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Top 10 Sex Positions For Deep Penetration

Posted By Jennifer Baritchi Love & Sex  

Top 10 Sex Positions For Deep Penetration

Here are our Top 10 Sex Positions for Deep Penetration.

#1 – Viennese Oyster Sex Position

The Viennese Oyster sex position is deliciously naughty, although it is difficult to master for most women. However, if you can, the rewards are great! how to do it…

#2 – Piston Sex Position

The Piston sex position is a great standing position for athletic couples and affords for super deep and exotic penetration. It’s definitely a must try! how to do it…

#3 – Laptop Sex Position

The Laptop sex position is an interesting variation on the Assisted Lotus, and although it looks difficult, it’s really not. It’s definitely a must try! how to do it…

#4 – Ben Dover Sex Position

The Ben Dover sex position lives up to its name! She bends over and he has her way with her, creating deep penetration in a standing sex position.  how to do it…

#5 – Over The Desk Sex Position

The Over The Desk Sex Position is a kinky variation Standing Doggy. The variation is that the female partner is bent over a desk or table and gently held down to introduce some light bondage into the position. how to do it…

#6 – Cradle Sex Position

The Cradle is definitely considered an “exotic” sex position, and it can be a little difficult to master, but is highly rewarding if you do. how to do it…

#7 – Bridge Sex Position

Guys will love the show a woman gives him when she bends over backward in the Bridge sex position. It’s a fairly difficult position to master, and can be hard on a woman, but definitely worth a try. how to do it…

#8 – Drill Sex Position

Feel every inch of your partner during sex with the intimate but still naughty Drill sex position! It’s a sexy twist on standard Missionary and allows for super deep penetration. how to do it…

#9 – Shoulder Holder Sex Position

Get the deepest possible penetration and awesome g-spot stimulation with the Shoulder Holder sex position! You really can’t get any deeper than this, and the stimulation feels great for both partners. how to do it…

#10 – Deck Chair Sex Position

The Deck Chair sex position is a deep penetration twist on Missionary that both partners will really enjoy! It’s simple to do, but deeply satisfying for both partners. how to do it…

P.S. A piece of advice from us!!......make sure you have the Astroglide handy for deeper penetration