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The Best Prostate Massager For Your Derriere Delights

Posted By BeEducated  

Move over, penis. It’s time for the prostate to enjoy the spotlight.

Upon first glance, the prostate doesn’t seem that exciting. It’s just a walnut-sized gland that sits between the bladder and the penis, right?

Its daily biological tasks include mundane items like producing seminal fluid and nourishing sperm. So what?

But did you know that it can also provide earth-shattering orgasms?

Accessible via the anus and rectum in people assigned male at birth, one of the best ways to give or experience a prostate orgasm is with a specially designed toy. Shaped and engineered to maximize your pleasure, they also help to provide many health benefits that come along with prostate massage.

So here are the 5 best prostate massagers and everything you need to know to get started with prostate play.

Our 5 Best Prostate Massagers

Lelo Loki


Aneros Helix Trident

Rocks Off Big Boy

Aneros Vice 2

Njoy Pure Fun

Prostate Orgasms: How & Why You Should Try Them

In our heteronormative society, straight men, especially, can be a little uptight about butt-stuff. But here are just a few reasons this special brand of sex play is becoming more and more popular amongst everyone with a prostate.

For starters, the pleasure is out of this world. Imagine a body-rocking orgasm that you feel head to toe — and now imagine that sensation lasting way longer than a standard orgasm.

Better yet, many people report a shorter refractory period with prostate orgasms, meaning you can have them more frequently and get back into action faster. And who doesn’t want more pleasure, faster?

Not only that, but there are proven health benefits to regular prostate massage and prostate induced orgasms.

Studies show that giving sensual attention to this overlooked area of your body can reduce symptoms of erectile dysfunction, help with urine blockages, and can even alleviate painful ejaculation from prostatitis.

To reap the pleasure and health benefits of a prostate orgasm, you can use your finger or a toy (usually called a prostate massager or prostate stimulator) to stimulate the walnut-sized gland. Toys are preferable for most people since they’re more hygenic when cleaned properly. Plus they minimize the risk of nasty cuts from fingernails, and are specifically shaped for maximum pleasure.

Now let’s take a look at how to buy the best prostate vibrator and the key features you should consider.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Prostate Massager


If you’re new to all of this, choosing the best prostate dildo or vibrator can be pretty overwhelming.

However, your choice gets a lot easier once you zero in on a few key features.

Vibrating vs non-vibrating

A majority of massager models will have a small, removable vibrating bullet that creates waves or pulses throughout the device.

The upside here is increased sensation and a lot more control over the specific pattern and intensity of the vibration. Not to mention, vibrations can increase blood flow and sensitivity to the area, which can feel amazing for some people.

On the other hand, you can choose a manual or non-vibrating prostate massager if you prefer 100% control over the sensation.

This ultimately boils down to a personal preference, and many vibrating models will work just fine if you want to start off with the bullet removed or the vibration turned off.

Size & shape

Perhaps the most important thing to look for in a prostate massager is its length and girth.

Beginner users will want something a little bit slimmer and easier to insert, while people who are experienced with prostate play may want to take things up a notch for a more “fuller” feeling.

A 1 inch diameter is about average for these devices. Go thinner or thicker depending on your experience level and preferences.

Handle shape

The handle on your prostate vibrator won’t (usually) make a big difference in how your orgasm feels, but it can make the device a lot easier to use and more comfortable.

Round handles like you might find on a traditional vibrator are great for partner play, since it’s easy for a partner to grip. But if you’re exploring by yourself, you might need something more ergonomic with a grip that’s comfortable for you.

Regardless of what kind of grip you wind up choosing, it’s critical that your massager has a flared base. Otherwise the risk of it going “missing” in your butt is pretty high – and the last thing you want is an awkward trip to A&E.

You might also consider hands-free options where the vibrations can be controlled with a remote, or even an app on your phone or other smart device — this can really take your solo or partnered sessions to the next level!

And finally, some vibrator handles feature knobs or bulbs to stimulate your perineum for a little extra external pleasure.

What’s the difference between a prostate massager and a regular vibrator or dildo?

If it’s a prostate orgasm you’re after, you’re better off buying a toy specifically designed for the job and not just a standard vibrator.

The difference mostly comes down to the shape of the toys.

Prostate massagers are curved to fit perfectly into the anus and properly reach the prostate. Vibrators require a different curvature to fit inside the vagina and stimulate the G-spot.

Best Prostate Massager

Getting Started & How to Use Your Prostate Massager

Getting the most out of your new toy will take practice and a lot of self-exploration, but there are a few things you should keep in mind if you’re just getting started with prostate orgasms.


Before you do anything, everything should be clean!

Everyone involved should wash their hands thoroughly, and make sure your vibrator or dildo has been thoroughly cleaned and dried. A mild soap and warm water is usually enough for most toys.

As for your butt itself, gently douching your anus is a good idea to get rid of any fecal matter before you dive right in.


The importance of lubrication cannot be overstated for anal play! There are tons of different kinds of Astroglide lube to choose from, but water or silicone-based lubricants are usually best.

Coconut oil, and other oil-based lubes, work well and can double as a sensual massage oil! But be careful — avoid oil-based lubricants if you plan on using condoms or any latex during your session. The oil can erode the latex… and no one wants that!


Again, there’s no one right way to massage your prostate, but here’s a general guide if this will be your first time:

  • Allow for plenty of time (especially if you’re a beginner) to take things slow.
  • Pick your position. Lying down on your back or side is easiest for most people.
  • Insert the toy (or your finger) with generous lubricant partially into your anus and get comfortable with it there before you proceed.
  • Find the prostate. You’ll locate it about two to three inches inside — it should feel like a small lump on the front side of the rectum wall.
  • Use a light pressure to massage the prostate in a circular motion.
  • If you have a penis, you can choose to masturbate (or have a partner stimulate it) for an enhanced traditional orgasm.
  • You can also continue to massage the prostate until you orgasm without any stimulation of the penis, though this will require practice, patience, and focus — and even still, not everyone can achieve a hands-free orgasm.

Clean Up

Hygiene is just as important after anal play as it is before. No getting lazy and tossing the vibrator on the bathroom counter to deal with later. When fecal matter is involved, you’ll need to clean your hands and all toys thoroughly and immediately. Again, warm water and a mild soap work great in most cases.

The Final Word

We’ll be honest with you, there’s no single “best prostate massager” on the market.

Most of the options from reputable brands are excellent choices, so it’s really down to you to figure out which features are most important to you.

That will take some exploration and learning. You’ll need to experiment with yourself, a partner, and/or different devices — especially if you’re a total beginner when it comes to prostate play.

For our money though, you can’t go wrong with the Lelo Loki. It features a simple design and is easy enough for most people to learn to use, and is powerful enough for beginner and advanced users.

At an approachable price point, you’d be hard-pressed to do much better.