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October 2022

Five Common Menopause Symptoms to Look Out For

Posted By Syed Qasim,
Below are five solutions to the five most common symptoms in mid life women. It is important to talk to your healthcare provider if you have any concerns. There are some potentially harmful side effects or treatments. You can talk with your healthcare provider and choose bioidentical hormones or an...

How to Make Safer Sex Hot

Posted By Suzannah Weiss,
Using protection can be one of the best parts of a hookup if you play it right. I recently bought vaginal contraceptive film—dissolving pieces of film containing spermicide—to add an additional layer of pregnancy prevention on top of my usual condoms + withdrawal + fertility tracking. When I put it...

Twelve Seriously Hot Solo Sex Positions

Posted By Jill Hamilton,
Go ahead, make your own day. Throughout your life, your single most dependable sex partner is gonna be yourself. Which is great, bc masturbating is a chance to figure out what you like and try things that seem a little jacked up—plus it's (usually) a drama-free relationship. “Masturbation is...

The Best Lube, According To The Most-Satisfied Reviews

Posted By Elizabeth Buxton, Charlotte ,
Astroglide This tried and true lube has stood the test of time, and with good reason. Compatible with toys and condoms — not to mention — anal and vaginal sex, its claim to fame as the best lube on Amazon can be witnessed in over 35,000 pleased reviews. The Hype: 4.7 out of 5...

Menopause Case Studies

Posted By Rupal Mansukhani Ammie Patel,
Case 1: Hot Flashes Q: MK is a woman aged 52 years whose menstrual periods have gradually stopped, with none during the past year. Her most common symptoms of menopause were hot flashes, which presented as a sudden feeling of warmth, especially on her chest, face, and neck. MK said the hot...

How to Use Moaning to Make Sex Even Better

Posted By Candice Jalili / Rachel Vari,
Time to make your bedroom game straight fire. Whether you heard it in porn, while watching Bridgerton, or even through the very thin walls of your university dorm room, there's a good chance you know what a sex moan sounds like. It's usually along the lines of some "ooohs" and "ahhhs." But there's...

Twenty Pregnancy Sex Positions That'll Keep You Feeling Both Hot *and* Comfy

We spoke to experts on their top pregnancy sex positions and tips, so you can keep getting yours at every trimester. Welcome to the world of navigating pregnancy sex. You may have some questions (or a million) about how to go about it all. Are there any comfy-but-still-hot positions to try during...

Thirty five Erogenous Zones & Exactly How To Stimulate Them

Posted By Kesiena Boom,
What are erogenous zones? "Erogenous zones are parts of the body that are more sensitive to pleasurable touch and can be stimulated more readily than other parts of the body to engender arousal," says Kate Balestrieri, PsyD, CSAT-S, certified sex therapist and founder of Modern...

Non Medical Strategies to Boost Your Testosterone

Posted By Josh,
Watch enough sports or listen to any male-centric podcasts long enough and you’re bound to encounter an advertisement about hypogonadism (or “low T” as it’s often referred to).  Many of these ads promote new, “natural” ways to boost your testosterone levels.  Magic pills, potions, and...

Four Helpful Tips for “Cheat-Proofing” Your Relationship

Posted By Justin,
Infidelity is one of the most distressing and traumatizing things that can happen in a romantic relationship. And, for many people, it’s a complete dealbreaker that ultimately leads to a breakup or divorce. Unfortunately, cheating is common. Survey studies reliably find that infidelity occurs in...

Better Sex Diet: Food & Supplements for Pleasure & Libido

Posted By Jes,
The pairing of food and sex is nothing new. Ancient civilizations classified a range of foods as aphrodisiacs – some for their shape, appearance, and texture, and others for their taste, color, and nutritional value. Food and sex have long been celebrated as indulgences with much in common. From...

Seventeen Ways to Get Wet During Sex

Posted By Carina Hsieh Lane Moore,
In case you weren't aware, vaginas are pretty amazing. While yes, they do extraordinary things like push out babies and become musical instruments, sometimes you just want them to get a  more wet. Self-lubrication for a lot of women is a hit or miss. Sometimes, no matter how much you want...

Five Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Personal Lubricant

Posted By Jessica Migala,
Good for you for using personal lubricant — aka lube — or thinking about it for your romps between the sheets (or on the kitchen table, the floor…wherever). Applying lube can make your sexual experience with your partner even better. "Lube makes everything slippery and wet and increases...

Beginner’s Guide to Topping During Sex

Posted By Zachary Zane,
Only some of us were lucky enough to get medically accurate sex education in school, and even if we did, odds are, it didn't cover how queer men have sex. It's normal to have lots of questions around the mechanics of queer sex, such as what it means to be a top and bottom—and how to do each. "Top" a...