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How to Absolutely Nail the Leapfrog Sex Position

Posted By Gigi Engle  


Another day, another sex position to explore. Of course, mastering every sex position under the sun isn’t necessary to be Good At Sex™, but trying new things in the bedroom can make things more exciting and fun. In that vein, allow us to introduce you to a sex position you might not have tried before: the leapfrog.

This variation on the doggy style position looks hot as hell, is easy to do, and allows for some very naughty power play. It also allows for G-spot stimulation and oral sex from behind, says Taylor Sparks, erotic educator and founder of the online intimacy shop Organic Loven. "To top it off, the anus is front and center for its own invite to the party."

Step right up, hop in the pond, and come join the leapfrog party.

How to Do the Leapfrog Sex Position

The leapfrog may sound like some complicated sex trick to master, but it’s actually super straightforward and simple. It doesn't even involve jumping over anybody's back.

To make the leapfrog position happen, assume the doggy style position, where the giver is upright on their knees behind the receiver, who's on all fours. Instead of staying on their hands, like they would in regular doggy style, the receiver then rests their chest (and head, if they fancy) on the bed. The receiver's legs should be wide, with the penetrating partner’s between them. To maximise this position, the receiver can push their butt in the air, which allows for deeper penetration and truly stunning visuals.

The leapfrog sex position.

The Benefits of the Leapfrog Position

There are so many reasons to love this sex position, including intense sensations for all parties. “This position allows for the ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ to experience deeper penetration,” says Kristine D’Angelo, a certified sex coach and clinical sexologist. It “allows the ‘top’ to use their hips as leverage for deeper and more rhythmic thrusting. The ‘bottom’ partner can also give push back with their hips creating more depth to any thrusting that’s happening.” This is top notch for G-spot stimulation, mates.

Basically, if you like getting deep, this position absolutely rocks.

And that’s not all. The leapfrog is a prime position for all kinds of sexy shenanigans, including anal play. “Leapfrogging is a great position for oral pleasure, exposing [the vulva and anus] for easy access for both the giver and receiver experience,” D’Angelo explains.

The Leapfrog Position and Anal Play

We know what you're thinking: Tell me more about butt stuff! Don’t worry. We’ve got you. The leapfrog sex position is fan-freakin'-tastic for anal penetration and other forms of booty play, including pegging and rim jobs.

The penetrating partner has full access to the anus and perineum, as well as reach-around access for clitoral or penile stimulation, D'Angelo says. The leapfrog is also idea if the receiver is new to anal penetration, because it's a comfortable position to receive in.

If you’re going to take the dirt road home, don’t forget to lather on plenty of lube. Sparks recommends this Intimate Earth MOJO Anal Relaxing Gel and MOJO Anal relaxing water based glide.

How to Bring Sex Toys Into the Leapfrog Position

What would sex be without the addition of some toys?

Staying with this Anal or Bust theme, D’Angelo suggests adding some butt-approved toys (i.e.: toys that have a flared base) to your playtime. She recommends bVibe, the company behind some of our favorite butt plugs.

Sparks also suggests getting a bullet vibrator so that the giver can stimulate the receiver's clitoris (if they have one). She suggests the Vush Rose 2 Precision Bullet. “This small bullet has 25 patterns and is pleasantly rumbly for all body types.”

Lastly, because this position has some serious power play vibes—the receiver is literally bent over—D'Angelo suggests leaning into the kinkiness. “Think about using objects that provide a different kind of sensation like leather, anal beads, rope, feathers, [or] chains to run across your partner’s bare bottom slowly and lightly when in this position.”

Variations on the Leapfrog Position

As with any sex position, you might need to tweak your leapfrog to make it work for your bodies. Here are three variations to try.

Stacked Leapfrog

If either party doesn't enjoy super-deep penetration, the leapfrog (and likely all doggy-style positions) probably won’t be your cup of tea—unless you bring in some sexy accessories. “If you experience pain during deep penetration, use the bumper rings made by Ohnut to help you control the depth of penetration,” D'Angelo says.

The Pillow Princess/Prince Leapfrog

If being on their chest with their back arched isn’t comfortable for the receiving partner, grab some pillows. “The ‘bottom’ partner places pillows under their chest and knees for more comfort in this position and allows for a longer experience for the body,” D’Angelo says.

The Lusty Leapfrog

If you’re just not having this position at all, Sparks suggests a totally different take on the leapfro. The Lusty Leapfrog is “similar to cowgirl, but when [the receiver] straddles [their] partner, instead of placing [their] knees down on either side of the giver’s hips, they plant their feet down,” raising and lowering themselves for each thrust. It really looks like a leapfrog bouncing off of a lily pad.

Just remember that this isn’t going to be everyone’s jam and that is totally OK. We’re not trying to encourage you to be a gravity defying sexual acrobat, we just want to equip you with plenty of fun options to choose from. Go forth and hop on it. Pun intended,


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