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How To Tell If You Are Going Through Perimenopause?

Posted By Carolyn Kay  

Maybe your periods have gotten a little unpredictable or you’ve found yourself waking up weirdly sweaty in the middle of the night. Have you stepped into premenopause?

Well, no — but that’s only because premenopause isn’t really a thing. But you might be dealing with perimenopause, which is the medical term for the phase leading up to menopause.

So how can you know for sure that this is what you’re dealing with? And more importantly, how can you cope — and when will it actually end? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is perimenopause?

Real quick, before diving into the details, let’s clear up the difference between premenopause and perimenopause:

  • Premenopause is simply the time of your life before you hit menopause. Basically, you’re premenopausal from the time your periods start until they stop.
  • Perimenopause is the phase in which your body transitions from its reproductive years to menopause. During this time, production of the hormone estrogen starts to fall, which causes your period to become irregular and eventually stop altogether.
  • Menopause is when your body’s estrogen factory turns off completely and your periods totally stop. You’ll know you’re there once you’ve gone a full year without a period.