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51 Sexy Things to Do While You’re Stuck Inside During the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic

Posted By Beducated Magazine,
We all know being stuck at home can be tough. Itching for things to do that don’t revolve around scrolling through your social media! Amidst all the chaos out in the world, ahem – Coronavirus (Covid-19) – ahem, you want to keep things sexy, safe and sane while you’re indoors, right? That’s why,...

Women Want These 7 Things To Orgasm, According To A New Survey

Posted By Suzannah Weiss,
Women Want These 7 Things To Orgasm, According To A New Survey If you've been faking orgasms, you've probably already been warned that faking can stop you from getting real orgasms. But the thing is, it's not all on you. If it were easy to stop faking orgasms, you would've done it. It can...

Everything You Need to Know About Using Lube

Posted By Taryn Shelby,
If you've never used lube before and want to give it a try, or you only use it in times of drought, let us be the first to say: it's a magical elixir that helps enhance comfort and pleasure in just about every sexual scenario. While using it still seems somewhat taboo or even scary for a lot of peop...

Don't ignore vaginal dryness and pain

Posted By Harvard Medical School,
The condition is treatable, although treatments likely won't provide complete relief. Vaginal dryness occurs in women of all ages, but it becomes much more common after menopause. It's estimated that the problem affects about half of postmenopausal women — most of whom, possibly as many as...

Is it normal to bleed after intercourse?

Posted By Jennifer Huizen,
Postcoital bleeding refers to genital bleeding after intercourse. The medical community typically uses this term to describe bleeding from the vagina, a fairly common occurrence caused by a wide range of factors. An estimated 0.7 to 9 percent of menstruating women experience postcoital...

What are the possible causes of vaginal dryness?

Posted By Medical News Today,
Vaginal dryness is a common symptom experienced by women when they go through the menopause transition and possibly for many years after. However, vaginal dryness can happen at any age for several reasons. Vaginal dryness is the result of decreased levels of estrogen. Estrogen is the...

Your Erogenous Zone Roadmap

Posted By Jess O'Rielly,
Experiment with these guidelines and be sure to ask your partner for feedback to chart out your own personal pleasure map that goes beyond the genitals and breasts: Collarbone The clavicle and the shallow grooves above it can be highly responsive to feather-light strokes. The small depressions...

The Viennese Oyster Sex Position: Try this Missionary Version for Deeper Orgasms

Posted By Jenna Hall,
I love Yoga. I get-off on morphing into a pretzel-like sex goddess for my lover. For this reason, I may have an advantage when performing the Viennese oyster sex position. Viennese what you ask?! The Viennese oyster is a sex position that requires you to lie on your back and cross your feet on your...

Why Does My Partner's Penis Keep Slipping Out? 7 Ways To Deal With This Common Sex Mishap

Posted By Suzannah Weiss,
Before I first started having penis-in-vagina sex, I was warned about a lot of things. I was warned that it would hurt (not accurate), that I probably wouldn't come (doubly accurate for both me and my partner), and that I could get pregnant or get an STI (thankfully not accurate). I was not...

Anal Sex Guide for Beginners

Posted By Natasha Ivanovic,
Anal Sex 101 When it comes to anal sex, everyone is a little nervous when doing it for the first time. And it’s not without reason. The myths and rumours that have been floating around about anal play and sex will deter even the most curious people.  Most of the stories we hear about anal are...

13 Masturbation Tips for a Mind-Blowing Solo Session

Posted By Marie Gartee & Rachael Schultz,
13 Masturbation Tips for a Mind-Blowing Solo Session Can't get the hang of it, or hitting a masturbation rut? These masturbation tips will blow open your world of self-pleasure. Okay, it's pretty likely that you've touched yourself before, even if just tentatively in the...

The Shame Around Lube

Posted By Faith Ann,
I have been sexually active since I was 16 and I didn’t use lube regularly until this past year. That's more than half a decade of avoiding a very beneficial (and sometimes necessary) component of sex. The reason? I thought using lube indicated that something was physically wrong...

7 Fascinating Things Nobody Ever Taught You About Your Immune System

Posted By Suzannah Weiss,
The immune system is one of the most important systems in your body. It's always working for you, doing its best to make sure you don't get sick or to get you better when you are sick. When the immune system malfunctions, a lot can go awry, so it's essential to take care of yours. And...

Hot Summer Sex Positions That'll Keep You Feeling Cool

Posted By Danielle Page,
9 Sex Positions to Try When It’s Hot AF Outside New experiences with your partner, whether taking a trip, pursuing a hobby or exploring fresh ways to get off, help to strengthen both the relationship and bond you share. One easy way to keep things lively and fresh in the...

What Are Kegel Balls and How to Use Them?

Posted By Emma Hewitt,
Not your usual orgasm-inducing sex toys, Kegel balls will help you have the best sex of your life for the rest of your life. These balls assist in strengthening your pelvic floor, an area that is so often overlooked when it comes to exercise. With 15 minutes a day, you can have longer, stronger orga...