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Astroglide Naturally Derived Personal Lubricant 74ml

Item Code: 01559401946
Price:  $14.95
Water Based Liquid Personal Lubricant

Astroglide Naturally Derived Personal Lubricant 74ml

Item Code: 01559401946
Price:  $14.95
Water Based Liquid Personal Lubricant
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Astroglide Naturally Derived 74ml (Glycerin & Paraben Free)    Water Based

 Astroglide Naturally Derived is made with  naturally derived and organic ingredients namely: 

Purified water, Xylitol (Corn cob-derived xylitol is a natural, sugar-free humectant known to help retain and absorb moisture), hydroxyethylcellulose (from plants) , pectin (from fruit), Barbadensis Leaf Juice / Aloe Vera, Vitamins C & E from natural extracts, Lactic Acid, Chamomile (Anthemis) Flower Extracts, Phenoxyethanol (organic compound).  It is the best lubricant for vaginal intercourse for people with sensitive skin or sensitive to chemicals as it contains no synthetic and no artificial ingredients. Has a natural feel as well.   Glycerin Free and Paraben Free.  Carbomer free,  Alcohol free, Vegan Friendly

Are you looking for a long-lasting and moisturising organic lubricant that doesn’t feel sticky? If so, Astroglide Naturally Derived is just what you’re looking for. Also a vaginal moisturiser.

Made from naturally derived and organic ingredients including hydroxyethylcellulose (comes from plants) and Chamomile flower extracts, this lube has become a firm favourite with both singletons and couples all over Australia and the world.

Naturally Derived Lubricant

It contains no artificial ingredients and is the best natural personal lubricant when it comes to achieving a natural feel during intercourse.

It’s this natural feel and the ability to retain a lubricating property for hours that will allow you to take your sex life to the next level.

What’s not to love about that?

Astroglide: Australia’s go-to source for Lubricants

Whether you’re looking for organic lubricants to try out with your partner or you’re looking for an organic personal lubricant that will intensify your pleasure, Astroglide have created a winning formula in their products.

Their mission is to inspire all individuals to explore intimacy and pleasure to the absolute max. Astroglide is one of the world’s top-sellers when it comes to personal lubricants so you know you’re getting a quality product.

The Benefits of Organic Lubricants

Choosing to use an organic lubricant has many benefits.

  • You can help avoid vaginal sensitivity and allergic reactions. Astroglide’s products are suitable for the skin, odourless and tasteless. They are designed to replicate the body’s natural lubricant and, in turn, maximise pleasure.
  • Go organic and you’ll realise the benefits of ingredients that are designed to keep your pleasure levels high and wellbeing for your body parts.
  • Using an organic lubricant can completely transform your sex life. You can enjoy intensified pleasure, heightened arousal and a more satisfying and less painful sexual experience.
  • Because of the carefully designed formula, Astroglide’s water based products are easy to wash off and will leave the skin feeling clean, smooth and free of residue.
  • A few drops really does go a long way so value for money is guaranteed, as you’re sure to get many pleasures out of just one bottle of our organic lubricant.

The Best Organic Lubricant

Astroglide have achieved the perfect blend of ingredients to create a range of the best organic lubricants in Australia and beyond.

Slip into total pleasure with a 74ml bottle of Astroglide Naturally Derived water-based formula. Order it today from us and you won’t be disappointed 

If you’ve any questions about this product or any other on our site, be sure to request a call back or send us an online enquiry.

Astroglide is home to the best female lubricant.