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The Best Sex Lubricant for Every Level of Freakiness

Posted By Sophie Saint Thomas Kate Sloan  

Grown men who know how to have sex own lube, simple as that.


Every guy should own sex lube. A proper lubricant isn’t just for a nice handy (which, by the way, are totally underrated). If you’re heading for the backdoor, it's the only way you'll get in—as a doctor will tell you. But here's why you'll want a bottle in your nightstand even if you never leave missionary island: Lube makes vanilla P in V sex even more fantastic, if that's even possible—not least because your partner will appreciate your thoughtfulness and consideration. 

Here are our favourites for every bedroom activity—whether you’re after sex in the shower, with a toy, with someone you love, a stranger, or all four of those things at once. 

The Best Lube for When You Need It Now

Astroglide Liquid

There’s a reason that Astroglide is a household name: the stuff works, it’s affordable, and it's sold everywhere. Think of it as the Budweiser of lubes. Much like the king of beers, this product is water-based (which means it won't ruin silicone sex toys). You can use it for backdoor BDSM sex in a dungeon or missionary with the lights off.


Astroglide is available at Woolworths Supermarkets across Australia.


Astroglide is available at Coles Supermarkets across Australia.


Astroglide is available at Chemist Warehouse online



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