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About Astroglide

World Famous ASTROGLIDE Personal Lubricant, now the World's top selling extended personal lubricant range. Astroglide is made in the USA.  Biofilm who own and make Astroglide using only US sourced ingredients  and packaging, have a trade secret formula that they have honed for almost 50 years.  This formula is why Astroglide is the premium brand and the best selling extended range globally, well ahead of the second biggest supplier.


ASTROGLIDE's Commitment

We take great pride in every phase of manufacturing to ensure your safety and superior quality. Our products are manufactured and tested in compliance with ISO 13485- International Quality System Standard for Medical Devices, Medical Device Quality System Regulations (QSR) and current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
We guarantee our products are made from the best quality ingredients. Bottom line: we want you to be satisfied. If you are not satisfied with the product, please contact our customer service department.

For a complete Astroglide Personal Lubricant Range Overview, please click here

Astroglide Personal Lubricants are Vegan and always have been since we started over 40 years ago . #vegan #veganfriendly
Astroglide Natural Personal Lubricant Breast Cancer Awareness
ASTROGLIDE personal lubricant is produced with strict in house quality control procedures, and is also GST Free.   ASTROGLIDE is often referred to as the World's best selling extended personal lubricant range.  It was developed in 1977, commercial production started in 1982 and more substantially in 1991. It  has a strong reputation and we have an extensive range in Australia   Quality personal lubricant is all we do. 
ASTROGLIDE takes great pride in every phase of manufacturing to ensure safety and superior quality. Our products are manufactured and tested in compliance with ISO 13485- International Quality System Standard for Medical Devices, Medical Device Quality System Regulations (QSR) and current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).
ASTROGLIDE's  name reflects its aerospace origins.  It was developed by a NASA Aerospace Scientist ( Dan Wray), in 1977.     ASTROGLIDE is made close to San Diego, California by BioFilm Inc a company that Dan still owns and manages. ASTROGLIDE is so popular, that is all BioFilm manufacture.   Sex isn't rocket science but Astroglide is.  Click here for an article our green culture, and how we reduce Co2 emissions at Astroglide.  Many people feel they do not need a lubricant  for sexual intercourse, but you will be surprised what a difference it makes.

ASTROGLIDE adds some sizzle to your intimate relationships and sex life, providing sensitivity, excitement, variety and above all wellbeing. It can assist women suffering from painful sex.


ASTROGLIDE can be used for foreplay, body slides, massage, masturbation and sexual intercourse with a condom.  It provides for  better sex and can be used on and in all genital regions.

Geraldine  "Astroglide saved my marriage"
Cannot put it simplier than that.  Thank you.

Anonymous  "Wonderful"

This is the best lubricant I've ever used. It works wonders, and a little goes a long way. I highly recommend trying a bit of this on the INSIDE of condoms.

Bill  "This is much smoother..."

Switched from ...... a  couple of years ago after using it for 25 years. This is much smoother, more slippery, and more like the real thing than ......
Tina "Astroglide Naturally Derived is the Best Product"
Astroglide Naturally Derived ... I was very pleased with this product. I thought it was the best product of it's kind and believe me I had tried ......
Brad  "Astroglide saved my son"
My 9 year son got his leg stuck between the marlin board and transom of a boat on the Hawkesbury and was in terrible pain.  We tried everything and was about to call the rescue squad. Someone had an Astroglide sachet and it worked.  Thank you, we were a long way from civilisation and help.


My wife and I have tried ................. Astroglyde is the best without question. This product especially enhances a hindered condom interface. It is also the best personal lubricant I have ever used.
Tanya  "sensitive skin"
Thanks so much, after trying the samples you guys sent me, I was so happy to find a product that my super sensitive skin can handle
Brandon  "Highly recommended"
If you are like me, this is the lube for you, my girlfriend agrees, this is the best stuff, stays slick longer than .......... The Best! Highly Recommended.

Tina  "feels really natural"
Astroglide has always been the product of my choice when it comes to personal lubrication. It's not greasy or sticky, feels REALLY natural when used (actually, you don't feel it at all!!!), and there's no need to grab for a tissue to wipe off your fingers once you've applied the product. A real plus is the new LARGER size. I recently had a 9-pound baby and a lot of lubrication was a must for me. Still, the bottle is far from being empty. I recommend Astroglide to anyone in need of a personal lubricant. This product is, by far, the best ... I have used..


Anonymous  "Great product"
EXCELLENT! Just a little will do the trick. Great product!
Anonymous   "Love it"
My wife and I used a................with little to no success in heating up things in the bedroom. I purchased Astroglide, and the rest is history. Trust me when I say this, "she's gonna love it". Guys, when the newness wears off and sex is sex, Astroglide turns back the clock and help you both re-discover that ultimate in lubrication. Just a dab will do. Guys will also enjoy Astroglide, because it heats up to increase the experience. The biggest worry you'll both have is lasting more than 10 minutes. Enjoy!
Anonymous  "worth my money"
My boyfriend and I moved from .............. to Astroglide and it was really great! By far, the best brand I have tried and better value. Pros: - Easy to apply since it is thinner in consistency - Does not leave any residue after you are done - Quick to clean off with wet wipes or tissues - Does not stain clothes/sheets
Kim    "excellent on my skin"
Thanks for the free samples you sent me. I have been using the Natural one and it is excellent. I use it as a personal moisturiser and have found it very soothing on my sensitive skin.  I will definitely be purchasing some as soon as I use up the bottle of ............  I am currently using.  Thanks again.
Bazza "Wonderful"
We have used Astroglide for some time and find it a wonderful product.  It enhances our sex amazingly.
Susannah   "Very Happy"
Very happy with your product
Mel  "Freezer"

The Astroglide Sensitive Skin Gel can be used in a number of different ways to heighten pleasure. It is a fabulous lube to use on toys as it does not dribble. Simply squeeze the desired amount onto the toy and it will stay in place until inserted; no more messy dribbles on bedsheets or slippery spots on the floor!


Why don't you try putting the tube of Sensitive Skin Gel in the freezer for up to an hour. Because of the gel-like texture, the lube will not freeze completely, but will be deliciously chilled. Use this for temperature play, or as a soothing balm on areas made too hot by friction. 

Aaron  "Awesome"
Great customer service with online ordering and awesome product
Anonymous  "sensitive to chemicals"
My wife is sensitive to chemicals and we tried ........... This lubricant has caused us no issues and its great to use. Pity we did not find it years ago. Can thoroughly recommend it. 
Anonymous    "Sweet"
I usually use ...............this stuff is a little bit slicker, but still feels natural....SWEET! If you like ............, but want something slicker/slippery, try this stuff!!! 
Anonymous   "Good"
This is the ONLY thing that makes sex good again if you've recently had a baby. I wish there were more stars to give it"
Craig "The only one"
Astroglide Naturally Derived is the only lube that my girlfriend does not have a reaction to, where can we get it on the Gold Coast.
Sandra  "Skin"
I was using ............. and it was affecting my skin, I tried Astroglide Naturally Derived and there has been no irritation since.  Thank you.
Anonymous  "Excellent"
This is an excellent product! I have had a dryness problem for years because of a very early hysterectomy. Although I have to use more of Astroglide than what is stated, I find it the best product out there. It is worth every cent!
Mark  "Astroglide saved my Kelpie" Bailey
We have a 13 week old Kelpie Cattle Dog, and she is into everything.  I have a golf course out the back, and no approval for one!  Anyway she has been getting under the pool glass gate and exploring.   This morning as she is getting bigger, she got stuck and badly stuck.   I could hear the cry.   Anyway when manual intervention did not budge her, Astroglide did.  She slid out in seconds!!   Recent photo of Exhibit A attached, sitting on the pool lounge, no less
Caron   " I love Astroglide"
I have no problem getting wet, but the addition of Astroglide makes making love sensational.  Its great as well with the vibrators and toys I have.    I am glad you have travel packs now, saves carrying the bottle.
Miles & Bundy. "Astroglide stops the squeak"
With our boats rafted up, there was an annoying squeak with the rope and the cleats at the back.  We applied Astroglide to both cleats and the annoying squeak went away.  What's more being water based it did not damage the boat.   How good is that?

Shane  "Astroglide is Fabulous"

The product is fabulous


Kathy  "outstanding customer service"


I can't thank you enough for the outstanding customer service………………it has been absolutely overwhelming, your dedication to the product reaching its destination. I shall def recommend and re order.

Huge thank you, you have made my week!

Craig "found another use"


Great product, but found another use, when I was in need of a quick solution.  Astroglide is great for lubricating impellers and O rings when replacing them on boats.


Washing Intructions

Sometimes when used on bed sheets, lubricants can pickup colouring from the mattress, mattress protector or another source like clothing, sex toys etc.

For water based lubricants, they are easily removed through a standard wash cycle. 

For silicone/oil based products, it is suggested to create a baking soda paste with water and apply the paste on the stain.  Allow the paste to absorb the stain for approximately 15-20 minutes and then apply some dish soap to the area and rinse.  Afterwards, rinse sheets through a hot cycle.  


Put some excitement in your life like this person!!


Cosmopolitan Magazine  November 2010 recommended in AUSTRALIAN

Astroglide is listed in the  ARTG 151910

The Astroglide brand is owned by Combe, who also own the Vagisil brand, Just For Men and Seabond



Astroglide Production Line

Astroglide is listed in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods 151910.   It is regularily tested and was tested in 2008, 2010 and 2011.   This included testing up to the product's use by date.

 Always read the label, use only as directed

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Quantity over quality: you only feel better in having more sex

The Australian   Ruth Ostrow    4/9/17


It’s a question we all have to face at one point or another in our lives. A question that a girlfriend posed the other day that could have made a great episode of Sex in the City or Seinfeld: “Is bad or average sex better than no sex?”


We’ve all had to deal with the issue when we are between partners and dating, or married and bored, or married and post-natal or with kids running screaming through the house. Then there are prolonged times of stress when your partner is so tired he/she keeps falling asleep (worse if they are on top of you) — coitus interruptus, all right. But for whatever reason, it will one day need addressing.

Infamous US sex entertainer Annie Sprinkle used to say that sex doesn’t have to always be gourmet. It can be a quick take-out meal, or a light salad, a snack between meals (I always took this to mean self-soothing), as long as there is a good variety and it’s not just all gourmet or cheap and cheerful or snacking.

For me the answer is simple. I’m afraid I’m a “quality not quantity” person and have embraced (short) periods of celibacy even within relationships rather than lie there listening to the mattress squeak. This is true for many people I’ve chatted to, especially now that there’s Netflix and Game of Thrones to compete with.

I’ve always found that periods of celibacy have made me ripe and hungry, which has improved the quality of even average sex. In fact, in some religions couples are forbidden to have sex during the woman’s menstruation time — the logic being that their lust will grow through abstinence.

But this girlfriend wasn’t so committed to quality, favouring quantity and a regular lover whom she got on well with as a person despite him not being so GIB. “Great sex doesn’t matter so much any more; I prefer regularity, intimacy and companionship,” she said.

I put the question to four male friends over 45. Two said any sex (“a quick shag”) is better than no sex and two said they would only go for good sex and needed a strong attraction and connection (Go, guys!). My female friends were also mixed depending on age and libido, married or single. One single friend said it was not really a choice: “The fact is that it’s a lolly-shop out there for men, and if you don’t have sex with your dates after a few times out, then they drop you. So you take a gamble. But you can also hit gold, and it’s the beginning of a great relationship you wouldn’t have had if you’d held out.”

With this very question in mind, I recently saw a story in the New York Post that claims that from a purely health point of view, any sex including average or bad sex, is better than no sex. That, biologically and medically, the sex organs and urogenital system need the blood flow that comes from a “regular workout”.

While countless studies have shown sex is good for the heart in males, research has shown that for women a “depressed” vagina is a real problem. Women who don’t engage in sex or self-love are at risk of vaginal (wall thinning) — a common but treatable condition that causes the vaginal wall to thin, especially as we age and estrogen wanes.

For both men and women, sex and orgasm exercises the tissue and muscles and stimulates the entire cardiovascular system; also oxygen comes in and flushes the cells because of deeper breathing, and feel-good hormones are released — hence regular sex may minimise some depressive conditions.

If your partner isn’t a turn on or you have no partner, sex therapists suggest fantasy, erotic play (trying new things together) or visual erotica as a stimulant. So in health terms, it’s any sex is better than no sex. Forget the devil excuse. It’s now: “Sorry, the Doctor made me do it.”




Astroglide Production Facility
Astroglide Production Line

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