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12 Sex Swing Positions for Happy Solo & Couple Hanging

Posted By Molly Lazarus  

If you’re into kinky furniture, you may have seen or heard of sex swings, or own one at home already! If not, you’re probably thinking, “What is a sex swing?” They are strappy devices that can be hung from a sex-swing stand, over a door, or from a bolt in your ceiling. You sit in it and hang out (Hah!) while your partner does hot, unspeakable things to you.

Either way, if sex swings are new to you, you might be desiring a bit of inspiration. The first time I tried one I thought, “That’s it??” Little did I know how many options there are for using them. In this article, we’ll share some great sex swing positions you can try while having sex in a swing.

12 Sex Swing Positions We Recommend

1. Let’s Get Started: Reclining / Missionary

reclining missionary swing position

This is probably the most basic position for couples and the one most people start with. It feels similar to having missionary-style sex on a bed, with a bit of extra motion involved! It’s also great if you dig kissing and eye contact while doing the deed.

Use the straps and seats to support your upper back, butt, and the backs of your knees or, alternatively, your ankles. You and your partner can both hold onto the vertical straps for extra support. Simply lean back and spread your legs to give your partner access to your intimate bits.

2. No Partner Present? Try Solo Swinging!

solo swinging

Hey, you don’t always need a partner to get your fuck on! If you’re anything like me, you know the empowering, creative value of masturbation and its positive impact on our sense of self-love.

Why not give it a go in your sex swing? You have a couple of options for sex swing positions here.

For a lazy and relaxing time, simply recline in your swing and use your hands or your favorite toy to pleasure yourself. Or, for an awesome arm workout, you can take an upright sitting position and grasp the vertical straps to raise and lower yourself onto a suction cup dildo. Don’t forget to bring your lube!

We already have an article about 13 amazing sex toys that will get your inner freak on.

3. Doggy Style with One or Two Seats

doggy style swing position

Lean over the seat of the sex swing to support your hips and raise them into the air. If your sex swing has two seats, you can use the other one to support your chest. This position is great for doggy style vaginal or anal sex.

Your penetrating partner can wrap your legs around their own waist. You can also stand on your tiptoes or use the foot support straps.

It’s probably best if your hands can reach the floor so you can catch yourself if you start tipping too far forward. Better safe than sorry!

4. Check out the Cowgirl / Reverse Swing Cowgirl

cowgirl sex swing position

This widely beloved position gives ladies a chance to hop on top and take control. If you’re the guy, recline or lie all the way back in your swing with your hips properly supported.

Your partner can straddle your hips while standing or support their feet with the foot straps.

Ladies, feel free to turn around if reverse cowgirl is your jam! (I highly recommend it!) That slight change in angle can make all the difference.

5. Relax and Lie all the Way Back

lying back sex swing position

If you’re the receiver, support your butt with one of the sex swing seats. Use the other, if possible, to support your neck and shoulders as you lie all the way back.

This position is great if you’re into deep throating, as your mouth and throat will be in perfect alignment, allowing your penis-wielding partner a straight path for penetration.

6. Sitting Up Straight in Your Swing

sitting up straight sex swing positions

Use the seat(s) of your sex swing to support the backs of your thighs and hold onto the vertical straps with your hands to keep your balance and support the weight of your torso.

This should put you in an upright sitting position with your bum hanging out slightly, which can be great for regular intercourse or anal. Your partner can enter from behind and kiss the back of your neck or explore your body with their hands while Y’all get it on. Yummy.

7. Hanging Ass-Out for the Advanced Swing-Users

hanging-ass-out sex swing position

This sex swing position may be a tad advanced. Here, you’re basically eschewing the support of the seats of your sex swing. Wrap the leg straps around the backs of your knees and grab the vertical straps to hoist your torso.

The tops of your thighs will be near or touching your stomach, and your ass should be angled downward. This is a lovely position for anal penetration. Ladies, you can also raise your butt a bit to receive vaginal penetration.

8. Sixty-Nine also Works!

sixtynine sex swing position

Think I’m nuts? Don’t be scared! Sixty-nining is entirely possible in your sex swing.

Support the backs of your thighs and the middle of your back with the seats of your swing and spread your legs. Your partner can lean over to lick your goodies with theirs in your face, giving you comfortable access to simultaneous oral pleasure.

9. Give Oral Sex a Try with Your Swing

oral sex swing position

No matter your gender, you can relax and receive oral like a pro in your sex swing. You can either choose the regular reclining position I mentioned above or go without the upper-back support strap and lean all the way back for a serious stretch!

The two important things here are to spread your legs nice and wide and elevate your hips a fair bit. This will make it easier for your generous partner to kneel comfortably between your knees while they’re downtown making you happy.

This article is perfect for you if you are also interested in some tasty oral sex positions!

10. A dominant Sex Swing Position: The Squat

the squat sex swing position

Ready to work those thigh muscles, ladies?

If so, you’re in for a treat here! Have your male partner lie flat on the floor underneath your swing.

Then, squat on top using your swing’s leg straps for support and ride that dick like there’s no tomorrow! Grab the vertical straps of your swing if you need extra help keeping your balance.

11. Try Face Squatting or “Queening”

face-squatting sex swing position

Yas, queen! It’s time to take control of your oral sex experience.

Have your partner lie on the floor under your swing, just as they would in the previous sex swing position. This time, they’ll want to position their head right underneath you so you can squat over their face while they lick your pussy.

Support yourself by placing your swing’s leg straps along the backs of your knees. Use the motion of your swing to rock back and forth at your desired pace!

12. And finally: Teabagging!

teabagging sex swing position

Guys, I haven’t forgotten about you. Teabagging will allow your awesome partner to give your balls some love.

Just like in the previous two sex swing positions, your partner will want to lie flat on the floor on their back. You can support the backs of your knees or thighs with the swing’s leg straps. Raise and lower your ballsack into your partner’s mouth and use the motion of the swing to get at a variety of angles along their tongue.

Honestly, if you’ve got a fair amount of core strength and experience with aerial silks, the possibilities are endless for your sex swing.

You can wrap the straps around any part of your body you choose and contort your angles to your liking.

Don't forget you will need Astroglide water based or silicone based personal lubricant.

Don’t try this without considerable training, however. It’s a tad risky! With practice, sex swings can add playfulness, excitement, and creativity to your intimate sessions with your partner. Just be sure to invest in a quality product and install it safely for reliable support. Have fun swingin’!

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