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Interactive Sex Tech is Taking Fantasies to The Next Level

Posted By Tim Costello  

Sex toys have come a long way over the years. Early sex toys use to require half a dozen batteries and need replacing every two minutes, they were also made from unpleasing materials and most were not even waterproof. 

These days great thought and design is put into creating a sex toy with the demand being greater than ever. This demand is pushing the boundaries for creators to make something the competition hasn't yet thought of and give people mind-blowing orgasms at the same time.

As tech has evolved over the years so has the adult video industry, so instep Virtual Reality Porn.

Virtual reality is one of the latest technologies adopted by the adult film industry, combining what you feel and what you see and hear into a more immersive experience than 2D media could ever offer. It's an impressive upgrade from classic POV shots and you can even experience new worlds for BDSM to Cosplay Porn..

As home VR headsets become more affordable and common, you can strap in and press "Play" on a scene that blurs the lines between fantasy and reality. You may even find yourself wondering how you ever did without tech that synchronizes sex toys to what's happening on the screen.

The same technology that upgrades your porn-watching experience can also be a boon for long-distance lovers!

Finding the Interactive Sex Toy for You

If you're intrigued by the idea of interactive sex toys or ready to dive head first into this category of toy, you have a few options. A common trend among these sex toys is that they are more expensive than even traditional luxury sex toys.

Expect to pay around $200 per toy for compatibility with VR porn. However, that comes with the quality and support that many sex toys lack, even if you're not familiar with the companies making interactive sex toys.

Who Makes Interactive Toys for VR Porn?

You can bet Fleshlight has already capitalised on the ability to combine VR porn with sex toys. This comes as no surprise to toy lovers because the brand has long created masturbators featuring porn stars. So giving consumers a way to see the stars whose bodies served as inspiration for Fleshlight toys just makes sense.

Fleshlight's foray into the field is with the Launch, a holder into which you strap your regular-sized Fleshlight that can stroke up to 250 times per minute. A phone bracket on the Launch means you can enjoy porn without using your hands. You can upgrade from 2D to VR content

Lovense and Kiiroo are two other companies making smart sex toys, but you'll likely have more options in the future as existing sex toy makers recognise the opportunity and new companies enter the market. For example, The Handy with its HandyFeel app is lesser-known, but the Norwegian company and its smart stroker have quickly become fan favourites.

Keep in mind the requirements to use the software that connects your VR headset to your toy. For instance, Lovense requires that you use a Windows app to connect your toy and headset, and most headsets are phone-powered. In comparison, the FeelConnect app that Kiiroo and Fleshlight use allows you to watch content on either your mobile device or desktop browser, including Macs.

While most VR porn is compatible with a variety of headsets, you may want to check compatibility with your device if there are specific videos you want to enjoy. Once you get it set up, you're on your way to an interactive experience like nothing you've done before.

Beyond VR Porn

Interactive sex toys don't just make you feel like you're in a super hot porn scene! You can connect directly to your partner's toy over the 'net with the right toys. Kiiroo's FeelConnect is the pioneering technology that makes this possible.

The way you interact with a toy changes what your partner feels and vice versa--no matter how far apart you are! Check out Kiiroo's couple's sets if that sounds interesting. You can pair a stroker and a vibrator, two strokers, or two vibrators and even choose the specific vibrator or masturbator in the set.

You can still use interactive sex toys to connect with a partner, even if only one of you has a toy. You'll need to download the app and connect the toy to your device via Bluetooth, but your partner can sign up for an account with the service and connect with you for text, voice, or cam chat while controlling your toy from anywhere in the world. Aside from Kiiroo, Lovense and Vibease offer similar functions.

Speaking of webcams, interactive toys offer a way to get even more from your favourite cam portal. The next time you sign in to Chaturbate, xCams, or MyFreeCams, you could sync your toy with what your favourite performer is doing online.

Not a fan of video (or struggling with a sluggish connection)? You might enjoy pairing an interactive toy with audio erotica, a service that Vibease offers with their sex toys. Sure, you can't listen to Fifty Shades, but these original stories are just as steamy, and technology makes them come alive like never before.

Don't Forget This Must-Try Upgrade to Your Sex Life

Of course, not everything that upgrades your sex grade is expensive or has a Bluetooth radio. Lube, for instance, is a simple way to make partnered and solo sex more comfortable, perhaps helping it last longer. You probably already know this if you're a fan of sex toys or have experienced vaginal dryness.

However, if you're not familiar with lube or want to try more lubricants, Astroglide has plenty of options beyond the classic Regular Liquid that's compatible with every sex toy (and condoms).

Exploring your sexuality isn't just fun, with the potential for greater pleasure and better orgasms. It can help you learn more about yourself, promote intimacy with a partner, and lead to a more satisfying life--not just sex life.  Interactive sex toys are just one avenue to explore to that end.