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Your Guide to Enhancing Sexual Experiences Through Music

Posted By The Astroglide Team  

Your Guide to Enhancing Sexual Experiences Through Music

Music has long been woven into human experiences, with the oldest known song dating way back to the 14th century B.C. Today, there are between 97 to 230 million songs in the world, although the exact number is not known. Music can be used to enhance experiences, evoke feelings, and set the tone. Take the beloved Barbie movie, for example. This film is filled with songs to make you feel different emotions during the most important scenes, from the humorous “I’m Just Ken” song, which will have you laughing your pants off, to the tearjerker “What Was I Made For,” which will have you reaching for the tissues. In this article, we will be focusing on one very special experience that music can enhance: sex (what else would you expect from us?). If you’re interested in the benefits of music and sex, how to perfect the experience, or even upgrade your sexy-time playlist, read on.

Music and the Brain

Before we dive deeper into the reasoning behind listening to music during sex, we must go over some background knowledge of how music impacts the brain. According to the National Library of Medicine, the impact of music on the brain has been known for quite some time. Ancient Greek philosopher Plato suggested that music played in different chords would result in unique emotions and that most of us would agree on which emotion is evoked from a specific piece of music. When you listen to a song you like, dopamine is released into the brain, resulting in emotional intensity and arousal, leading to pleasurable and rewarding feelings. Today, music plays a significant role in shaping experiences, including sex, by heightening senses, setting the mood, drowning out background noises, and more.

Heightened Sensory Stimulation

As discussed, feel-good hormones are released when we hear a good banger. In fact, the elation you feel while listening to your favorite tunes is triggered by the same chemical that gives humans pleasurable feelings associated with sex and drugs. This shared biochemical response explains why sexual-sounding music, or “ear porn,” can evoke sexual stimulation and send corresponding signals to your genitals, helping to set the mood and raise your sex drive. A study by the American Psychological Association found that women, in particular, are more likely to be attracted to and desire a member of the opposite sex after listening to music.

Get Into a Rhythm

Have you ever found yourself in an awkwardly uncoordinated intimate moment with a partner, where you struggled to get in sync with each other? You’re not alone! Getting into the groove of things with someone else can be difficult, as no two people naturally move their bodies to the same exact rhythm. It’s like trying to dance to the same beat as someone else with no music playing! Not only does music help set the mood and elevate intimacy, it also can serve as a guide to help you and your partner find the perfect harmony by moving and grooving to the beat. Remember to pick a song with a tempo that feels right to you and matches your and your partner’s comfort level, as this will differ from person to person. Need a starting point? Try choosing songs with a tempo of about 119 BPM, as studies have shown that this is the most popular speed of music included on people’s steamy playlists.

Drown Out the Noise

Whether you have family members in the house or are living with roommates, navigating intimate moments while living with others can put you in a very awkward (and noisy) situation. So, what’s the ultimate solution for getting frisky in a place where the walls seem to have ears? Crank up the volume! Adding a soundtrack while having sex can help provide flexibility in how loud you can be without adding suspicion, no matter the time of day. Here’s a pro tip: if you find yourself needing extra camouflage to cover up all the fun, consider doubling down on noise! One clever way to do this is by running an AC unit or white noise machine while simultaneously playing music.

Personalise Your Experience

There’s a reason why we make our crushes special playlists. Not only can music mask the sounds of squeaky bedsprings, but it can also help make your experience personal and strengthen emotional bonds. Think about a song you and your partner enjoy that holds meaning to you. Maybe this song was your first dance song at your wedding or your favorite song to sing together on long car rides. How do you feel when recalling these memories? Since music can elicit emotional responses through connections to memories, pairing the best songs that speak to your relationship with intimate moments can amplify your experience, creating new memories that linger long after the final note ends. It’s just like pairing your favorite wine and cheese – leaving a lasting impression that resonates for days or even weeks to come.

How to Make a Playlist

With applications such as Spotify releasing about 60,000 news songs each day, it can be overwhelming to sift through all the options. However, it’s extremely important to make a new playlist rather than relying on putting your phone on shuffle mode. There’s nothing less sexy than “The Star-Spangled Banner” coming on in the middle of an intimate moment. To make your personal playlist, start by adding songs that you and your partner enjoy together while considering both of your music tastes. If you are prepping for a solo sesh, start with songs that make you feel good and uplift your mood! Another aspect to consider is the speed and tempo of the music. As discussed previously, music helps us get into a rhythm with each other. Think about what kind of tone you want to set for your experience. If you want a slower and more intimate experience, try slower music. On the other hand, if you want a livelier encounter, try picking more upbeat songs. If you’re having trouble kickstarting your collection, try exploring curated playlists that already exist on Spotify to find the perfect fit for you. A few popular artists to include are:

  • The Weekend
  • Rihanna
  • Drake
  • Daniel Ceasar
  • Beyoncé
  • Ed Sheeran
  • SZA
  • Frank Ocean

In this article, we’ve discussed the background behind music and the brain, the benefits of listening to songs during sex, and how to pick the perfect songs for your intimate moments. So, what songs will you be adding to your sensual playlist?