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6 Best Thrusting Vibrators That Mimic Realistic Sex

Posted By Couples Candy  

In this guide we’ll take a look at the best thrusting vibrators available.
I’ve compared power, features, design and cost to give you my top recommendations.

Fun Factory Stronic Drei Rechargeable Pink Thrusting Vibrator

Fun Factory Stronic Drei Rechargeable Pink Thrusting Vibrator

This elegant vibrator is both beautiful and powerful. Curved to better access the sometimes elusive G-Spot, it is ridged for greater intensity. When fully inserted, the flared base offers stimulation to the erogenous zones, enhancing the overall experience.

This vibrator moves in a pulsating action as the motors rock back and forth, rather than rotating or buzzing as with regular vibes, and this mimics an authentic sexual experience.

It is made from medical grade silicone and has ten different patterns and intensities to work through, using three easy-to-identify buttons. The toy is surprisingly whisper quiet, which is amazing because it offers intensely powerful vibrations! Once depleted, it is quickly recharged using the patented magnetic charging contacts.

Some women find using this toy alongside a separate clitoral stimulator makes their world implode with joy! This is the best thrusting vibrator to use with a partner, or during sexy solitary pampering sessions!


  • Travel lock
  • Suitable for anal play thanks to the flared base
  • Waterproof for bath-time fun


  • Very expensive
  • Long initial charging time – up to 16 hours!
  • Can feel ‘draggy’ so do use lube

Realistic Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator

Realistic Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator

This Realistic Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator is modestly priced but offers all the pleasure of a far more expensive toy!

It features an in-built clitoral stimulator which can be used separately from the thrusting penetrative shaft thanks to the separate controls for these functions, and offers up to ten options, with three speeds and seven patterns and intensities.

These separate controls mean that it can be used as a thrusting dildo for leisurely playtime or with the vibration turned on for quicker relief.

A two-hour charge will give you forty-five minutes or so of full-power playtime – and you won’t need anything like that much stimulation before you are exhausted – and very happy! If you are looking for a thrusting sex toy to enjoy with your partner or alone, this could be the one for you!


  • Budget friendly price, high quality product
  • Made from medical grade silicone
  • Discreet storage bag and travel lock for security when travelling


  • Very little!

Fun Factory Stronic Thrusting Realistic Vibrator

Fun Factory Stronic Thrusting Realistic Vibrator

This exceedingly pricey vibe is deceptively simple in design. It features a realistically moulded male member – although it does not go so far as to have faux-veining on it – that thrusts thanks to the weight inside the shaft which moves back and forth when it is switched on.

The motions produced by the toy are not really like sex: but they come close enough! The sensations produced by the ten options of intensity and patterning are thoroughly enjoyable. This is a great toy for couples to try out – whether together or separately!


  • Super quiet
  • Has sufficient heft and weight to add to the experience
  • Waterproof for bath-time fun
  • Travel lock for peace of mind
  • Magnetic charging


  • So expensive!
  • Cannot use anally

SHEQU Thrusting Vibrator

SHEQU Thrusting Sex Massager

This modestly-priced thrusting vibrator is a bit different to the others reviewed as it has accordion-like ‘bellows’ at the base of the shaft, just above the controls.

This allows the whole shaft to be used for the thrust feature, meaning that there is more complete internal stimulation from this toy, rather than the one to three inches that usually comprises the thrust feature. If you want the best thrusting vibrator that will not break the bank, this might just be the ticket!

When the thrusting is activated the toy is quite noisy as the movement forces air in and out of the toy through the charging hole. A pro-tip to reduce the noise is to open the charging vent – the little rubber flap that keeps it waterproof – as this gives the air more space in which to escape, resulting in much less noise. Of course, the vent must be closed for bath play.

With ten modes of pattern and intensity, this could be the best thrusting dildo that you and your partner have been looking for to add some extra sensations to your playtime.


  • Substantial, girthy toy
  • Separate controls for on/ off, thrust and vibrate
  • Very budget friendly


  • Quite noisy
  • No storage bag provided

Lovehoney Dream Rabbit Thrusting Vibrator

Lovehoney Dream Rabbit Thrusting Vibrator

This is perhaps the best thrusting vibrator in its class! Snap one up now if you want to treat yourself, or your partner to the best thrusting vibrator and dildo combo for some steamy fun!

This toy comprises a firm shaft and a clitoral stimulator rabbit – the latter being quite astonishingly detailed as to rabbit-like paws and face, a feature that some users find to be just a little creepy. But the toy is designed to be used, not looked at and the little rabbit soon makes up for any misgivings by delivering perfect clitoral stimulation time and time again.

Unlike most other high-end sex toys, the Dream Rabbit is a little bit old-school in that it is battery-powered – but this does mean no waiting when you run out of juice, just pop in some new batteries and you are away. The rabbit is well-placed and offers just the right amount of stimulation, while the thrusting is subtle and must be targeted to hit just the right spot – and when it does, oh boy!

With three speeds and seven patterns of intensity on the rabbit, and three intensities in the shaft, the Dream Rabbit is the whole package: the best thrusting vibrator for couples looking to enhance their playtime and ensure that both partners are well-satisfied.


  • Waterproof for splashing good fun
  • Ten speeds and patterns to meet all needs
  • Perfectly positioned rabbit


  • Buttons are flush with toy – can be tricky to operate smoothly
  • Battery powered and non-rechargable

FeelinGirl Telescopic Thrusting Vibrator

FeelinGirl Telescopic Thrusting Vibrator

If you want an authentic looking penis replacement, then look no further than the FeelinGirl Telescopic Thrusting Vibrator: this flesh-coloured beauty has veins detailing the shaft and the skin is accurately rendered.

This toy is weighty and feels almost fleshy giving it a very realistic feeling skin… it is great fun!

When you do use it, you have a choice of seven different frequencies and two telescopic modes to play with. This is a substantial toy, ideal for the very adventurous.


  • Excellent price for high-quality product
  • Vibing and thrusting sure to bring blended pleasure
  • Waterproof for bathroom play


  • This toy can be very loud
  • Realistic design might not be to everyone’s taste

How Realistic Are Thrusting Vibrators?

How realistic you find the best thrusting vibrator depends entirely on what you expect from your thrusting vibrator. If you want the full sexual experience of having another person touching your body while you make love, then you are more likely to be disappointed, even if you purchase the best thrusting sex toy on the market.

If, however, you are just looking for some internal action that happens without your determination, actions that are different to the buzzing or rumbling sensations caused by regular vibrators, then investing in one of the best thrusting dildos might be exactly what you need.

The movements are decided by the workings of the machine, not by your body movements or your hand motions, and thus can provide that unexpected stimulus that can cause some of the strongest orgasms that you will ever have!

What Features Do You Want?

Each person might want something a bit different from their best thrusting vibrator. For some people the girth of the toy might be an important factor, and perhaps others might desire deeper thrusting, or require clitoral stimulation at the same time.

Factors to consider include how loud the toy is, especially if you share a house or have children, and whether opting for a quieter toy might mean that you sacrifice some of the power offered by the toy. Opt for toys made from high quality materials that are hypoallergenic and safe.

Some people like a deep rumbling vibe while others like a buzzy tickle in their vibrators – thrusting vibrators also offer a range of sensations, from subtle short movements to intense breath-taking pulsations: which you prefer depends on the needs of your body.

The best thrusting dildo for those who like to really enjoy bath-time is one that is waterproof. Battery power is great for those who prize portability, and USB charging offers greater convenience.

The best thrusting vibrator for you is the one that combines all your favourite turn-ons in one machine. It is often worth spending a little more money on a model that has everything you need for full satisfaction, rather than spending a bit less and not having nearly so much fun.

How To Have Fun!

You have done it: you have spent money on the best thrusting dildo you can afford, and now you want to play. Here is how to make the most of that first experience – a good first time will ensure that playtime can only get better!

First of all, learn about your new toy. Knowing how to quickly and confidently cycle through the vibes and patterns can keep you from being hurt or getting frustrated in the throes, so to speak.

If the toy needs to be charged, charge it for as long as the manufacturer recommends – if it takes batteries, ensure that they are fresh and that you have spares ready to hand.

Once you are confident, it is time to begin. Cover the toy in a good quantity of high-quality Astroglide water-based lubricant and apply some to yourself for good measure. This will ensure that there will be no dragging or tackiness to cause pain or stop the toy from working as it should.

Whether you are in the bath or in your bedroom, once you are relaxed and turned on just let the toy go where it will…