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Astroglide Naturally Derived personal Lubricant is free of glycerin and paraben, free of alcohol, free of fragrance, free of flavourings and free of hormones. It  contains 100% natural derived and organic ingredients and is water based, water soluble, latex safe, soft, smooth and long lasting.   It lasts longer and less goes further. Astroglide Naturally Derived is water based and made with  Aloe Vera, Vitamin C & E and Chamomile Flower Extracts.  Real pleasure lasts longer with ASTROGLIDE ..... naturally and this is why ASTROGLIDE is second only to nature.  It is also a vaginal moisturiser.
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If you are trying an Astroglide lubricant for the first time or indeed a lubricant in general, you will undoubtedly be keen to know some key facts about the ingredients that our products contain and how they may help with menopause, pregnancy and vaginal dryness.


Vaginal Dryness Products

A dry vagina is incredibly common and can make sexual activity quite a painful experience. It is especially common during menopause, pregnancy, breast-feeding or after childbirth but can occur in women for many other reasons.

Not only is sex quite painful but vaginal dryness can lead to an itchy vulvar too. Sufferers report experiencing a burning and itchy vagina as well as occasional light bleeding after intercourse.

In the event of vaginal dryness, an Astroglide personal lubricant can help to make sex a much more pleasurable experience. Choose a water-based and water soluble female lube from our range to match normal bodily fluids. Lubricants in our range are also vaginal and not just lubricants, so can offer you longer dryness relief.


Vaginal Moisturiser

Astroglide lubricants are perfect to use during pregnancy and we have a specially formulated Trying To Conceive (TTC) when trying to conceive. During ovulation however, a woman’s pH levels can increase by over 30% so you will need to choose a sperm friendly lubricant that helps to elevate and stabilise pH levels so as not to impact on the mobility of sperm.

Any Astroglide products are suitable for use when pregnant but to maximise your chance of conception, consider using the Astroglide Trying to Conceive (TTC) Personal Lubricant.


Vaginal Dryness Relief

Vaginal dryness causing vulvar itching during menopause that women can experience when undergoing ”the change” can turn a lot of women off having sex. An Astroglide Personal Lubricant, however, can provide effective menopause relief, ensuring that your sex life continues to sizzle throughout and thereafter during and beyond  menopause.

Astroglide Spark is a particularly popular menopause lubricant. It offers the natural feeling of a water-based lubricant mixed with the ultra-long lasting effect of a silicone lubricant and acts as a great vaginal moisturiser. If your intimate area is particularly sensitive, consider the Astroglide Sensitive Skin Gel.


Other Intimate Uses

As well as ensuring sex is a more comfortable experience during menopause and being a good option to use during pregnancy/conception, Astroglide lubricants can also help with aiding tampon insertion. A drop or two added to the tip of a tampon can make insertion much more comfortable.

 It is also ideal for use when shaving delicate, intimate areas, especially the bikini line.

For more health related information regarding the use of Astroglide products, read our fact sheets or feel free to e-mail the expert Astroglide team on our contact page with any of your specific queries.

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The consistency of  ASTROGLIDE is similar to that of pre-ejaculate.  ASTROGLIDE has achieved a good reputation by not drying out quickly (thus reducing lubrication) or becoming thick and sticky.   The lubrication of  ASTROGLIDE can be replenished with water if needed.

Vaginal Dryness Products & Information

Vaginal Dryness

At some point in their lives, usually associated with menopause, pregnancy, child birth, breast feeding, many  Australian women will experience vaginal dryness at some stage. Even though it may be common, a dry vagina feels uncomfortable and can make sex painful. Additionally, many women from the ages of 18 - 40 could also experience it. 

  • Itching
  • Burning
  • A feeling of pressure
  • Pain or light bleeding with sexual intercouse
  • Vaginal pressure and watery discharge
  • Painful Sex

Some symptoms such as vaginal itching, burning or irritation and pain, whether constant or intercourse-related, should be brought to the attention of your Healthcare Professional and may be treated by various means. etc.


The causes can be anything from low estrogen levels to outside factors such as events, proceduces,  treatments or therapy, tampons, condoms or diaphragms. Taking some preparations could  interfere with your vaginal moisture, as will washing with certain soaps. Other causes are pregnancy, childbirth,  birth control measures, hysterectomy,  breast feeding, stress, feminine complaints and mirena's.
Ask your Health Care Professional for their advice. For some women,  the vaginal dryness  could be a direct result of lowered estrogen levels. This occurs during pregnancy or following childbirth, and when a woman enters peri-menopause or menopause. nursing, menstrual cycle changes, contraceptives,  treatments or related events, fatigue, stress and rigorous exercise also may contribute to reduced levels of estrogen.


Vaginal dryness may also be alleviated by increasing your water intake or with Kegel exercises to increase circulation to the pelvic area and help boost production of vaginal moisture. Using ASTROGLIDE personal lubricant is a remedy for vaginal dryness in conjunction with any of the foregoing is recommended. In addition, increasing the frequency of sexual intercourse can naturally produce more vaginal lubrication.  Please also see the fact sheet on Vaginal Dryness and the need for a vaginal moisturiser, especially post menopause for post menopausal women.

It is suggested you use a vaginal lube that is water-based and water-soluble, and slightly acidic (pH balanced) to match normal body fluids. This slight acidity inhibits the growth of certain harmful micro organisms, particularly yeast. 
Vaginal dryness is not just a problem associated with intimacy, but one that can interfere with a woman's daily activities, affecting her sense of wellbeing and self confidence.   Some interesting reading can be found on these websites.
Website A  advice on Vaginal Dryness.
Website B view on treating Vaginal Dryness.
Website C advice on Vaginal Dryness   Australian Website
Website D advice on Breast "C" and Sexual Wellbeing.   Australian website
Website E advice on Understanding Vulvar and Vaginal "C's"    Australian Website
Website F advice on Sexuality, Intimacy and "C"   Australian Website



Practicing protected sex in Australia has become a chore for many. It often represents a too clinical approach to sex. But protected sex can also be "fun sex". When condoms are used correctly and with proper lubrication, both partners will have increased pleasure and sensitivity. It can often add to intimacy between partners and assists in better communication in the bedroom. 
Review this website  or this website


The condom is the most commonly used method for vaginal, oral or anal safer sex. Pre lubricated condoms are available but they can be gritty and long term storage may cause the lubricant to weaken the condom.

To find the condom right for you, experiment with the length, thickness and features of the condom. Some come with ribbing or ridges that act to increase stimulation for the receiving partner.


Women can apply ASTROGLIDE personal lubricant inside their vagina or on the outer area before intimate activity.  As ASTROGLIDE is odourless and mimics natural vaginal moisture, it will not be detected unless you inform your partner.  Remember you only need a few drops of ASTROGLIDE (not teaspoons and tablespoons full).  Women with severe vaginal dryness have told us that they use a syringe to insert ASTROGLIDE high in their vagina's.  It makes its way to the right areas by the time it is needed.  The other option is to use the Astroglide TTC product that comes with 8 vaginal applicators.
We recommend ASTROGLIDE personal lubricant  when using vibrators, dildos, masturbators, rings and other sex toys.   It is ideal when using latex, soft jelly, rubber, plastic, polyurethane, silicone and metal sex toys and vibrators.   We recommend you use some extra lube so as to enhance the sensation and intensity.  There is nothing worse than  having it dry out when you are using these toys.  That is why many manufacturers ship sachets of Astroglide when you buy a quality toy.
Adding a few drops of  ASTROGLIDE personal lubricant to the inside surface of the tip of the condom before it is unrolled will provide the wearer with greater sensitivity. The personal lubricant should also be applied to the outer surface of the latex condom and may be applied to the partner's genitals during foreplay. This will eliminate the possibility of discomfort or irritation of delicate tissues. Lubrication prior to penetration will enhance your partner's enjoyment and decrease the possibility of the condom tearing. The condom is best applied by you or your partner before there is any contact. The reason for this is to prevent exposure to the small amount of semen that is sometimes released at arousal, even before sex is actually initiated and ejaculation has occurred.
ASTROGLIDE is also ideal for:
Tampon insertion Just apply a drop or two to the tip to make insertion easier and comfortable
Ideal for close shaving in the shower or elsewhere, no need to use foam / gel  / water, especially with the bikini line
Brushing Hair Gets those tangles out in no time 
Removing Stuck Objects Wedding and engagement rings, zippers, even kids with arms / limbs stuck according to one Father!
Prevent Chafing Athletes, cyclists and other sportspeople can use Astroglide to prevent clothing from chafing.



ASTROGLIDE products are not spermicides and are pH balanced (except Astroglide TTC Trying To Conceivesimilar to a normal vaginal environment.. This keeps the vagina in balance and healthy.  During ovulation the pH levels can increase over 30% and as such pH Astroglides's balanced personal lubricants could impact on the mobility of sperm.  We therefore  recommend you use Astroglide TTC Trying to Conceive while trying to fall pregnant.    After you have fallen pregnant,  you can use any of the ASTROGLIDE Personal Lubricants again.  Always read the label, use only as directed.


The choice of a personal lubricant is extremely important. It should be water-based and water-soluble. Choosing a vaginal lube that is slightly acidic will inhibit these unfriendly organisms.

The vaginal lubricant of choice should be convenient to apply, easy to remove with water and basically, mimic the characteristics of the body's own lubricating fluids. It should also have moisturising properties.

ASTROGLIDE's unique formula is water-based, water-soluble and designed to mimic the body's natural fluids.  Astroglide makes condom use more enjoyable and makes safer sex a reality.



Sizzling sex after menopause? Astroglide helps you say why not!  We don't lose interest in sex just because we've had a few birthdays. If you suffer from vaginal dryness you may like totake a look at our 'Overcoming Vaginal Dryness' section.
Actually, it's only after we've lived long enough to know ourselves and what we like that a sex life can live up to its full, glorious potential.
  • OK, so we're all aware that at the onset of menopause a woman's body begins to produce less estrogen, but did you know that menopause raises your levels of androgens? Androgens are those hot 'n' sexy little hormones that make you feel like a teenager, with a sex drive reved all the way up to high.
  • If you do experience any physical discomfort due to vaginal dryness here's what you can do:
  • Lubricate. Astroglide Personal Lubricant is the perfect choice. Its water-based, water-soluble formula mimics natural body fluids, providing plenty of cushioning moisture to protect delicate tissues. Best of all, Astroglide promotes friction without rubbing or irritation. Astroglide has a gentle, clean feeling - no stickiness or grit - and is simple to wash off with water.
  • Choose personal hygiene products carefully. Avoid deodorants or soaps with perfumes. Look for mild hypoallergenic, fragrance-free products.
  • Watch out for cold remedies. What you take them to dry up a runny nose they dont really know when it should quit. They can't differentiate between nasal mucous membranes and vaginal ones.
  • Speak with your Health Care Professional. They can help solve vaginal dryness and treat thinning vaginal wall tissues.There are even holistic options including acupuncture, yoga, vitamins, herbs,or dietary changes like eating tofu. (yes, tofu...this natural alternative to chemical estrogen is one reason why there's no Japanese translation for "hot flush!")
  • Stay in practice. A regular sex life will keep natural juices flowing and maintain pelvic muscle tone.
  • Menopause isn't just "change of life." Dispel those tired old myths with Astroglide and be sure that your sexuality doesn't run out of steam as you get older.
CNN International  - Menopause: Questions women are thinging, but not asking  August 2014 telecast


Guide For Parents


Teach their children about sex, understanding sexuality helps kids cope with their feelings and with peer pressure. It enables them to take charge of their lives and have loving relationships. It also helps protect them from sexual abuse, and goes a long way to preventing teen pregnancy, diseases and sexual violence.

Kids learn about their sexuality from the day they are born. Home can be the most meaningful place to learn about it. We can help our kids feel good about their sexuality from the very beginning. Then they will trust us enough to ask questions about sex later on in life.


Age Three to Five:
Toddlers have a healthy curiosity about sex. Start by teaching them the correct names for body parts. Be matter of fact -- as though you were talking about elbows, knees or ankles.

At this age, kids develop an interest in their bodies, so it's a good time to explain the differences between boys and girls. It's normal for kids to occasionally expose their bodies to one another. Keep your response low-key, but let your child know that some areas of the body are private. Use this as an opportunity to explain about inappropriate touching.

Three-year-olds also want to know "Where babies come from?" Most toddlers are satisfied with the basics: "Babies grow in a special place inside the mother." As the child is able to process more information, you can add more detail.

Age Five to Seven:
By this time, kids have developed a circle of friends and aren't as attached to parents and caregivers. They're becoming aware of their own gender identities and can be downright biased when it comes to the opposite sex. If your kid goes through the "I Hate Boys" or "Girls Have Cooties" stage, don't tease them about it. It won't last.

This is the age when kids really begin processing outside information. By the time they start kindergarten, many kids have already heard of child abuse and rape and they know the street terms for most sexual acts. If your child happens to hear a sexually explicit term on television, explain that even though some people find those terms funny, sex is part of a loving relationship between grownups.

Preteens (Eight to Twelve):
At this point, kids need to know the facts about menstruation, masturbation, wet dreams and other signs of maturing.

Preteens want to fit in. They want to be exactly like everyone else. Boys worry about penis size; girls worry about breast size. Let them know that everyone is different and develops differently.

It's not unusual for preteens to look at or touch each other's sexual organs. Don't read too much into it. It's one way they learn that they're normal and is not an indication of sexual preference. Remind the child that this kind of touching isn't acceptable, but provide assurance that you understand his or her curiosity and there's nothing wrong with it.

Most 12-year-olds are already up to speed about sex and reproduction. They need to find out about sexual responsibility,  diseases, birth control and the consequences of teen pregnancy.

This is where the going gets tough. Teens are very sexually sophisticated. Movies, TV, music have all given them a somewhat one-sided sexual education. By age 16, most teens have experienced some level of sexual activity. What they need to learn is responsibility, how to say "no" how to have relationships without sex, how to deal with peer pressure. Teens need to be reassured that their sexuality and feelings are normal. Sometimes this means accepting a child who believes he or she may be gay. Punishing a child won't change his or her sexual orientation; it will just create needless anguish on all sides.

Talk to your teens frankly, but non-judgmentally. Give them the facts about diseases, the financial and emotional consequences of pregnancy; explain about safe sex and birth control. Help them decide what their own sexual limits should be and how to establish those limits with their peers.

Straight talk about sex isn't going to make teenagers more or less sexually active. Threats will only create hard feelings on all sides. Present the facts, promise them your support, and let them know they can trust you.

  • First, set good examples that show kids how our lives are enriched by our values.
  • Reassure them that they're normal. Build their self-esteem. Instead of criticism, offer constructive advice.
  • Always use correct names for sex organs and sexual behaviors and answer your child's questions honestly, without evasions.
  • Don't be afraid to tackle the tough topics such as sexual abuse, sexual orientation.
  • Take advantage of opportunities -- even an off-colour remark on a TV show can help start dialogue with you and your child.
  • Keep it age appropriate. A toddler doesn't need to know about spermatozoa and zygotes.
  • Be clear about your own values so your kids will always have strong guideposts to follow.
  • Don't use scare tactics as a way to stop young people from having sex -it is not a method that works.
  • When you don't have an answer, say so, and then tell your child you'll help him or her find the information.
  • Accept questions at face value. For example, "How old do you have to be to have sex?" doesn't necessarily mean, "I'm thinking about having sex."
  • Stay in touch with the world your kid lives in -- what's happening today maybe different from when you were that age. Read their magazines, watch their TV shows, and listen to their music.
If you need more help, or if you're still having trouble talking to your kids, find out if you're church, temple or mosque offers family life education. Ask your paediatrician for help, turn to the internet or head to the local library.


The main objection against condom use was reduction of sensitivity and dead feeling, like wearing gloves. Now with ASTROGLIDE lubricant you can gain increased sensitivity and heightened sexual pleasure by squeezing a small amount of ASTROGLIDE on the inside tip of the condom and obviously applying more lubricant on the exterior of the condom. With ASTROGLIDE'S powerful lubricating properties that are long lasting and don't dry out, you will have a high safety factor in preventing condom breakage. Being water-based and having no smell or taste, ASTROGLIDE is now recognised as a best lubricant worldwide. 


Lesbian Women

A great reference point is the I Love Claude program.
Massage, hugging, fantasy, voyeurism, exhibitionism, masturbation, vibrators or other sex toys (not shared), dry kissing, body to body rubbing (when fluids are not involved). All other Lesbian activities fall into the probably risky and very risky categories.

If you are using or intend using the female condom or use sex toys, vibrators etc. ASTROGLIDE vaginal lubricant will offer you sustained and prolonged lubrication.  Astroglide has no smell or taste, does not contain animal fat and has been approved by the Vegan Society. Being water-soluble it is easy to remove with a wet wash cloth/flannel. It can also be used to lubricate tampons, diaphragms and douche nozzles. ASTROGLIDE will heighten those special moments of pleasure. Many users state that using it sends them to "Astro-Heaven".



Don't Feel You Need A Personal Lubricant?  

ASTROGLIDE adds some sizzle to your intimate relationships and sex life, providing sensitivity, excitement, variety and above all peace of mind when combined with condom use.

ASTROGLIDE can be used for foreplay, body slides, massage, masturbation, sex toys and sexual intercourse.  Its provide for better sex and can be used on and in all genital regions.  There is also a strawberry version.
Use lube if you need to - or even if you don't. Even if you have a nicely moist vagina, a little extra lube is often a revelation. Just a squirt of Astroglide can change the feel of sex completely, making it seem like a new experience. 


Body Language
Don't Know Much About Body Language?

Making eye contact is a good start, but if he crosses his arms, is he telling you to back off? If she greets you with a yawn, do you head for the door? Not if you know body language.

Women cross their arms to say "stay away," but when a guy makes the gesture, it says: "I'm relaxed and comfortable." And the yawn? For both sexes, an adrenaline rush can send blood oxygen into nose dive, prompting a big yawn. But that means they're floored, not bored. Astroglide's ABC's of Body Language will show you how to decipher the non-verbal communications thatsay much more than words.
  • Is he touching the knot of his tie? Is she playing with her necklace? Done slowly and casually, it's a sign of availability, not nerves. Touching the throat is sensual, and the person doing it says: So am I.
  • Hair tugging, on the other hand, isn't such a good sign. When a guy tugs at a piece of hair, or a woman pulls her hair back off her face or twists a strand around her finger, it signals a major disassociation.
  • When a man takes off his tie or jacket, he's symbolically disrobing for you. How should you respond? Roll up your sleeves and show some skin. It's a subtle striptease that lets him know you're interested.
  • Good signs include rapid eye blinks, body alignment (turning to face you, moving to be closer), showing the palms of the hands (nothing to hide), face touching (particularly the lips), and an unconscious mimicking of your gestures.
  • Bad signs - looking away, a quarter-turn of the shoulders away from you (cold shoulder), lifting the chin (literally looking down at you). Licking the lips if done slowly and sensuously is very good. But a fast, unconscious flick of the tongue says you're making the person nervous and should back off a little.
The History of Personal Lubricants, a comical version anyway.......
Astroglide is approved by the Vegan Society and is popular with Vegans and Vegetarians.

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Always read the label, use only as directed