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18 Tips And Products For Anyone Who Wants To Explore Glass Sex Toys

Posted By Negesti Kaudo  

Try something new and get yourself a glass sex toy, seriously. 🧊


We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

Why glass? Glass sex toys have several perks: temperature play, it is smooooooooth, and it offers a *full* feeling with a little bit of weight and a firmness that's hard to get with silicone. It's also durable, nonporous (aka body-safe), and easy to sanitize, so it will last for a long time.


But really, I love glass. And lots of reviewers who have glass toys love them too. If people didn't enjoy using glass toys or were regularly shuttled to the ER because they broke inside of them, there wouldn't be a market for them! Which is to say, if you want something new to explore in your masturbation routine or sexcapades — try glass!

Made from the least breakable glass on the planet, glass sex toys are hypoallergenic, nonporous, latex-, chemical- and phthalate-free. This means it's a perfect toy option for sensitive areas and bodies.

Many glass sex toys are created with boroscilate glass, which is contains a specific ingredient that makes it durable enough not to crack under extreme temperature changes and or if mishandled. And while this doesn't mean you can drop your glass sex toy from a second-story window or chuck it across the room, it does mean its fracture- and shock-resistant. (If your toy does chip or crack, do not use it! And also avoid toys that have thinly made elements or attached textures and designs that may break off during use.)

Of course, you should still handle your glass toys with care when it comes to use, cleaning and storage. And if you look after them properly, your toy should last a lifetime.

Curious about the two toys above? You can get the Trans Pride sparkle plug from Crystal Delights for $50 (pictured left) and the Joystick dildo from Gläs for $24.80 (pictured right).

1. Use lube with your favourite glass toys to avoid friction. Fortunately, glass is a nonporous material so it can be used with literally *any* lubricant you like: water-based personal lubricant, hybrid, silicone based personal lubricant and even oil based personal lubricant!

Chart of lubricants compatible with glass toys

The best lubricants for glass sex toys are water-based, silicone-based and hybrid lubricants. Yes, you can use oil-based lube with glass toys but it will make things a whole lot slippery, especially handling your toy which could lead to dropping it. 

If you're not sure which lube to start with, here are a few great options:

#Lube Life ($15.99+ on Amazon) is a popular water-based lubricant with over 100K reviews and is a simple and straightforward lube to help things go smoothly.

Überlube ($19.99+ on Amazon) is a silicone lubricant, making it great for anal play and perfect for glass toys since it won't degrade the material (unlike with silicone toys).

Astroglide  (from $7.95)  also has a silicone lubricant that's available in travel-friendly sizes for on-the-go trysts.

Coconu ($24.99 on Coconu) has a popular oil-based lubricant created with organic ingredients, making it cruelty-free and edible. It's also a perfect substitute for massage oil.

Sliquid's hybrid lubricant ($29.50 on Amazon) is created with a blend of water and silicone, making it versatile enough for vaginal and anal play.

Wicked has a silicone-based lubricant specifically for anal play ($19.83+ on Amazon) in case you plan on using your glass toys internally from the back.

2. Explore anal play with glass plugs and anal-safe dildos: besides being easy to sanitize (which is essential if you want to share with a partner), their smooth, tapered, durable designs can be a perfect introduction for people new to anal. Remember, lube is essential for anal play, so a silicone-based or hybrid lube would be perfect!

The durability of glass and the flared or tapered designs they are created with makes glass toys a great option for anal sex or masturbation. Here are a few well-reviewed anal-safe glass toys to explore!

A petite tapered plug ($29.99 on Lovehoney) boasting a flared base for effortless insertion and removal, which will deliver a full feeling to anal aficionados.

A floral butt plug ($22.60 on Amazon) with a flared rose-shaped base that takes the term "rosy cheeks" to a whole new level.

A 7-inch beaded anal slider ($27.95 on Adam & Eve or $26.31 on Amazon; pictured left) constructed with five beads that graduated from 1 inch wide at the tip to 1.5 inches wide at the base, so you can enjoy the feeling of fullness growing inside you.

Funfetti glass butt plug ($35 at Early to Bed; pictured right) because the booty deserves some bold and bright loving too.

A sleek glass plug with a T-shaped base ($44.95 on Crystal Delights) for comfortable gripping and control, not to mention a beginner-friendly bulb that's 1.3 inches wide.

3. Prepare to use larger toys during anal play — or graduate from toys to anal sex — with the help of anal dilators and graduated plugs. They're simple ways to ease your body into enjoying something larger.


Anal training requires lots of patience and lots of lube, so using graduated plugs or dilators allows you to work your way up without any pressure. To stick with the theme of glass, here are two popular dilator plug sets that come in different sizes!

A set of anal dilators ($129.99 on B-Vibe and pictured left) that range from 2.7 inches long to 4 inches long and 0.8 inches wide to 1.5 inches wide. Not to mention the bulbous head and flared base make it perfect for anal and even temperature play.

A set of glass anal plugs ($25.14 on Amazon and pictured right) in graduated sizes, each one bedazzled with a vibrant faux gemstone on its heart-shaped base.

4. Engage in some titillating temperature play by placing your glass dildo in the freezer or ice water, so you can start off your session with a chill. Eventually the toy will warm up to body temperature for a ~feel good~ time.

Always test your toy before starting temperature play by holding the cold part up against your wrist or the inside of your arm. Bodies can react to extreme temperatures, so the last thing you want to do is put something that burns or freezes on your or someone else's sensitive bits. Remember the tongue on the flagpole in A Christmas Story? No one wants that.

BTW, that's the Stellar glass dildo ($38 on Unbound) in my pic, and yes it's curvy design (which stimulates those hard-to-reach spots!) and weighted feeling make it live up to its name.

5. Orrr, warm up your glass toy by running it under warm water, placing it between your legs or even putting it in your mouth for a unique, body temperature sensation.

Warming up a glass toy makes it feel more lifelike, in stark contrast to its inflexible design. In order to prevent any burns or other injuries, avoid microwaving your dildo or placing it in boiling water — instead, use a bowl of warm water or run it under the faucet for a few minutes for a comfortable feel.

You can also take it one step further and enjoy your glass toy in the tub, where it will warm up in the water. For water play, you should definitely use a silicone-based or hybrid lube, to keep things smooth and slippery. Just make sure if you're inserting the toy, you do it out of the water (or in the shower) to avoid getting water in your vagina or anus.

If you're curious about that glowing glass dildo with the Sailor Moon-ish top, it's $44.99 on Lovehoney.

6. Indulge in more sensory play by exploring textured glass dildos and plugs. Because of the handcrafted nature of glass toys, there are nubs, spirals, ribbing, and ridges if you want to upgrade from the traditional smooth design.

Lovehoney, @glastoy / Via

Sensory play is one of the biggest perks of glass sex toys, focusing on your sense of touch. The weight of glass adds a lot to an internal massage (especially with texture toys) and playing with temperature can amplify your external massages. Here are toys with examples of different textures:

A spiral 7-inch dildo ($36.99 on Lovehoney and pictured left) with a spiralized design that delivers a unique, rippling sensation upon insertion or during external massage.

A nubby dildo ($34.99 on Lovehoney and pictured right) covered in delicate pastel nubs which deliver a delectable rippled sensation as you massage. Plus you can warm it up under the faucet, pop it in the fridge for cooling or just hold it up in the sun and marvel at it.

7. Clean your glass toys by hand washing, boiling, or wiping them — for some, you can even let the dishwasher do the dirty work for you! The clean-up may be the easiest part and greatest advantage of using glass sex toys due to their durability and nonporous design.

Of course, you want to make sure you read the product guide thoroughly to find out the best way to clean your glass toy.

TBH, glass is simple enough that you can skip using the dishwasher for cleaning if you want. But since it's easy and glass can literally take the heat, if you do decide to go that route, you won't have to worry about a Broad City-esque fiasco à la Abbi and the dildo in the dishwasher.

8. Try out these convenient antibacterial wipes, which allow you to prepare for play and cleanup afterwards more quickly than you've ever imagined.

Hand holding wipe in front of dildo
Negesti Kaudo / BuzzFeed

Unscented antibacterial wipes are a simple way to give your sex toys a quick wipe down before and after use. I have these wipes and they are GREAT. Especially when you want to have back-to-back sessions without having to get out of bed or when you need to put your toys away quickly. These wipes are much better than having to run to the sink and give your sex toys a bath, plus you can easily take them with you on the go. Not to mention, they are safe for toys and bodies, unlike other antibacterial wipes.

These wipes aren't flushable, so make sure you toss them in the bin afterwards!

Get it from Bellesa Boutique for $14.

9. Or use a toy cleaner, which is another great way to make sure your toys are properly taken care of — simply spritz, wipe and go.

Negesti Kaudo / BuzzFeed, Lovehoney

Toy cleaners help extend the life of your toys and keep them clean between uses. Make sure to clean your toys before and after, just in case any dust or bacteria may have collected. And remember to remove batteries before cleaning. Here are several toy cleaners with a simple spray method:

A water-based and alcohol free toy cleaner ($8.95 on Amazon) created with citric acid, which gives it a slight fragrance that reviewers say fades away after cleaning.

A non-greasy, water-based spray cleaner ($18 on Pepper and pictured left) that you just spray onto your toys and then wipe down. It can be used on rubber, latex, glass, metal and silicone toys, and personally this is my favorite cleanser and I use it after giving my toys a quick rinse under the tap. I like it because it's non-sticky and seems to also get rid of any dust or lint that ends up on toys once taken out of storage.

A vegan-friendly sex toy cleaner ($16.99 on Lovehoney and pictured right) to keep your toys fresh between uses without any residue or time-consuming cleansing.

A simple-to use antibacterial spray ($19 on Bellesa Boutique) that reviewers love for its hypoallergenic formula designed to sanitize your sex toys.

10. Designate a specific pot for sterilizing your glass sex toys (and other boilable nonelectronic sex toys) if you have the budget for it. IDK, there's something about boiling a dildo in the same pot that I make my soup in that doesn't sit right with me...

Stainless steel pot with lid

11. If you want to be extra safe, you can opt in for a UV sterilizer, similar to what you'd use for your cell phone or other high-touch items. UV will sanitize your sex toys hands-free and get rid of nearly *all* of the bacteria that tries to live there and ruin your good time.

Here are a few UV sanitizers designed with enough room to discreetly sanitize your sex toys:

A UV sterilizer pouch ($84.99 on B-Vibe; originally $90; pictured left) that kills 99.9% of bacteria and is designed in a travel-friendly pouch, so you can take it with you on the go and keep your toys extra clean at all times.

A portable UV sanitizer case with a child lock ($69.99 on Amazon), which offers room for several toys at once, so you can keep them clean without having to do each one individually, which could be pretty time-consuming.

A Uvee sex toy sanitizer ($179.99 on Amazon in black or white; pictured right) — it's perfect if you really want to splurge. This sanitizer was created specifically for sex toys with interior dividers to keep toys separate and still clean them all at once. It's even large enough to hold a Magic Wand vibrator!

12. Keep your precious glass sex toy safe by storing it properly. Any lined case or storage bag that helps prevent your glass toy from banging around other hard toys will help it last longer.

@aminaspouch / Via, Negesti Kaudo / BuzzFeed

Sometimes sex toys include storage bags and sometimes they don't — like the silver storage bag that comes with the Unbound Stellar dildo, pictured right. If yours doesn't, or you want a little extra security for your toys at home or on the go, we've found a few options.

The Ervah velvet zip pouch ($50 on Amina's Pouch and available in two colors; pictured left) is a very classy solution for storing your sex toys and has a hidden compartment and pockets to keep your toys and accessories safe at home or on the go.

A silicone storage bag with zip closure ($26.99 on Lovehoney) that's both discreet enough to fit in with the rest of your makeup bags and it can easily be wiped clean inside and out. This case is purple with the word "happy" repeated on the front, but it's also available in pink with the word "tk" on the front!

A simple dust-free, antibacterial bag ($24 on Bellesa Boutique; $11.51 on Amazon), which is great for larger toys or if you have only one or two glass sex toys that need protecting.

13. Reach your G-spot with curvy dildos boasting length and sometimes girth, so that tapered bulbs and contoured design can hit the exact right spot for premium pleasure.

Smitten Kitten, Lovehoney

If you're looking for girth or a little more bulbous design, here are a few options:

An artisan dual-ended snake dildo ($137.99 on Smitten Kitten available in six colors and pictured left) with a double head and colorful pattern.

A dual-ended glass dildo ($36.99 on Lovehoney and pictured right) with two bulbous ends that curve just like the satisfied smile it'll leave you with.

A bulbous 8-inch dildo ($29.99 on Lovehoney) with a tapered tip that's 2 inches wide (!!!) and perfect for anal and vaginal stimulation.

14. Go bigger (or heavier) and take things up a notch. Glass already has a weighted feel to it because it's made with such a durable material, but playing with different weights or sizes allows you to explore and test the limits of your pleasure.

Amazon, @crystaldelightsglass / Via

This selection of glass toys has a lot of weight to it, to offer that full feeling you might be looking for:

A pair of weighted glass Ben Wa balls ($27.95+ on Adam & Eve; $14.71+ on Amazon) with a little weight to them for effortless internal stimulation to help heighten sensations and increase muscle control.

A massive double-ended dildo ($79.95 on Adam and Eve; $41.82 on Amazon; pictured left) designed for thrusting with one extra thick end and one slim, so you can pick your preference and go to town.

An artisan rainbow bubble dildo ($84.95 on Early to Bed; pictured right) with a gentle curve for superior G-spot or P-spot stimulation and a unique bulb at the end displaying different colors from different angles.

A girthy anal plug ($39 at Bellesa Boutique) boasting a tapered design with swirls of pastel colors at the tip for an aesthetically pleasing and fulfilling sex toy that delivers a full feeling.

A glass "juicer" ($27.95 on Adam & Eve) for your insides featuring a textured shaft and a unique crank, so you can turn things up a notch whether alone or with a lover.

15. Spice things up with an arousal serum or gel that'll make an external massage with a glass toy even more delectable and add a little *oomph* to your foreplay session.

Unbound, Foria

These two arousal products are perfect for using with glass toys:

Unbound's Jolt gel ($24 on Unbound; pictured right) is created with a blend of peppermint oil, organic extracts, L-Arginine and L-Ornithine for a tingly and cooling sensation that also helps heighten your arousal.

Foria's Awaken arousal oil ($48 at Anthropologie and Madewell; pictured left) is designed with CBD, coconut oil and other botanical extracts for a vegan-friendly, topical serum that helps increase sensitivity.

TBH, I love both of these products. The Jolt gel can only be described as "if someone ate a breath mint and then your cooch" which is actually an incredible feeling. And the Awaken arousal oil has led to many back-to-back orgasms for me, so I can only say that CBD + sexual wellness = incredible things (if your body reacts to CBD because some people don't feel anything).

For more options, check out this round-up of the best arousal lubes and serums.

16. Explore different sensations with a dual-ended dildo created with a design that *literally* offers versatility and opportunity for different kinds of stimulation, whether vaginal or anal.

Lovehoney, Unbound

Here are a few highly-rated dual-ended dildos:

A pink double-ended dildo ($44.99 on Lovehoney; pictured left) constructed with a realistic tip and spiraled end, which'll let you explore different sensations internally and externally.

Unbound's Gem glass dildo ($35 on Unbound and Urban Outfitters or $36 on Anthropologie; pictured right) — it features a curved end ideal for intensity in your G-spot or P-spot and a beaded end for good grip or exploring new sensations.

A bent glass wand ($17.99 on Amazon) that's dual-ended with beads on one end and a curve on the other. The bent neck of this wand offers targeted reach for your G- or P-spot without having to awkwardly contort your body.

17. Pair your glass toy with an external vibrator, so you can enjoy some dually-stimulated good vibes inside and out. A glass dildo will really allow you to feel the reverberations of the toy if you use a high-powered wand or vibrator. Be careful though, you might make a mess.

Glass dildo next to green suction vibrator
Negesti Kaudo / BuzzFeed

Technically, you could use any of your favorite sex toys with your new glass one, but here are three very popular favorites:

A charming bullet vibrator ($59 on Bellesa Boutique; $36.16+ on Amazon and available in four colors) from out of this world boasting a glass stem filled with colorful crystals on one end and a soft silicone tip on the other. As if that wasn't enough, its seven vibration modes mean you can enjoy pinpointed pleasure through either end!

The Puff compact suction vibrator ($48 on Unbound, Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie and available in two colors) paired with a glass dildo (in my case, Stellar) is a match made in heaven. The five intensities and simple design allow you to slowly edge your way to orgasm or go from 0-60 in three minutes (pictured above with Stellar dildo).

The Shibari Mini Halo wand vibrator ($19.95+ on Amazon and available in seven colors) is a perfect handheld choice with up to 20 vibration settings, if you want to stimulate the clit with ease and let a glass toy (with a flared base) sit inside you.

18. Have fun with glass by getting a novelty toy, be it a plug perfect for cosplay or a nonphallic dildo...the opportunities for glass are endless.

Organic Loven,, Spectrum Boutique

Here are a few playful options:

A sleek chili pepper dildo ($15 on Spectrum Boutique) with curves for days that'll metaphorically spice things up and massage your favorite spots.

A glass butt plug with a magnetic bunny tail ($94.95 on Organic Loven) that's perfect for role playing or adding a playful touch to your lingerie.

A curvaceous tentacle dildo ($15.88 on Amazon) created with a rippled texture that delivers a delectable feeling no matter what orifice.