Vaginal Dryness Products

Vaginal dryness is common for women and it becomes even more so as women get older and go through menopause.


Vaginal dryness symptoms include sudden cramping, burning sensations, and discomfort or sharp pains during sex.  It is painful and can occur for a number of reasons.   If symptoms persist, you should seek the assistance from a medical professional.


You might think that vaginal dryness symptoms will pass quickly and you can continue having pain-free sex as normal but that’s not always the case.  Many women find that vaginal dryness products assist to substitute for the lack of natural moistness in their body.

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Vaginal Dryness Relief

Astroglide is the premium personal lubricant brand.  One of the reasons is that our products are not only personal lubricants, but also vaginal moisturisers.  You only need a few drops to achieve lubrication and we have water based liquid and gels to suit your preference.   Some women with extreme vaginal dryness tell us that our silicone based liquid and gel works best for them. 


A great starting point for dealing with a dry vagina is to use a lubricant like Astroglide during foreplay, making sure to engage in at least 20 minutes of foreplay in order to maximise sexual arousal.  With increased sexual excitement, you may experience more natural lubrication, plus give your vaginal canal time to elongate comfortably to accommodate his penis (as pain is sometimes caused by the tip of the penis hitting up against the cervix).

Most personal lubricant users will admit that they had to try out a few different formulas before they found the perfect one for them, so don’t be shy -- request some free Astroglide samples and start exploring your options. You might even find that you or your partner enjoy more than one formula for different reasons. That’s totally OK -- there’s no rule that says you can only own one bottle of lube. So go ahead: experiment, share, play and explore. Most of all, have fun!  If you still need help head on over to our lube selector and we will help you pick out the best formula for you.


Our Naturally Derived product for example is water-based and available in 74ml bottles and 4ml sachets and wholly made from natural and organic derived ingredients. The perfect blend of naturally derived ingredients creates a natural vagina treatment that never gets sticky and is long-lasting also acting as a vaginal moisturiser.   Like our Sensitive Skin Ultra Gentle Gel, that is also water based, both these lubricants are Glycerine free, Paraben Free, Alcohol Free, Fragrance Free and Colouring Free.  If you have extremely sensitive skin, we recommend you place a small drop on the inside of your forearm before applying to more delicate areas. The Sensitive Skin Gel is also Preservative Free.


Vaginal Dryness after Hysterectomy

Vaginal dryness can be a problem for some women who have undergone a hysterectomy, so know that you’re not alone!  In tackling vaginal dryness, the best and most important thing you can do is to talk to your Medical Professional about the symptoms that you’re experiencing. In determining the cause (beyond having had a hysterectomy), your Medical Professional may test your hormone levels. If needed, they may explore alternative therapies and vaginal moisturisers with you.


Try an Astroglide vaginal lubricant when sexually active, as this could diminish pain and discomfort, making things more pleasurable. Take your time when making love, allowing your body to get as turned on as possible. 


You may like to take the time to condition your vulva and vaginal walls, as in perform a regular massage, with your hands, a sex toy or vibrator, using lube, to gently stretch and strengthen your skin. ou want to press and release the fluid into your skin (versus rub or stroke it). Over time, this could condition your skin, helping to increase blood flow, flexibility and tissue resiliency.


Looking for a personal lubricant for dryness?

Our water-based products are premium quality vaginal lubricants, vaginal moisturisers or vaginal dryness creams that will provide you with a smooth and non-sticky sensation that feels totally natural. There’s no reason for your sex life to take a dramatic decline if you experience vaginal dryness when you can call into one of our many stockists Australiawide and get the product that you need.


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Our website is a resource of info but if you’ve any other questions on our products or how a personal lubricant could help you through the menopause, feel free to contact us today and we’d be happy to help you.

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