – not literally, though! Being open to trying new things and new positions can be just the thing when you are working around an injury, stiff joints, or have trouble with too much lifting and moving...

Wine Infused Personal Lubricant

Posted By Astroglide,
We know you might be a little bummed about not being able to get buzzed on lube. We are right there with you. Well a year ago, we were all going a little crazy stuck at home, and let’s be honest; we’re pretty much surviving on wine and lube at this point. Plus, how could we pass up the opportunity...