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Five Unexpected Ways To Bring Yourself To Orgasm—That Don't Involve The Clitoris

Posted By Rachel Wright  

When we vulva owners hear orgasm, we might generally think of the most common kind—clitoral stimulation. Clitoral orgasms are a fabulous way to experience an orgasm, but did you know they're not even close to being the only way to reach orgasm?

Yes, my friends. There are far more options out there.

Here's a rundown about a few other possible types of orgasms you could try exploring during solo pleasure practices or with partners. Don't fret—it's not all about the orgasm itself. This is about pleasure in general and encouraging pleasure exploration. Think of an orgasm as an absolutely amazing perk of sex but definitely not the overall goal. The freedom to explore your sexuality and pleasure while enhancing intimacy (whether with yourself or with a partner) is the true goal.

1. The G-spot orgasm

Is the G-spot real? Yes, it is. This elusive part of our anatomy is simply an extra pleasurable area on the front wall of the vagina (which is internal) about halfway between the vaginal opening and cervix. If you insert a finger inside your (or your partner's) vagina and make a "come here" or "come hither" motion, you'll feel a spongy and bumpy or ridged area. That's the G-spot!

The area tends to fill with blood when aroused, so touching it generally feels good. For some vulva owners, the G-spot feels best when it is stroked lightly; for others, intense thrusting is needed to stimulate it. Fingers, toys, or a penis can reach the G-spot, and many people report enjoying the "come hither" motion on their G-spot. It might take time to figure out what feels best for you, which is part of the fun! 

2. The nipple orgasm

Nipple orgasms can be fab and fun, but like most things, they aren't for everyone. Just like anything else in the realm of sex, they range from person to person in terms of what each person prefers and what feels the best. If you've never experienced one before, it's best to sit back, relax, and just have some fun.

If you're experimenting with a partner, start slow and proceed as things feel good. Always remember, orgasms aren't the goal—pleasure is!

People may enjoy experimenting by applying body-safe oils or lubricants, playing with temperature sensations, applying clamps, or experimenting with vibrators and suction toys. I really love the nipple clamps from Stript Erotic Designs or the Nipple & Clit Clamp set from Unbound Babes.

Everyone has different sensitivity levels and likes different kinds of pleasure. There is no shame in not knowing what you want or like—that's why exploration is so important! Also, if you find that you don't enjoy it, that's essential knowledge, too.

3. The anal orgasm

Anal play is a fabulous option that encourages exploration, patience, and pleasure. The booty is full of sensitive areas that enjoy experiencing pleasure, and there are so many ways to go start exploring.

First things first—use lube. Booty play always, and I mean always, requires lube. It makes everything much more relaxed, easy, and pleasurable, which is the goal. 

There are many fantastic anal toys, such as butt plugs, anal beads, and dildos, that are all body-safe. Many of them will pair nicely with different kinds of lube, and you will be ready to roll! You can orgasm from stimulation of the anus externally or via internal stimulation. (The A-spot is a patch of very sensitive tissue located at the very back of the vagina, near the cervix, that tends to be very pleasurable for lots of vagina owners out there. The easiest way to access it? Through the tush!)

Lastly, just have some fun. As with the nipple orgasm and any other type of orgasm you're experimenting with for the first time, this is all about figuring out what gives you pleasure. There is no right or wrong way to do anything—it's just you discovering what parts of your body respond best to different forms of stimulation.

One thing to note with anal play—take your time. There is never, ever any need to rush. Start slow with a finger or a beginner plug and work up! Your booty will take you—I promise. 

4. The cervical orgasm

The cervix is located all the way at the back of the vaginal canal, but it can feel mighty good when stimulated. Apply your fave lube and play around with fingers, your partner's penis, or dildos.

There are no specific instructions for reaching a cervical orgasm—it will literally be different for each and every body. Some people's cervixes might be more sensitive to stimulation than others. For many people who menstruate, their cervixes might be more sensitive around that time of the month, so be cautious!

Once again, just explore! Our bodies are constantly changing, and what we prefer is always evolving, so it is 100% OK to change your mind continuously. 

5. The blended orgasm

Blended orgasms are the result of two or more of your fave areas being stimulated at the same time. This could include your clitoris—or it could be your nipples plus your anus being stimulated at the same time, for example. 

To understand a blended orgasm, let me give you an example. When I masturbate on my own and have a clitoral orgasm, it's fab. But when I have penetrative vaginal sex with my partner while also using my vibrator, it is a different sensation because so many areas are being stimulated at once. 

This doesn't necessarily mean I am having a cervical and clitoral orgasm at the same time, but it does mean that my pleasure is heightened, and honestly, that's all that matters—and what helps us reach a blended orgasm!

There are some sex toys out there meant to help you reach a blended orgasm all on your own, such as the Womanizer DUO.

The bottom line.

If you haven't picked up on the theme here, it's this: Just let it feel good. Whether it brings you to orgasm or not, the goal is pleasure. 

Each of our bodies likes different sensations, are turned on by different touches, and we prefer different sexual experiences—so naturally, all of our orgasm preferences will differ as well. Your body is magical and deserves to be explored—so go have some fun!

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