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How to Give an Out-of-this-world Lingam Massage

Posted By Mariah Freya  

Are you a Lingam lover? I certainly am, and you may be too without even knowing it!

The word ‘Lingam’ is an ancient Sanskrit term for penis, and is literally translated as “wand of light.” This article will give you a deep and eye-opening understanding of tantric Lingam Massage. I’ll also introduce a number of tried-and-true Lingam Massage techniques so you can wow your partner into a state of soul-satisfying bliss.

Let’s do this!

What is Lingam Massage?

Lingam Massage is a type of tantric penis massage that was developed in my home country of Germany in the 70s by Andro Andreas Rothe, founder of Diamond Lotus Tantra Lounge in Berlin. The technique was further developed by pioneers like Joseph Kramer, Mantak Chia, and many others.

The process of a Lingam Massage is designed to combine feelings of well-being with deep relaxation, and helps receivers let go of pent-up stress related to relationship or self-esteem issues, including those related to sexuality.

Lingam Massage is a beautiful form of cock worship.

Naturally, great Lingam Massages must involve a penis-haver who is willing to be worshipped in a deep and personal way, and a giver who loves to provide this service unconditionally. Sounds a bit poetic, I know!

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