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How Do I Stop a Sexting Relationship?

Posted By Pearl Arousr  

Ending things is never an easy thing to do. There are lots of reasons that it has to end, though. Sometimes you just need to move on. Other times circumstances dictate that things need to change. No matter what the cause happens to be, you’ll come to a point when you have to end a sexting relationship and it won’t be fun. You can still get through it, though. People break up all of the time and they end up much happier for it. If you’re ready to make the decision, The Cut has a great guide to get you started. Just make sure you pay attention to the first few directions. They suggest that you give your partner a chance to change the things that are wrong. You should definitely give that a shot if it’s at all possible. You never know if a relationship is salvageable until you try to save it. If there’s no chance of saving it then it’s time to just bite the bullet and get it over with. If you do it right then you’ll both be able to move on to much happier relationships with other people.

Don’t Give in to The Loneliness

No matter how quickly you’re trying to move on, you’re still going to have to deal with the loneliness that comes after a breakup. You’re the main goal, once it hits, is not to give into it. It has the power to send you right back to where you were with the person. It can also stretch things out and make it worse for everyone involved. It’s a difficult thing to just stop sexting with someone. You get used to having fun with them and always being able to get pics whenever you feel like it.


This woman explains why girls look so good when they take their nude pics for their sexting buddies. No matter how boring it is or how much it hurts, you have to keep yourself from sexting with your ex buddy. That might take finding someone new to sext with while you get over the whole thing. That’s fine. Just make sure that you don’t get too attached to this new person. They’re just there as a rebound and you should both be aware of that. When it comes time to find a full-time sexting partner again, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Don’t Turn into a Ghost

It’s your decision to end your sexting relationship, and that means that you have to take responsibility for it. The absolute worst thing that you can do is simply ghost the other person. No one ever really deserves that. If you don’t know what it is, or why you shouldn’t do it, just check out this article from Huffington Post. They go into a lot of detail about what it is and why it’s always a bad idea. You have to be honest with your partner and let them know that you intend to stop sexting with them. It will give them closure and let them move on with their lives. If the person gets overly dramatic and continues to try and sext with you, then you can stop responding to them. Otherwise, try to be there for them every so often. They still need to get off and they’ll be trying to do it in the easiest way possible, which is with you. Just keep stopping short of a full-on sexting session until they find someone else to play around with. It’s the best way for you to keep a clear conscience.

Find Your Rebound Quickly

The best way to make sure you don’t go back to your ex buddy is to get your rebound sexting buddy right away. There are lots of different ways to go about it. The easiest is going to be to find someone on a site like Arousr. This is a site that’s filled with people who love to sext, and they’re always in the mood to do it with someone else. All it will take is a quick look to find a brand new partner to play around with until you both move on and realize that it’s all for the best. You can also see what the people on the site look like before you decide to talk to them. That lets you be certain that you want to sext with them and not your ex buddy. No matter how long it takes, you’ll always know when it’s time to end something. When that time comes, just go for it. Don’t continue to sext with someone that you don’t get excited with anymore. It’s never as much fun as you want it to be and there are always much better options for people to have a good time with.