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Fall Into Autumn Bed This Season with These Seasonal Bedroom Ideas

Posted By Astroglide  

It’s that time of year when the winter sports start, leaves are changing colour. As the temperatures begin to cool down, it’s time to turn up the heat in the bedroom. And is there a better way to stay warm, if not by having sex?

Fall sex cravings are here. According to our Resident Sexologist  Jess O’Reilly, 

When the temperature drops and the leaves begin to change colour, some folks are motivated to make sex more of a priority. This coincides with a decline in social invitations and travel, but also with the possibility of testosterone increases that may coincide with the autumn season.

While we humans don’t have mating seasons, per se, science has proven that our hormones do go through seasonal changes that can affect our sex life. For example, according to Medical Daily, “Testosterone levels and sperm counts — associated with sex drive — are highest in late fall and early winter, which could initiate sexual desire.” As a result of higher testosterone levels, our sexual desires also increase, which means a larger probability of high fertility and conception. Plus, the colder weather means cuddling up for more movies, possibly RomCom’s which means our romantic radars are on high alert and thus so are our sex drives. 

So, let’s dig into it and talk about the best ways to get it on and stay warm this fall. 

Use All Things Fall to Your Advantage


While we have five fun fall sex positions to get into, let’s first talk about leveraging all things fall to warm up your sex life on those chilly days.

1. Use Your Cozy Scarf as Bondage

Why not leverage the seasons’ “it” accessory for more than staying warm on chilly days? Bondage is a great way to experiment a bit with BDSM as it’s a great way to begin building confidence. Plus, bondage helps you explore a new side of your sex life with your partner. Of course, adding in some lube, like our O Oil & Massage Lotion can be a great addition as it adds another sensory experience into the mix. 

2. Order Extra Whip with that PSL


Whipped cream is one of the most iconic foods to use during sex (hello Varsity Blues whipped cream bikini), but let’s amp it up to make it fall sexy time ready. With Pumpkin Spice Latte season already kicking off, this one is an easy no-brainer, simply ask for extra whip or a side of whip during your next Starbucks stop and then go to work putting that cream to good use in any and all areas of yours or your partner body that you want to lick or be licked. 

3. Pack on the PDA at a Cider Mill or Haunted House

For those who have experienced sex in public there’s a certain thrill that goes with the idea of getting caught that makes it even more appealing, and because of that your blood pressure spikes and the sex can seem out of this world. Of course, there are a lot of factors to consider before you dive into sex in public, like where exactly you’re doing it, what time of day, and the easiest clothing to wear for easy access. 

Location: Choose a spot that skews a bit more adult than children. The last thing you want is to expose yourself or your partner to kids.

Time of Day: Evening is an ideal option (and thanks to Daylight Savings time for many that can start as early as 4 pm) because there are many more unseen corners and shadows to gravitate to. 

Clothing: For women, a dress or skirt to easily pull up is an ideal option. In case you’re worried about being cold think about wearing knee-high socks and boots to keep your lower body warm. For men, consider a longer shirt or jacket in case you need to quickly tuck that boner away.

4. Grab Some Fall Foliage for Sensory Play


Feather ticklers are another staple in the BDSM repertoire because they allow you to stimulate your senses with gentle touching. The heightening of these senses can be extremely arousing. So, to get in the fall mood, swap out that feather for a leaf or two. By choosing different sizes, textures, grouping several together, etc. you can change the feelings your partner experiences with gentle touching. Plus, you can focus on only one area like the upper body or sweep the leaf all over your partner’s body from head to toe.  

4. Use a Red Light to Offset the Shorter Days

We all hate those shorter fall days when it feels like it’s dark out longer than it’s light, which can make you less prone to want to get it on. But we have a solution for you! Try incorporating red, the color of sexual attraction, into your bedroom. Dr. Jess suggests starting by buying a red-light bulb for your bedside because research suggests that exposure to red light boosts energy, which can help to offset shorter days with fewer hours of sunlight meaning you and your body might be more prone to getting it on thanks to our little red friend. 

5. Get All the Pumpkin Pies


According to this article on HuffPost, “an odor mixture of pumpkin pie and doughnut led, on average, to a 20 percent increase in penile blood flow, and a pumpkin-pie-and-lavender blend increased blood flow by a robust 40 percent.” This means men are more prone to erections, which can lead to more sex. So, we say, BRING ON THE PIE!! 

Five Autumn Sex Positions You Won’t Want to Miss

What kind of lube company would we be if we didn’t bring you fall-themed sex positions?! These positions can come into play to either maximize body contact, satisfy your need for touching and snuggling, or just simply have a fun name to laugh about with your partner. Because who doesn’t want to try the ‘Pumpkin Spice’ sex position, and then drink one after (or use the whipped cream topping first)? 

Here are the top five sex positions to heat up those chilly fall nights (or mornings, afternoons…you get our drift).

1. The Inverted Spoon

Spooning is cozy, but this position takes it to the next level. The Inverted Spoon is all about body contact, sensuality and is a bit kinkier than traditional spooning. 

Each partner lies on their side, with the receiver in front for providing penetration from the back, but instead of lying head-to-head and toe to toe, lying head to toe and toe to head. Use your hands to reach around and caress your partner’s skin as you rock, grind, and thrust against each other. This one will work if both partners bend at the waist and is most comfortably executed on a flat surface, such as a bed or the floor.

2. The Pumpkin Spice 

Is there such thing as a fall list that doesn’t make some sort of reference to pumpkin spice? This position is good for vagina owners who prefer a little extra clitoral stimulation.

Similar to the cowgirl position, the giver lays flat on their back, while the receiver straddles them with legs outstretched forward on either side. Then, the person on top can grab hold of the giver’s shoulders and lay back while taking control of the movement.

3. Harvest Season

Have you ever done a wheelbarrow race as a kid, where one partner stands up and holds the other’s legs, with the other person walks on their hands? Well then, you get the idea of the Harvest Season. This position is ideal for those wishing to get plowed this autumn harvest. 

The giver stands up while the receiver, in front, places their hands on the ground, and wraps legs up around the giver’s hips. With this position, both partners are in for a ride as it requires a bit of upper body and core strength from each person. 

4. The Sofa Brace

If you’re spending more time inside this fall, you and your partner may be more likely to find yourself binge-watching TV on the couch. 

If you’re already there and the mood strikes you both, the receiver simply turns around on their knees, over the back of the couch. Then, the giver penetrates from behind and controls the thrusting. This position is similar to doggy-style but modified so you don’t have to leave the comfort of the sofa, throw pillows, and plush blankets. 

5. The Broomstick Ride

This position is for the more, shall we say, nimble, partners. It gives the receiver most of the control, while the giver gets a great workout. 

You will need two sturdy props—chairs would work best—placed a few feet apart. The giver will then become the receiver’s broomstick, laying across the two chairs in a plank position with elbows on one chair and feet on the other. The receiver climbs on top to ride them like a broomstick. Cackle accordingly. Witch costume optional.

Whether you’re looking to establish a deeper connection with your partner, or simply seek a spicier way to reach the big O, let’s make this fall the season of sex. We’ve got just about 90 days in the fall season so there’s plenty of time to try all the positions and ways to spice up your sex life. And don’t forget the lube!