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30 Days of Love Challenge | Free Printable for Couples

Posted By Crystal Reagan  

If your marriage could use a little help in the sex department, take the 30 Days of Love Challenge. Print this free printable for couples and take the journey to a better marriage and sex life.
30 days of love printable

My husband and I have been married for almost 17 years. The past 17 years definitely haven’t been easy on either one of us, but they’ve totally been worth every single second we’ve spent together. Even the bad times when we really didn’t even like each other.

The more time we’re able to spend together, the better we get to know one another, and the more we grow to love each other. It’s really a beautiful thing.


But our relationship hasn’t always been this way. There were years I’m not sure how we survived each other. Looking back I can see where we were both pretty selfish, only looking out for our own cares and desires.

When we didn’t think we could make it anymore, we decided to change. We didn’t just change for our children, although they were an important part, but we changed for us.

We knew we loved each other, we just didn’t know how to love each other, if that makes any sense.

30 days love love challenge

Things are so much different now and I can’t imagine my life with anyone else. All it took was two people who were committed to each other and giving their all to make it work, no matter what.

30 Days of Love Challenge

If you’re at a point in your relationship where things aren’t good, I highly encourage you to spend 30 days loving your spouse to the best of your ability. That means being totally selfless and giving everything you can to your spouse.

If you’re like me, the thought of doing that years ago simply made me angry. Why would I want to give all of me to him when it wasn’t reciprocated? But we both did it and it drastically changed our marriage and how we connected with each other. No kidding!

30 days of love challenge

It’s easy to get caught up in the stresses of life. It’s really easy to call it quits when it just seems like too much. But I’ve never been one to take the easy way out when things get hard. And thankfully, neither is he.

Committing just 30 days to your spouse doesn’t seem like much. You’re probably wondering how 30 days is going to change anything.

It will – if you’re both willing to give it your all.

Free Printable for Couples

The awesome thing about this 30 Days of Love Challenge is you’ll probably have a lot of “play” time with your spouse. I know relationships shouldn’t be based on bedroom acts, but it’s such a beautiful thing and should be experienced often.

I noticed that when I started denying as a means of “getting back at him”, I began to feel that much more disconnected from him. I know a lot of times we (women) use it as a reward for our husband’s good behavior. But honestly, it shouldn’t be that way. It’s just as much for you as it is for him!

30 days of love challenge printable

And if it’s not that way or hasn’t been that way recently, it’s time to change it. If you need a little help, ASTROGLIDE ORGANIX will make things a little bit easier.


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30 days of love challenge

But even if you don’t suffer from dryness, there are many benefits to using a personal lubricant. It’s great for adding a little more fun to your bedroom life.

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30 days of love challenge

I feel better choosing products that are made with organic ingredients. Life is too short to fake it, and now you don’t have to. Own your O with ASTROGLIDE ORGANIX.

You can purchase ASTROGLIDE ORGANIX and other Astroglide products here.


Print out your 30 Days of Love printable for the 30 Days of Love challenge.

Want to connect with your spouse in a different way? Check out these 7 ways to stay connected after kids.

Don’t forget to save this post to your favourite Pinterest board. You’ll probably want to take the 30 Days of Love Challenge again – just for fun!

30 days of love challenge