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Anal Orgasm – The Back Door to Heaven

Posted By Mariah Freya  

When it comes to pleasure, there are many doors that lead to orgasms. One of the most overlooked doors, is the back door, a.k.a the anal orgasm. What is an anal orgasm? Is that even possible? While it may be a delicate topic for some, modern studies are demonstrating why anal stimulation is now the best path to a woman’s orgasm

There are often two reactions to the anal orgasm. You have experience with anal stimulation and are completely turned-on to the idea. Or, you are already clenching your rear in fear. It is common to feel the latter, as stigma around the anal orgasm has existed for centuries. A generally closed mindset around sex, in general, has fostered a profound, yet totally unnecessary, shame around anal sex. For years, anal sex was deemed as a dangerous sin. To this day, it still remains hush-hush.

Okay, so can we all stop being so anal-retentive?

The anus has been a part of our sexual instinct since humankind has existed.

The best part? Anal sex is on the rise. In a National Survey of Sexual Health and Behaviour, the University of Zagreb found that 40-45 percent of young women and men had tried anal sex. That’s around 10-15 percent more than 20 years ago. In fact, there are women who can only have an orgasm through anal sex. As Naomi Wolf says in her book, Vagina, we are all wired differently.

If you have never opened your back door to anyone, it’s time find your key. You may be surprised to find that the key to anal sex actually starts in your own mind. Step through the back door. There is a mind-blowing orgasm waiting just for you.

Quick Facts About the Anal Orgasm

  • Pain during anal sex is pretty common. Perhaps because out of 2400 women surveyed by the University in Zagreb 52 percent were not even using lubrication. Ouch!
  • Keep an open mind about anal sex. There are lots of myths about anal sex especially when it comes to the ugly parts. Don’t get bogged down by the hearsay. Anal sex is a blast.
  • While the anus lining appears tight and small, it is actually capable of stretching enough to accommodate fingers, toys and a penis. When done right, anal sex should not cause any harm to your anus or rectum.
  • Anal sex allows you to stimulate your clitoris and vaginal opening simultaneously. This can lead to powerful blended orgasms.
  • It is a good idea to wash fingers and penis after anal sex, before entering the vagina. Bacteria carried from the anus to the vagina is the most common cause of vaginal infections.

What is an Anal Orgasm: Anatomy of an Anal Orgasm

The anus is where the sun never shines, but it should.

At the top of the anus is the rectum. Many women enjoy the “fullness” that is experienced during anal sex.

It’s easy to discover your perineal sponge (PS-spot). It lies between the vagina and rectum. This strong pleasure point is beneath the perineum (that band of skin between the vaginal opening and the anus). The perineal sponge fills with blood and engorges during stimulation, just like a man’s penis and a woman’s clitoris do during arousal.

My Anal Sex Orgasm Experience: The Backdoor to Heaven

I opened up to the idea of anal sex a few years back. I was pretty scared of the pain not to mention terrified about having a poo spew. My first initiation was by a lovely woman who taught me the beauty of anal penetration in a tantric yoni massage. She showed me the healing effect an anal orgasm has on what is sometimes called the shame corner.

After this anal initiation, I started having anal sex with my boyfriend. He was super supportive by being extra patient and gentle. I informed myself about anal sex and found some great tools, which helped me personally to overcome my fears. For me, lube, an enema bulb, condom and emergency toilet paper does the trick.

Today, when the urge and desire for anal sex arises, I turn into an animal. I now set aside my ego and let the wild side in me rule the show. I moan deeper, I move stronger and breath like a bull.

The anal orgasm sensation is like a sensual steam that rises to the roof.

It is a clap of thunder that comes from deep below and ascends. An anal orgasm is earth-shaking, profound and exquisite.

What Is It Good For?

To overcome fear. To learn to surrender. To be blunt, a good anal fuck will help make you easy-going. If you live a very correct, tidy and conservative tight-ass lifestyle, this orgasm is for you.

What Others Say or Do


While there has been a surge of new studies around anal sex, the bustle around buns still remains a mystery. Even when science tries to take the front seat on backside issues with studies like this one, it seems like hardly anyone is turning their heads. Guess science and society still appears to be a bit tight-passed around the subject.

Tantric and Taoism Tradition

Anal sex is not promoted in Tantra and tantric communities. They claim that it weakens the anal and pelvic muscles which lead to energy loss. I find that when you train your pelvic muscles including the anus, you develop more strength and tightness. Being able to relax retract and release this tightness helps you to really control it. It’s a balancing act between tensing and relaxing.

In Taoism, the anal muscle belongs to the same energy unit as the sexual glands. When the sexual glands are strong the anal muscles are strong too.

How to Get There: How to Have an Anal Orgasm

anal orgasm

Want to know how to have an anal orgasm? Anal orgasms start in your mind and end in the sensual core of your apple-bottom.

The best way to stimulate the PS-spot is with a finger(s). Insert your thumb into your vagina and your index finger into your anus. Apply pressure with your thumb in the opposite direction (i.e. on the back lower wall of the vagina). With your index finger push up.

For an elaborate erotic orgasm, you could try positions that direct the penis/phallus toward your back wall. These positions include, missionary or woman-on-top with your torsos pressed together. This technique is the opposite of what works best for targeting the g-spot, which is normally done doggy-style.

When experimenting with an anal orgasm also keep in mind the following tips:

Communication: Talk about your fears. Decide on the process and how you are going to do it. (e.g. what kind of foreplay, warm up, etc)

Trust: Where there is tush there must be trust. It’s the basis for anal sex. If you trust you can relax which is key here.

Slowness: There is no rush to the finish line when it comes to anal sex. So, take it real slooowly. Try a warm-up like foreplay or vaginal sex, to get into the mood. When the anus is relaxed, penetrate very slowly!

Wash then nibble: Our biggest fear is to hit the shit. Any hidden dung between your buns during anal sex, while natural is not ideal. You will have to feel clean to be able to relax. To feel physically and mentally clean we can use an enema bulb, which is great for cleaning the anus. For extra mental cleanliness, a condom does wonders to get rid of this shitty thought. There are even finger condoms, for warming up.

Lube it smooth: Rule of bum: there never can be too much lubrication in anal sex. Always avoid desensitising and numbing gels. Astroglide Water based Personal Lubricant or Astroglide Silicone based Personal Lubricant are perfect.

Relax: Easier said than done, I know. The anus is one of our strongest muscles, so relaxing this one is definitely not easy. With some practice and patience, you’ll become a mASS-ter, I promise.

Breathe:  A relaxed behind is a happy behind. Breathing deeply in and out during anal sex will help your orifice to open and allow any phallic object, whether it be a penis or toy, to enter with ease.

Best Toys for Anal Orgasm

Anal pleasure is best approached gently! Toys can help a lot discovering the hidden pleasures that await you back there. Either by practicing alone, or playfully with a partner. I really recommend reading this butt plug article or check my favorite toys:

How to Anal Orgasm: Anal Play for Men

Anal play for men can be tremendously liberating. Just slip a finger inside the rectum and massage the prostate gland. This technique can lead to mind-blowing male orgasm, sometimes even without ejaculation.

Unfortunately, society has conjured up the homophobic belief that if a straight male likes it from behind, he must be homosexual. This is so far from the truth. Both heterosexual and homosexual males can reap the benefits of anal stimulation. Men have a tremendous orgasmic nerve system inside their rectum area.

They have the potential to experience a multitude of deep anal orgasms. If a man is ready to experiment with anal play, he has the potential to unleash the male g-spot (the area around the prostate). Bottoms up men! It’s time to surrender your beautiful buns to the power of an anal orgasm.

Looking for information on the Male Anal Orgasm? We have an entire article dedicated to it here ».

Here are the best toys for reaching the male anal orgasm:

Best Anal Toys ♂


Tantus Prostate Play

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Njoy Pfun Plug

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All Sexual Glands Are Connected

So, love your buns like you would any of your other lady bits. Be open to the idea to connect with the healing effects of butt-love. Educate yourself about anal eroticism and steer your rear away from horror stories about anal mishaps. Be patient with yourself and approach this topic in a gentle and trustful manner.

Remember, practice makes progress, don’t be discouraged if at first, your anus is a little tight.

This is perfectly natural. By following our advice, you may be one step closer to unlocking the backdoor to oh-so-heavenly anal orgasms.