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April 2024

Correcting the Biggest Misconceptions About the " Big O": The Female Orgasm:

Posted By Josh,
There are few things as elusive in our communal understanding of sex than the female orgasm. I get patients coming into my office all the time asking questions about their orgasm or what qualifies as “normal.” Why, after all our advancements in sexual health, does the female orgasm remain such a...

What is Premature Ejaculation? Definitions, Causes and Treatments

Posted By Astroglide (Dr Josh),
Many of us take ejaculation for granted.  Think about it.  When we have sex, most of us assume ejaculation is a forgone conclusion.  We also assume that ejaculation is something we can control.  But that’s not always the case. One of the most challenging sexual problems in men’s ...

Taking the Shame Out of Female Masturbation

Posted By Astroglide (Dr Sonia),
In the following content, the terms “women” and “men” are used to refer to individuals based on traditional gender identities. While we acknowledge and respect the diversity of gender identities and expressions, we have opted to use these terms for clarity and accessibility. We understand that not...

When to Have Sex

Posted By Danielle Page,
Is It Finally Time for You & Your New Partner to Seal the Deal? Here Are 5 Signs the Answer Is Yes Consider this hypothetical: You're on a promising first date with someone you're really into. The chemistry is off the charts, and she hasn't done anything mortifying or game-breaking, like cry...